Custom CMS page XML identifier when URL key contains a "/"

I need to create an XML file for a custom CMS page but the URL key contains a "/":

i.e. my/page-id

Is there a way to do the equivalent to cms_page_view_id_my/page-id.xml for this? I’ve tried replacing the slash with a dash (cms_page_view_id_my-page-id.xml) but to no effect.

nginx: [emerg] unexpected "}" in conf

Can someone point out the unexpected brace please in my conf file?

server {
    root /var/www/;
    listen 80;
    access_log /var/log/nginx/;
    error_log /var/log/nginx/;
    location / {
        index index.html index.htm

    location / {
        try_files  $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;

    location ~*...
Code (markup):

nginx: (emerg) unexpected "}" in conf

selectores css "~" no selecciona valores desde el principio

Buen dia, tengo una lista de elementos "<li>" creada con datos que saco de una database. Es algo así:


var html ='';


            if(emisor == mail){
              var classs = "mensajeder";
              var li = "d-flex flex-row-reverse djk";
              var classs = "mensajeizq";
              var li = "d-flex flex-row ljk";


html +=`<li class="`+li+`" id="`+key+`">
          <div class="`+classs+`  d-flex ">
             <div class="menpp">`+mensaje+`</div>
          <div class="mensll `+key+`">&nbsp;`+hora+`&nbsp;&nbsp;</div>




y luego el css que le agregé para probar su funcionamiento es:

        border:1px solid black;

        border:1px solid blue;

Sin embargo el resultado es que con los primeros "<li>" (ya sea de una u otra forma) no sucede nada… y no entiendo porqué ¿Alguien sabe como solucionarlo?

Merge Conflicts Cannot see "?" in xcode

I am trying to merge between Branch 1 and Branch 2, so during merge there was a some conflicts but problem i cannot resolve the conflicts because it is not showing ? arrow in the middle of two branches where i can choose which one i can select right or left.

How to express the "*" denoting any text containing part of text when using IF function?

When using this formula
=if(AND('CASES LIST'!R4="No",P5="*neuro*"),"check","")

I am looking for the cell P5 if the text contains "neuro" in the text but it doesn’t work when I add star* before and after

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token ";" in C:xampphtdocsnativeadminprocess_login.php on line 19

function clean($str) {
$str = @trim($str);
if(get_magic_quotes_gpc() {
$str = stripslashes($str);
return mysql_real_escape_string($str);

i have a list with strings, and i want to remove "#" character, how do i do that?

def getlinks(allHref, baseurl):
for tag in allHref:
for i in range(0,len(links)):
if links(i).startswith(‘/’):
links(i)= baseurl+links(i)
links(i)= links(i)
return links

Two pages listed as "/" in the URL list?

I have a homepage defined as this page shows as "/" in Analytics. Now we launched a new page but this page is also showing as "/".
How can I fix it in Analytics? I want the "map" page to show different in the Page dimension.

Cambio de "," por "." en R en un data frame

Estamos intentando cambiar en una columna de dataframe, para trabajar con mean, y me sale NA, ya que nos salta fallos cuando hay comas. ¿Hay alguna forma de cambiar esos datos por puntos?
Muchas gracias

Hemos intentado esto pero Nos da exactamente lo mismo cuando hay (usando la función summary()) aproximadamente 8000 NAs.

Nominas4$Sueldo.Bruto <- as.numeric(as.character(Nominas4$Sueldo.Bruto))
(1) NA
Warning message:
In mean.default(Nominas4) :
argument is not numeric or logical: returning NA
mean(Nominas4$Sueldo.Bruto, na.rm = TRUE)
(1) 21709.33
mean(nominas$Sueldo.Bruto, na.rm = TRUE)
(1) 22518.75
nominas$Sueldo.Bruto<-sapply(nominas$Sueldo.Bruto, function(x) as.numeric(gsub(",", ".", x)))

con gsub cambias comas por puntos y con numeric conviertes a numero

numeric(gsub(",", ".", "1,1"))
(1) 0

Se aplica por fila en el dataframe

nominas$Sueldo.Bruto<-sapply(nominas$Sueldo.Bruto, function(x) as.numeric(gsub(",", ".", x)))

Calcular media

mean(nominas$Sueldo.Bruto, na.rm = TRUE)
(1) 22518.75
(1) 16938 7

private $query = ""; –> syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION…

Hello dear MySQL developers, i am mere user and i want to ask you if you can please let me know what is wrong in the file backend/mysql.class.php

I am asking because the script i have uploaded says this:

Line 23 is:…

private $query = ""; –> syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION…