sitemap in google search console showing "see index coverage" link disabled

In Google Search Console I observed that "See Index Coverage" is disabled.

also it is not indexing 2 post from last 20-30 days

what i have tried is

delete existing sitemap and added new with same name.

Check this image

In a Facebook group, how to display all "Ads" by default without clicking "see all"?

I'm the administrator of a Facebook group. There are two surveys that were placed at the top of the page. By default, one of them is displayed but the other must click on "see all" to see. The one shown by default receives many more votes. How can this be fixed? Is there any way to show them without having to click on "see all"? Even better, is there a way to randomly change your order so that it changes which one is shown first?



I've tried this on a desktop computer, so I do not think it has to do with resizing to fit the viewport.

sharepoint online – Hide the link "See all" from the list / document webPart on the modern page

I want to prevent users from opening the source of the library / list. I created views and I do not want them to access the original list / library and change between views or modify them.

So, how can I hide this link from the modern page?

enter the description of the image here
I can achieve this in classic mode using CSS embedded in the page, but now with the modern page there is no script editor web element to do that.

JavaScript and CSS saved in the cache and not updated, are not updated from the WAMP server even though "see source" shows the most recent file

I have a WAMP server with PHP 7.2.10. When I change a file, for example .css, the changes are not visible in the browser. When I "see the source" through my browser (ctrl + U) I get the latest updated version of the code. Even then, the browser does not show the update of the appearance of my site.

I was thinking that if it was just a caching problem, the previous version of the file should be shown in "see source", is not it?

I have the same problem with JavaScript. I have a simple jQuery code (alert after clicking on the selected class), it is visible in the source code of the site within the browser, but when I click on the selected class, nothing happens.

mobile: what is the appropriate behavior for this "SEE ALL" button? Open modal window or move to another tab?

Modal or different tab?


I am designing the b2b mobile application.

My main tab, "General information" consists of sections:

  • Recently purchased items
  • some recommended products
  • customer vouchers
  • some statistics

Those sections are representations in a few words of different tabs. (For example, clicking on the "View all" button in the "Recent purchases" section, moves to the "Purchase history" tab)

What behavior of the "SEE ALL" button is more appropriate? I see problems with both solutions:

Option A) The "VIEW ALL" button near "Recent purchases" indicates that you will see all RECENT purchases. Also the behavior of the search button in option A is unclear.

Option B) Problem: the modal window would duplicate the content that we can already access from the tab view. The problem with the search button remains when the user visits the tab.