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How does the reaction of Rank I of Heavy Gunner talent, Covering Fire, work with the area of ​​effect attacks?

Rank I of the Heavy Gunner talent, Covering Fire, is described on page 97 of Lancer Core Book First Edition PDF as follows (emphasis mine):

As a quick action, choose a character within the line of sight and RANGE of one of your HEAVY rank weapons, and within 10 spaces: they are Damaged until the beginning of your next turn. During the time that lasts, if your target moves more than 1 space, it will clear of Deterioration, but you can attack them as a reaction with a WEIGHT ranged weapon through damage, (Heat) or (Burn), and then this effect ends. You can perform this attack at any time during its movement (for example, waiting until they leave the deck).

COVERING FIRE can only affect one character at a time (later uses replace the previous ones) and immediately ends if your target damages you.

As p. 104 of the central notes of the book under the subtitle "Patterns" in the "Weapons labels" section, some weapons affect an area instead of a single objective:

Some weapons and systems have special attack patterns: LINE, CONE, BLAST and BURST. These attacks affect all targets within a defined area and require a separate attack roll for each target. The damage is only thrown once, and the additional damage is reduced by half if there are several affected targets.

The section then describes how those 4 types of AoEs work in particular.

How does the Covering Fire reaction work with area of ​​effect attacks?

  • For starters, can they even be area of ​​effect attacks (with long-range weapons)
    done using the Covering Fire reaction?
  • If so, do they need to be focused (or focused) on the
    Character chosen for Covering Fire? Or they can be placed in any
    settings while the chosen character is in the AoE? (Make
    The answer differs according to the AdE pattern that the attack should use?)
  • Does the reaction attack only affect the chosen character? Or does
    affect other objectives in the AoE as you would otherwise? (If it does
    affect other targets in the area of ​​effect, do they receive total damage / heat / burns,
    Or is it also cut in half?)

How long does it take to get the rank of the first page on google?

How long does it take to get the rank of the first page on google? My website is related to Laptop Repair Services in Pune … working since the last 2 months but I didn't get the first page rank … please help

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What is an Alexa Rank in SEO? – SEO Help (General Chat)

The Alexa rank is a measure of the popularity of the website. Rank millions of websites in order of popularity, with Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular. Alexa Rank reveals how a website is doing in relation to all other sites, which makes it a great KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis.

Do "excluded coverage pages" cause the rank drop in Google search result?

I don't understand what is causing the drop in range, but these figures may be something I have to look at. Do I have to worry about those excluded pages or leave them as they are?

enter the description of the image here
enter the description of the image here

What is an Alexa Rank in SEO? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Alexa is a global ranking system that uses web traffic data to compile a list of the most popular websites, Alexa Rank. The lower your Alexa rank, the more popular (for example, a site with the rank of 1 has the highest number of visitors on the Internet).

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Simple Google sheet macro. Save it, run it, fail … Rank not found

I am not sure what is happening here. I want to copy the data from one "sheet" with tabs inside my Google sheet to another.

I set Record macro. Navigate to the tab of the datasheet. Copy everything (by clicking in the upper left corner, above the row numbers, to the left of the column letters, right click, copy). Go to a blank tab with a different name within the same Google sheet document. Select cell A1, right click on Paste. End registration macro.

Macro readings:

function Macrotest() {
  var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  spreadsheet.setActiveSheet(spreadsheet.getSheetByName('DataTab'), true);
  var sheet = spreadsheet.getActiveSheet();
  sheet.getRange(1, 1, sheet.getMaxRows(), sheet.getMaxColumns()).activate();
  spreadsheet.setActiveSheet(spreadsheet.getSheetByName('OutputTab'), true);
  spreadsheet.getRange('Sheet10!:').copyTo(spreadsheet.getActiveRange(), SpreadsheetApp.CopyPasteType.PASTE_NORMAL, false);

So far so good. Delete the content & # 39; OutputTab & # 39 ;. Run the macro & # 39; MacroTest () & # 39; directly from the Tools menu. Running Script is displayed in the green alert box for 0.5 seconds, followed by the red alert box, Range Not Found.

Hey? How is it possible that a recording of four of five mouse clicks cannot be repeated on the same Google sheet? What's going on here? Note: I do not want duplicate() the tab, since OutputTab has significant print format settings.

Is this an error in Google Spreadsheet Recorder? Why wouldn't a simple log macro work when asked to run?

What is the secret ingredient to rank YouTube videos?

What do you think classifies your video quickly?
Your channel authority
value it gives
high retention views