linux – duplicate serial numbers on the rack server

A Fujitsu PrimeQuest 2800e2 rack server with 4 system boards has all the hosts reporting the same serial number, which is causing management conflicts, and would require each of them to have their own unique serial number. Could anyone help on how to correct it?

cheap metal cd rack

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[ Politics ] Open-ended question: What do you think of the actress at the Academy Awards who killed her unborn child so she could have a golden idol on her trophy rack?

[Politics] Open-ended question: What do you think of the actress at the Academy Awards who killed her unborn child so she could have a gold idol on her trophy rack?

What instance timestamp is used as an SCN in the Oracle 12c rack?

Assume that 4 instances of rack oracle12c run on different nodes. Each node has its own clock. No two clocks show the same time.

What instance timestamp does Oracle use as SCN?
And also about how linearization is achieved.

GCP SSH host rack: server error

I am trying to configure an SSH host rack for GCP with a public IP.

I generate the SSH key and I can ssh my entire VM using my private key because the public key is also added in the GCP metadata.

But, when I use my VM SSH Bastion with the option to allow agent forwarding in PUTTY to connect to another VM (internal network), I received the following message:

Permission denied (publickey, gssapi-keyex, gssapi-with-mic)

I am using CentOS 7.

Thanks for your help


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Colo in Milwaukee, thinking about getting a complete rack

Then, reflecting on the idea of ​​obtaining a complete Rack in Cogent POP. I had a complete rack there in 2003-2005 until it was no longer necessary (my biggest client had to make a massive size reduction). Little decent installation, no one ever there (unmanned location, technicians would simply drive from Chicago as needed). It was literally a 20 & # 39; x15 & # 39; room with a cooler, UPS and switching equipment.

Anyway, looking for local colors around Milwaukee. Everything is much more expensive and much more restrictive than simply getting a shelf in pop. Sure, it's not that diverse in bandwidth, but it's really not a problem for most things.

Now, my problem is that I only need 1U of rack space and eventually 5U (I don't need more). The smallest thing they do is a half shelf, and it only costs $ 50 more to get a full shelf (so it's obvious). The usual $ 10 / meg minimum 10 meg, and dodge the limit for the upper end of the spectrum.

So what do you think is the demand for colo in Milwaukee? Does anyone around here seek to divide a rack or seek to diversify the server location? Looking for opinoins, or interested parties, I guess. Nothing in stone right now. Unlike early 2000, I have more options. I had T1 at that time too, I had a good 400 servers running in T1 together and everything was fine, and I had the servers of my biggest client right in Cogent POP, since that was a MASSIVE site at the moment, it had half a rack for him . Milwaukee doesn't have many options, and I don't think driving 2-3 hours to Chicago in every way is a viable option.

Thoughts? Entry?

electric power: can a vertical PDU be mounted in a closed rack?

I bought an included 12U rack, as well as a vertical PDU (0U), but I can't understand how to mount it in the rack vertically.

I guess I need to mount it on the side posts of the cabinet, since, if I put it on the front posts, it blocks all the units. But, if you mount it on the side vertically, it protrudes from the cabinet. The only way I can place it on the side is if I remove the side panels and let it stand out.

  • Do some closed racks do not support vertical PDUs? This is a Startech 12U. I would love to buy another one, but the specifications of the cabinets do not seem to indicate whether they are compatible with Veritcal PDUs.
  • Is there a better way to ride it?

I am new to the use of racks, so I appreciate the answers that explain from the beginning.

hard drive – S.M.A.R.T. Attributes of OWC Mercury Rack Pro

I have difficulty obtaining SMART attributes of the units in a Mercury Rack Pro OWC. I can successfully obtain all the unit information, but I get nothing beyond the START OF READING THE INTELLIGENT DATA SECTION.

It is currently connected via eSATA to a thunderbolt / eSATA adapter to a MacBook Pro with MacOS (I have also tried Debian). The problem is with the OWC drive, since I can successfully obtain the drive attributes of the same HDD connected through the thunderbolt / eSATA adapter.

Below is the output of smartctl -a /dev/disk2

smartctl 7.0 2018-12-30 r4883 (Darwin 18.6.0 x86_64) (local build)
Copyright (C) 2002-18, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke,

Model Family:     Toshiba 3.5" DT01ACA... Desktop HDD
Device Model:     TOSHIBA DT01ACA200
Serial Number:    3632VMTTS
Firmware Version: 0961
User Capacity:    2,000,398,934,016 bytes (2.00 TB)
Sector Size:      512 bytes logical/physical
Device is:        In smartctl database (for details use: -P show)
ATA Version is:   ATA/ATAPI-7 (minor revision not indicated)
Local Time is:    Sun Dec 29 01:38:45 2019 CST
SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability.
SMART support is: Enabled

SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED

General SMART Values:
Offline data collection status:  (0x00) Offline data collection activity
                    was never started.
                    Auto Offline Data Collection: Disabled.
Total time to complete Offline 
data collection:        (    0) seconds.
Offline data collection
capabilities:            (0x00)     Offline data collection not supported.
SMART capabilities:            (0x0000) Automatic saving of SMART data                  is not implemented.
Error logging capability:        (0x00) Error logging NOT supported.
                    No General Purpose Logging support.

SMART Error Log not supported

SMART Self-test Log not supported

Selective Self-tests/Logging not supported

The information section looks good. But the BEGINNING OF READING THE INTELLIGENT DATA SECTION is the problem. Has anyone seen a similar exit? I am thinking that the OWC cabinet unfortunately does not pass all SMART data to the eSATA output. I thought about posting here first before making a ticket on smartmontools in case something is missing.