Recommendations for colo providers in poland

Anyone have experience, recommendations for colo providers in Poland, especially Warsaw or Krakow area?

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design – Recommendations for a web site feedback tool for naïve users

I need to help a non technical friend living overseas to fix a site thats been poorly built with no up front design, sitemaps etc. They can’t use Trello and dont understand the design/feedback process, so I feel the fastest is to use an easy to use collaborative tool that allows him to annotate the website directly (its still in a staging area) and leave comments for developers to work from. If it could integrate with Trello that would be a plus buts not essential.

I have just found products like ProjectHuddle, UserSnap, Bounce, WP Feedback and a few more, but I dont have the time to install and test them all due to the deadline to finish the site

Has anyone used any of these and can recommend them, for this purpose?

What book recommendations do you give me for making desktop applications in C++ with Windows forms?

What book recommendations do you give me for making desktop applications in C++ with Windows forms?

MySQL Database Schema recommendations? – Database Administrators Stack Exchange

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Hello, all! I have several needs that I’m attempting to accomplish with my database implementation.

  1. List number of wins / losses for a particular user
  2. Keep track of the amount of coins a user has
  3. Allow user to purchase items from a shop
  4. List profitability from all gambling-based games

For my use case, I have several games the end user can play. The “Fun” category of games does not award ‘coins’; however, I want users to be able to list how many they’ve won. All the gambling-based games allow players to earn / lose their ‘coins’ when playing.

  • Fun Games:

    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Connect Four
    • TicTacToe
  • Gambling Games

    • Slot Machine (Slots)
    • Black Jack
    • HiLo
    • Coin Flip

After doing some research online, I have implemented a ‘match’ table to keep track of all the matches between players. With two player game sessions, two rows will be created. If I want to know how many wins a player has, I can use a sum(wins) from the match table. Additionally, from the ‘gambling’ match table, I can run a similar query to pull the profitability loss / gain. Is there a better way of doing this?

Additionally, if a user profited from a gambling match – I’m assuming I’d need to perform two operations:

  • Add new row in GamblingMatch
  • Update amount of coins a player has

At this moment, I’m not sure of a way to do that in one operation.

bitcoincore development – I would like to dig into the open Taproot PR to understand it, test it and possibly even review it. Any advice or recommendations?

Previous Bitcoin Core PR review club sessions

A good starting point is the various Bitcoin Core PR review club sessions that have been held thus far on specific commits of the Taproot PR. The latest one was on “Implement Taproot validation” and there are various notes and a transcript of the meeting there. There are also links to the previous review club sessions on the Taproot PR on that page.

Build the PR

When reviewing a PR it is always a good idea to build the PR. For simplified guidance on building a PR see this StackExchange question. For more detailed guidance see this resource from Jon Atack.

Obviously the fork of Bitcoin Core you will want to clone is sipa’s (Pieter Wuille’s) and the branch you will want to check out is taproot.

There is no GUI or wallet support in this Taproot PR so you will want to use the following flags when configuring to save time.

./configure --without-gui --disable-wallet

Understand what the PR does (and what it doesn’t)

On the PR Pieter Wuille states:

No signing or wallet support of any kind is included, as testing is done entirely through the Python test framework.

This is pretty limited scope. All signing and validation of (Schnorr) signatures is already handled by the libsecp256k1 library which has its own separate repo. But what Pieter is saying here is that with the current Taproot branch you can’t create a Taproot spend or Taproot address from your Bitcoin Core wallet or using bitcoin-cli. The only way you can create Taproot transactions is using the Python code in the functional test framework. So if you know some Python you can adjust the Python code to create different Taproot transactions but other than that you can’t create Taproot UTXOs or spend from them.

Once Taproot transactions are created from the Python test framework this PR branch will allow you to validate Taproot spends with the C++ validation code.

Functional tests

Given the only Taproot transactions that are eventually validated by your Bitcoin Core full node are coming from the functional test framework it is a good idea to start your code review there.

What to avoid

There are a few things to avoid on this PR. It is still possible that there is a conceptual problem with the Taproot design but at this stage it is unlikely. There was an in depth discussion of the evolution of the conceptual design of Taproot at this Socratic Seminar at London BitDevs covering years of discussions. I would recommend watching that or reading the transcript of that if you think you have discovered a conceptual problem. Alternatively, you are free to ask questions on the ##taproot-bip-review channel on IRC.

Another thing to avoid on this PR is discussion of activation (or deployment). This PR completely avoids any decision on activation method and so there should be no discussion of activation on this PR. If you look at the commit on Activate Taproot/Tapscript on regtest (BIP 341, BIP 342) there is a deployment date set of January 1 2008 for regtest but other than that no activation or deployment parameters are set. If you would like to discuss activation there is another IRC channel ##taproot-activation for that purpose.

// Deployment of Taproot (BIPs 340-342)
    consensus.vDeployments(Consensus::DEPLOYMENT_TAPROOT).bit = 2;
    consensus.vDeployments(Consensus::DEPLOYMENT_TAPROOT).nStartTime = 1199145601; // January 1, 2008
    consensus.vDeployments(Consensus::DEPLOYMENT_TAPROOT).nTimeout = 1230767999; // December 31, 2008

The PR is at a reasonably advanced stage and what it is really seeking is code review, testing and (maybe!) additional tests.

To be continued….

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recommendations – Offroad experience in Sweden

I’m looking for an offroad park in Sweden, preferably south of Sweden(Skåne, Malmo, etc.), where I can rent an offroad vehicle(but not an ATV) and have some fun for 1-2 days.
I have little experience so it would be great if they also have some beginner tracks.
Any recommendations?