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How can I use the Quick Graph web part with data from a document library?

I would like to use the Quick Graph web part with data from a Document Library, not a list.

When I try to place a quick graphic web part on my page, it seems that I can only connect to a LIST or to have the values ​​entered manually.

I want the content to be taken from certain documents, labeled as Process Maps in my library and using column values ​​from a column called FPMO

I am using Sharepoint online.

The document library is all text values.

WooCommerce quick view plug-in: everything else


Carolyn Hall

The WooCommerce conditional payment and delivery plug-in allows you to control payment methods at the time of payment using conditional logic. It allows you to display payment methods based on the weight of the cart, the subtotal, the total of the cart and the coupon code used. The WooCommerce payment and conditional delivery supplement restricts payment gateways by user IP and roles as author, editor, administrator, taxpayer, subscriber, customer and store manager. Displays the default error message to the customer when there is no payment method available. The cost of this extension is only $ 29.


Quick language: what ideas must be mastered to move from a junior iOS developer to an average iOS developer?

I taught myself how to develop applications for iPhone and I have been doing it for 5 years. My skill level (junior) is described here: https://github.com/BohdanOrlov/ios-skills-matrix

What ideas should I master to become a mid-level developer? What resources would you recommend? Private books will be appreciated to immerse yourself!

I learned to code following this line of thought: "if it works, it works".

With this, I have created several applications from idea to production (some with more than 100,000 users), but as you can imagine, my code is messy … or so I think. I have worked on web applications (php, javascript) and iOS applications (Objective-C and Swift). Also, when I interview for iOS development work, I feel a bad case of impostor syndrome. While the young people who never sent code that is used by people in land work, no interview happened.

I want to cross the matrix of junior to medium skills. What should I learn to do it? The ideas that I know that I am not an expert so far are: architecture, tests and documentation. What else?

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mac – How to deselect a Quick View file

When you select multiple items and press the space bar (open Quick View), you can click on an icon where a contact sheet with the thumbnails of the files is displayed, can you deselect an item without closing and reopen Vista fast?

I am opening several files in Quick View to compare them and I would like to deselect the items that I no longer want, but closing and opening Quick View and then pressing the thumbnail button again is a distraction and slow. Is there a way to do it?

1000 quick loan

Do you know any place where you can have a quick loan of 1000?

performance: quick insert, quick delete and C ++ container for quick access object pool

I just want to collect some comments about this container, in my opinion, it solves the problem of common data containers that do not have quick access or removal. I want to admit that I have not evaluated this, since I do not understand how to do it and compare it with other containers. I tried it and it works, although it may not be the cleanest or safest code.

map<> has O (log (n)) for access and deletion

vector<> have O (n) to remove

As you can see, with the usual STL containers, you cannot have an O (1) performance and little memory footprint everywhere.

I heard about the group of objects some time ago, where instead of deleting objects, it reuses them, but the problem is that it must change the size of the vector<>.

Then I read a suggestion on IRC about exchanging the vector's queue with the element I want to remove. The problem is that the index of the last element is changing.

Then I wrote this container with an index mapper.

The index is only two vector, a map forward and backward, with a queue for available indexes.

The data is a vector.

Each time an item is deleted or added, the index is adjusted so that you can still access the item by the same index.

struct managed_pool {
    queue avail;
    vector data;
    vector index, back_index; // forward and backward index
    size_t add(T&&val) {

        // always add to tail since we "swap-pop": 
        size_t data_index = data.size() - 1;
        size_t index_index;

        // if there's no available index
        if (avail.empty()) {
            // add a new index
            index_index = index.size()-1;
        else {
            // reuse one
            index_index = avail.front();
        index(index_index) = data_index;

        msgm(val, index_index);
        return index_index;
    void rem(size_t translate_index_delete) {
        auto real_index_backup = data.size() - 1; // you want to keep this
        auto real_index_delete = index(translate_index_delete); // you want to delete this
        auto translate_index_backup = back_index(real_index_backup);

        index(translate_index_delete) = -1; // invalidate

        data(real_index_delete) = data(real_index_backup); // here we "swap-pop". We move the .back() of the vector to the index of the item we want to remove. This ensures contiguity of the vector, at a minimal performance cost
        data.pop_back(); // remove it

        index(translate_index_backup) = real_index_delete; // we adjust the mapping table to make sure the item is still indexed at the same index.
    T&operator()(size_t & i) {
        if(index(1) != -1)
        return data(index(i));

I just want to have your opinion if this is good and if there are better methods than this. Remember that a lot is not what I want. I want the container faster and keep a low memory footprint, be simple enough, have quick insertion, quick removal and quick access. I'm not sure queue<> It is a good choice.

dnd 5e: Can the additional attack of a Samurai's Quick Strike have an advantage?

The archetype of Samurai (of Xanathar's guide to everything) earns the following class characteristic at level 15, which says:

Quick blow

… If (…) you have an advantage in an attack roll against one of the targets, you can give up the advantage of that roll to make an additional weapon attack against that target …

So, let's say I'm invisible according to greater invisibility, or the enemy I am attacking is blinded, or something else; Either way, constant advantage in all my attacks.

At this level, I can make 3 attacks through Extra Attack, so let's say I hit an enemy twice, with an advantage, but then, for my third attack, I decide to give up my advantage for an additional weapon attack, according to the Quick Hit class feature.

Clearly, this third attack will not have an advantage because I deliberately chose to give up the advantage according to Rapid Strike, but would the additional attack I make still have an advantage, or is it implied that this additional attack is also giving up the advantage?