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As we have more and more socialist policies. Business around the world will go through recession. And there is going to economic meltdown soon. So many business and govt are going to face the financial burnout. And they need consumers to consume the products and keep the supply and demand cycle moving. And it is hard to hold the business during this cycle. And if the niche of your online or offline business is not strong enough for recession, it can go pretty badly.

So how do you manage online or offline business during the recession?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Will you vote for Trump for 4 more years of recession and riots, or will you vote to make America great again?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Will you vote for Trump for 4 more years of recession and riots, or will you vote to make America great again?

If someone told you in 2016 that the Trump presidency would end with a massive recession and the country's death, would you be surprised?

Frankly, no. Trump was an unfortunate mistake. I really hope I don't re-elect him.

(I must add that the pandemic was not his fault, but his handling could have been better) Sometimes I feel bad for Trump. He must suffer a lot, with his narcissistic personality, making fun of so much. But the bottom line is that we cannot re-elect him.

Conservatives wrongly blame Obama for the 2008 recession. Will Trump be wrongly blamed for the 2020 coronavirus?

Obama was not responsible for the recession. Liberal-socialist policy to relax lending standards and create a government toilet to get rid of bad loans from the failed horrible experiment that never had to happen. That is what caused the financial collapse and the recession.

Obama was responsible for the slowest recovery in history. After the initial stimulus bounce, we had a very unusual recovery that had not been seen since the Great Depression, that is, it just dragged along with very slow growth and large numbers of people who were not working, gave up looking and were unemployed .

Let us not be confused with the facts of history.

Keeping the West on the Road to Japan After the 1989 Recession | Forum promotion

Koo claimed that Japan was hampered by slow growth for years because its companies were paying off debts to repair their balance sheets rather than investing to maximize future profits. In 2011, Koo argued that everyone could be going this way, but it never became a major topic of discussion. I would venture to say that now, its time has come.

And this is where Mr. Reynolds comes in. He warns, in a note to clients, that the market (specifically, the advanced Libor) implies an ever slower recovery next year than we saw in 2009. "The massive growth of debt and the transformation of balance sheets will change companies' approach to debt buyback in the coming years, "he warns.

The switch to debt-minimizing companies, which can also take the form of equity issuance, rather than repurchase shares "(will) do for a less intense stock market than the last three" we've experienced, Reynolds says.

Will Trump's recession be worse than the Great Depression?

If history repeats itself and it does, we can take a look at the 1917 Spanish flu virus that turned everyone off, things were really slow for a year, but finally things took off like a rocket and we had what we call the crazy twenties very friends. The year is 2020!

It's time for another 20 years to roar, things will slow down after this virus for a while, but I can absolutely guarantee that things will take off as if a rocket is ready to catch the Wave because this opportunity will not come back. Right now, the price of oil is probably the lowest it has ever been. It would be a very good time to buy oil reserves. could realistically double your money in just a couple of months

Is this coronavirus effect in 2020 the leading advertising industry towards recession?

The recent covid-19 outbreak affects the advertising industry and is eagerly awaiting the recession. According to industry experts like Moody & # 39; s, who says this will definitely affect the market. What is your observation on this?


Trump voters: If there is a recession, will they vote for failure?

For many here, there are political cowards who avoid asking themselves, what should have been done differently? If there was a recession, why would Trump be called a "failure" for it? Don't you think the coronavirus had something to do with it?

This would be as if Admiral Kimmel was court-martialled by Pearl Harbor when he had no prior warning of any hostile Japanese action that was brewing, when Washington did so and failed to notify him in time.

Will the coronavirus cause a recession?

Unlikely, but possible.

The US economy and most of the world economies remain fundamentally strong. People are selling for fear that will probably happen. 1.5 million people die each year in car accidents. The coronavirus will probably kill many less, most of which no longer work. Economies are likely to recover.

The coronavirus is a terrible thing and health organizations are taking it rightly, but that does not mean that it will ultimately have a negative impact on the industries. The indications are that it is something relatively short term.

Who will Trumpkins blame for his recession?

By definition, we are not yet in recession.

They blame China, the COVID-19 virus, and everyone who established the export of US production, industry and jobs abroad.

And they are correct.

Probably those more than 170 California billionaires who won't even support homeless housing in their state contributed much to the export of jobs so they could increase their earnings.