Equipment recommendation – Decide between the Canon SL3 and T7i

The Canon SL3 was launched this year and has a couple of improvements over the T7i, but it also has some setbacks.

The biggest differences I could find are the image processor, battery life and autofocus. The SL3 has a new DIGIC 8 image processor compared to a DIGIC 7 on the T7i. The battery life in the SL3 is longer than the T7i, 1070 shots versus 600 shots (under the same conditions). However, there is a trap. The T7i has 45 cross-type autofocus points, while the SL3 has only 9 regular autofocus points (one of which is cross-type). However, the SL3 has a dual pixel autofocus, but that only works in live view.

This will be my first camera. I wish I could film anything from portraits to children running (hence my concerns about autofocus) and sports from time to time. Live viewing can be a great way to start photography, but I think I will probably only use the viewfinder later, which will make dual pixel auto focus unusable.

I don't care about the slight difference in frame rate, 5 in the SL3 and 6 in the T7i. I will also take photographs mainly, but when I record videos it will only be in 1080p due to the cropping factor and the lack of dual pixel autofocus in 4K.

Two specific things I would like to know:

  • How does the autofocus on the SL3 compare with the autofocus on the T7i (both for photo, with and without live view, and for video)?
  • What difference does the new image processor make (in low light)?

How do these two cameras compare? Is there a difference in the overall image quality? Is there any other difference that I missed? What would be the best option for me?

I will shoot in RAW.

Equipment recommendation: Should I use a 100mm macro lens as a lens for portraits?

Do you get paid for portrait work, or do you simply take photos of friends and family? And how much of your photography is portrait? Paid work, I would like to enter the 85 or 135 Canon lenses. It is just a key element to have. If you only do it for fun or for friends and family, I think you're fine.

I shoot portraits with the 105 2.8 macro and the 70-200 f4L IS, since these lenses are MUCH more useful for other types of photography.

I like to personally stop at least f4 in portraits, especially close-ups, not a fan of out of focus ears. Also the length of the lens and its bottom and the distance to the bottom will play a very important factor in the OOF areas. I don't want a bad bokeh, don't shoot the sunny trees right behind you …

Personally, I think the open aspect of an 85 1.2 is better for event photography where you can't choose your background and you need to blur everything. I think a well chosen environment, lighting, makeup, outfit, hair in the right place, etc. They are more important for a good IMO portrait than the lens.

Reseller Accommodation Recommendation


I have a big problem with host4geeks and I decide to migrate from them.

My need:
10-20 GB of space
10-20 accounts
I don't need t … | Read the rest of

VPS recommendation based on traffic


I am looking for VPS RAM / CPU recommendations for a website that uses 2 TB of bandwidth per month, monthly page views of 694,484 and up to 90 concurrent users. I have been told that I need additional CPU on my VPS server to correct frequent backend recovery errors and the inability to access WordPress for updates. The duplicator add-in also returns a Backend Fetch Failed error. I don't think it's the right solution, because it happens even with little traffic, but I'd like to make sure. I am running Varnish, Apache, Ngnix with Centos and CWP.

Could you please have a recommendation, if possible? If not, what more data do you need or how can I determine how many resources I need to buy to start over?

Thank you!


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software recommendation: Time Machine monitoring application that uses data from the "tmutil status" command

I am sure that the information is irrelevant to the question, but I am running macOS 10.14.6.

Just today I discovered how very interesting tmutil status Terminal command. For example, while the menu bar icon simply shows "Preparing a backup", this command provides real progress information, similar to this:

Backup session status:
    BackupPhase = ThinningPreBackup;
    ClientID = "";
    DateOfStateChange = "2019-10-06 15:54:55 +0000";
    DestinationMountPoint = "/Volumes/XXX";
    NumberOfChangedItems = 2020012;
    Percent = 0;
    Running = 1;
    Stopping = 0;

It is worth mentioning that this information is updated continuously (as fast as I can re-execute the command in the Terminal), which allows me to know that the backup is progressing, while the menu bar icon does not show any progress during this phase

And after the actual backup begins, it prints:

Backup session status:
    BackupPhase = Copying;
    ClientID = "";
    DateOfStateChange = "2019-10-06 16:14:36 +0000";
    DestinationMountPoint = "/Volumes/XXX";
    Percent = "2.26301435425844e-05";
    Progress =     {
        "_raw_totalBytes" = 68715697586;
        bytes = 1727829;
        files = 30385;
        totalBytes = 75587267344;
        totalFiles = 2093070;
    Running = 1;
    Stopping = 0;
    "_raw_Percent" = "2.514460393620488e-05";

Clearly, this is much more information than the menu bar icon or the System Preferences panel. On the other hand, it is not too easy to use: one has to periodically execute the command in the Terminal and analyze the text output.

Is there a GUI application that presents this information in an easier way to read and that is automatically updated?

Equipment recommendation: medium budget camera for photos / videos

The problem :
I look more like a mobile video creator, but I want to start a new photography adventure. I am looking for a medium budget camera that is suitable for photography and that offers videos of at least 50 fps.

I have searched for these types of cameras, but all I can find are high-fps (high-budget) or low-budget / fps cameras.

Do you have any recommendations that meet my conditions?

You need a scheduled update supplement recommendation

I am trying to make scheduled updates for posts and pages. Is tao-schedule-update The only option out there?

I am willing to try this add-on, but it hasn't been updated in a long time. Is there any add-on that is more updated to make scheduled updates for publications and pages? I would even look at premium add-ons.

Python: weigh several related features and modify the base recommendation score

I have a basic score of a recommendation algorithm and other factors (continuous values) related to the recommendation. What technique can be used to modify the basic score using these related features?

Base_score | Feature1 | Feature1 | Feature3

1 | 2575 | 2952 | 87.23%

0.5 | 1198 1850 64.76%

0.9 | 798 1127 70.81%

0.3 | 599 1047 57.21%

1 | 756 993 76.13%

0.65 | 534 712 75%

I tried to install a Stochastic Gradient Descent in Python using sklearn's SGDRegressor module, but it doesn't fit well. I am backing the base score against the related characteristics and I hope that the predicted values ​​are in the same range as the base score. However, it is giving me the predicted values ​​on a scale of 10 ^ 15

Base_score | Feature1 | Feature1 | Feature3 | Weighted Score

1 | 2575 | 2952 | 87.23% | 0.85

0.5 | 1198 1850 64.76% | 0.6

0.9 | 798 1127 70.81% | 0.85

0.3 | 599 1047 57.21% | 0.25

1 | 756 993 76.13% | one

0.65 | 534 712 75% | 0.85

Appliance repair recommendation! – Everything else

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