The "View coverage index" link on the site map does not work in the Google Search Console (I cannot click)

During the last week, I had this problem in the Google search console. The "see coverage index" link does not work. I can't click on it to see the index and the URLs sent on the site map.

I tried to resubmit the site map to all versions, but it still doesn't work.

the image is here

Is there a way to add "view count", "like count", "comment count" columns for each page within a site page library of a Sharepoint site

I get properties from the site pages of the ajax call, but the properties do not include read count, like count, and comment count. But I can get the properties as description, title. I want to create a column that shows the like, the comment, the count of views of each page. Is there any way of that?

Sharepoint online: is there something like "View Customizer" in SPFx?

There is an example of Tiles in Github. But this is the JSON column format.

Is there any way to have more control over the view representation from the SPFx web part?

I know that field customizers can change the behavior of a separate field, but what about the full list view?

Can you provide an example if it exists?

8 – How do I hide "View more recent blog posts"


It may be correct, but make sure your module has a greater weight, so that your hook changes after the blog module.

I suggest using the weight module to give more weight to your custom module. Otherwise, you could run on Execute PHP from Devel module_set_weight('mymodule', 11); to give it more weight.

If that doesn't work, if you look at the module code, there is another link that is added via hook_ENTITY_TYPE_view

Therefore, all you have to do is use hook_ENTITY_TYPE_view_alter


 * Implements hook_ENTITY_TYPE_view_alter().
function mymodule_user_view_alter(array &$build, DrupalCoreEntityEntityInterface $entity, DrupalCoreEntityDisplayEntityViewDisplayInterface $display) {
  if (!empty($build('summary')('blog'))) {

facebook – Where is the "View Page Feed" on my FB pages?

A few days ago, the "View Page Feed" on my FB pages simply disappeared!
I have been searching frantically to find out what happened, and how to access the publications of the Pages that I liked through my Page (s).

In vain.

This really pulls me through a loop. Suddenly, I can not access the publications without going to individual pages. That's not only cumbersome, but I'm also sure I'm missing out on a lot of great posts.

Do you have the answer?

Thank you. I appreciate the time and attention you give me to help me with this.