Scroll: Chrome sometimes scrolls two "clicks"

Recently (in the last month or two maybe?) I've had problems with scrolling in Chrome. Sometimes (usually after not scrolling for 10 seconds or so) when I scroll with a single click on the mouse wheel, Chrome will move twice the distance it should. My brother also reported experiencing this recently. Normally, we both have smooth scrolling off through a flag, but tried to re-enable it and still saw the problem.

Is this a known problem? Is there any known solution?

What is the equivalent of the "clicks" of the search console in Google Analytics?

I am investigating some reports in Google Analytics, however, I have been drawn to the fact that I can not find approximate numbers between the Google search console and the Google Analytics traffic numbers, for the same period of time, for the same domain.

I compared the same period of time (April 13 to April 13) in the search console "clicks" with "sessions" in Google Analytics traffic acquisition for source / medium = "google / organic". As seen in the screenshots below, the numbers in GA are 25% HIGHER (not lower) than those in the Search Console.

Click on the search console

Google Analytics sessions

The domain runs HSTS, so all requests are HTTPS and must be counted in both places.

  • Is it the correct metric that I am comparing?
  • Why are they different in the way that the GA number is higher? I would understand why the "sessions" would be smaller, but not the other way around
  • In which of the numbers should I trust?

Penalty: Incredible reduction of two main factors: "clicks" and "impressions" in Google Webmaster

We have a service site that takes around 7 months to build.
Every day, we update the site with highly personalized content. We were on the cover of most of the keys. But in the last 24 hours, we have been concerned about the reduction of these two factors.
Has Google recently released an algorithm? Is our site penalized? We have always tried to respect Google's laws. We are really worried about this, please guide us.