Why are white people the most racist people full of hate in the world?

Because non-whites are what is wrong in the world. Especially blacks and Jews.

China causes the most pollution. The United Arab Emirates causes more pollution per capita. Slavery was invented by the ancient brown Africans. The first weapon (not just gunpowder and fireworks) was invented by the Chinese. The nuclear bomb was invented by an ethnic Jew. The Portuguese began the slave trade in the Atlantic. The Spanish colonized and killed most of the Native Americans. The Mongols killed 1/3 of humanity. Mao Zedong killed 70 million people. Stalin (an ethnic Georgian, not white) killed 40 million. Central Asians brought the black plague to Europe. Sexism and homophobia are ancient African inventions. The Jews invented Christianity. The Arabs invented Islam, sharia and jihad / terrorism. The original thugs were actually Indians (India).

How exactly are whites the problem again?

@guardian, they are genetically mixed (due to the colored males, that is, the African Moors who rape the white women).

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Why is 75 percent of Yahoo Answers full of right-wing and racist and hateful trolls?

No, the bibles always say that when more than 3 people disagree with you. The problem is that Yahoo has been too leftist for many years, and you are now out of your Obama horse.
TRUMP 2020

Hello, as you told me when I complained about the 90% intolerant liberals who made Yahoo unpleasant. "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, LEAVE!"


[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Republicans get offended by being called racist?

After they march with tiki torches while singing "The Jews will not replace us" with swastika flags and protest the elimination of statues of slave owners? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Is President Trump being racist when he calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas"?

[Politics] Open question: Is President Trump being racist when he calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas"? .

Democrats say Trump's voters are racist, isn't that the kettle that calls the black pot?

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