Ipad pro can't "see" the magic mouse 2

I used to work with Magic Mouse 2 on my Ipad Pro v13, but since the last update 13.3, now the mouse is not even detectable via Bluetooth … Try everything from resetting the network to restarting, turning on / off, mouse , accessibility, not even detectable on switches and so … The mouse works fine on other devices, but the iPad Pro … Any ideas?

proxy – How to "see" all traffic leaving my network

Here is my arrangement:

Cable modem >> ASA 5505 >>> LAN

I want to be able to see all the traffic that leaves the network, such as the websites that are visited, the IP connections made, etc. I would like to see this in some kind of explorable report. I am looking for the most efficient way to do it, be it a registrar / SIEM, a new firewall, a web proxy, etc. Thanks for any suggestions!

Drush does not "see" the installation of Drupal

I have a drupal installation running in a roaming virtual machine. This works well, but when I try to use Drush on this site I get very peculiar behavior. The modules that are listed when I run "drush pm-list" are all from a non-existent Drupal 8 installation. I tried to set –root = and –uri = but in vain. Drush simply ignores my real installation of Drupal 7 and instead generates non-existent modules from a nonexistent installation.