Recommendations for Commercial Opensource VPN Scripts?

Looking for Recommendations for Commercial Opensource VPN Scripts please.

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Dedicated hosting recommendations?

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hashpower – I need good mining SW for Linux where I can inject a hashing accelerator library. Recommendations?

I have access to a powerful accelerator for a number of hashing algorithms.

I’d like to get hold of mining SW for Linux that has the following features:

  • CPU mining
  • Offline benchmarking

My plan is to intercept calls to SW implementations of SHA-256 & resolve them in the accelerator.
I would then like to obtain a hashrate for the accelerated version.

Do you have any recommendations for good, reliable projects that can be useful for this purpose?

Acronis – local storage recommendations

Looking at moving from Jetbackup to Acronis backups, using Local storage for our cPanel hosting fleet.

Tried this previously, but found o… | Read the rest of

google maps – Need book/framework/tutorial recommendations for live mapping web application

Guys looking for some assistance pointing me in the right direction,
I’m not new to programming (I’ve been doing applications in C and Python for some time) but I’ve never touched web development.

There is a lot of information out there, some advice with the best frameworks, mapping-api’s & languages alone for the task described below would be helpful.
A solution that leverages the python experience would be preferred as getting the application up soon is a big priority (so far I’ve been looking into django).

The application is for a live map that allows the client to see location updates in real time without having to refresh the page (one or more pin gets updated coordinates and can move around on the map as the coordinates change).
If a user zooms in on the specific pin under inspection, each refresh of the page should ‘remember’ where the user was looking, and how zoomed in they were.
The pins visible to the user are associated with their account.

The coordinates for the pins are updated on the back-end periodically (This part already works, it’s the client-side-presentation/web app that needs work now).

So far I’ve tried using django with a mapbox api. The problem I’ve had is that my code requires the user to manually refresh the page this is obviously not feasible. Even getting the page to auto-refresh prevents the map & streets etc from loading fully before each refresh, and also the user would need to zoom in again on the location of interest.

I’m not expecting anyone to write the code but what I really need is direction, once I get a good book recommendation/ web tutorial that solves these types of problems I’d be most appreciative.

I’m not sure if it’s my lack of javascript skills or it’s the mapbox api that’s limited in the live-update feature set. A recommendation for a mapping api that can do this properly will also be helpful.

In fact, I think the main problem is either from not knowing javascript or trying to use the wrong mapping api. I expect a decent amount of users in the first year but for now whatever is the easiest to use for this task just to get off the ground will do.

Your feedback is appreciated.

webapp rec – Facebook Recommendations Show 0! Help!

I’ve had my business Facebook page for a couple years now and it is still showing 0 recommendations/ reviews when clients look at my page. That hurts my business especially when businesses that have been around when there used to be a star rating still have some sort of rating showing no matter the number of recommendations/reviews they have received. I have over 17 recommendations at this point but it still shows I have 0 recommendations When people initially look at my business page and FB has been of no help. When I click on it, it says that I don’t have enough recommendations. Other people I know have had no issue with less recommendations so it seems like there isn’t some set number needed which is ridiculous. This hurts small businesses because people want to see reviews/that a business has been recommended. Anyone have success with Facebook helping with this problem since they switched to recommendations only vs the “star” system? I’m at a loss….

recommendations welcomed – moving on from siteground

Hello everyone.

My website is about 3GB in size, with around 10,000 pageviews each month.

After several years with siteground, I was stunn… | Read the rest of

PG rated Romance Movies Recommendations please! | Forum Promotion

Well, none of those Hallmark Cinderella ones please. Some teenage themed romantic thrillers movies recs for me please on either Youtube premium or Netflix Canada. Kissing, flirting and touching are okay for me personally, just nothing too graphic please thanks. I can’t stand sex or nudity in entertainment. Thanks for helping me, you guys.


WAF Recommendations

Are there any affordable CDN/WAF alternatives to Sucuri’s WAF service?

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video – How do I block non educational content on youtube recommendations for Safari?

There’ve been a plethora of posts about users wanting to completely block all youtube recommendations. I too was considering the same thing, as I find it can be quite distracting. However I do use youtube quite a bit for work, particularly for tutorials, explanations, and lectures focusing on math, machine learning, coding, etc. I often find youtube’s recommendations useful if they recommend other interesting educational videos (e.g. other lectures, other videos in a series of tutorials the creator made, etc).

Is it possible to block out just content that is not considered educational (i.e. entertainment content)? This obviously isn’t any easy task, and would require some non trivial NLP work to make it perform well, but I was just wondering if something like this exists