Git quick questions

I’ve been trying to create a private Git repo on my SSH server. But I can not understand what I am doing wrong, also how do I revert commits in Git?

metacpan – How can we request bounty on questions?

I don’t have enough reputation to post on Meta. Please migrate this and delete this sentence?

I found this site after Googling a technical problem, but those questions with the same issue attracted no answers. If you Google these questions, you can see that many other people are suffering from the same issues. Answering these questions can assist other people. Can we start a request thread for requesting bounties on questions?

I’d appreciate charity from some users with >10k bounty. Thank you.

macos – Weird folder setup in Big Sur compared to Mojave. Lots of questions

macos – Weird folder setup in Big Sur compared to Mojave. Lots of questions – Ask Different

In JavaScript compare a string and a number for example 2 <"wilson" it will return false so my questions is why false? ??? Please i need your answer

To compare a string and number
For example 2 <"wilson"

surveys – Yes and No questions – Are a “checkmark” and an “X” icon not neutral enough?

The problem with icons is that they can mean different things to different users. In this instance they could be confused with “pass” and “fail” as that is essentially what the question is asking. Which would result in the opposite of what you want them to mean.

At the very least, you should include some text with those buttons. That way you don’t rely on the user having to guess what the icons are supposed to mean.

However, my suggestion would be to remove the icons completely. Just stick with what people are familiar with when they do a survey. Have a simple list of text options to choose from. Something like this:

enter image description here

You are not limited to a simple style, you can make them look like nice buttons with a more attractive radio button/checkbox graphic, but the overall aim is to have clear, descriptive text alongside a selectable button.

There is a good reason why most survey UI designs use this simple approach, and I can assure you it isn’t because nobody was ever creative enough to make some nice looking icon buttons.

Ispmanager Questions?

Hello everyone

I have purchased ispmanager for shared hosting, but the site is constantly having nginx 504 issues, seems to be an old pro… | Read the rest of

Questions for anyone running Blesta (or another WHMCS alternative)

Hi all – I realize Blesta has lots of opportunities for customization, at least based on what I have read. Before I go down any possible cus… | Read the rest of

On the basic questions of linear algebra

enter image description here
Consider system of linear equations in unknown variables x, y, z, t, w ∈ R given as
2x + y + 2w = 1 ,
x − y + z + t − w = 0 ,
6x + 2z + 2t + 2w = 2 ,
4x − y + z + 2t − w = 1 .
a) Write the SLE in matrix form A · x = b, i.e. specify A, x, and b.
b) Find dimension and a basis of the set S0 of solutions of the corresponding homogeneous
system (i.e. the system A · x = θ).
c) Find the set S of all solutions of the SLE.

Best Suitable Database Structure in Oracle for Multiple Questions and Answers

I am building a Form in which User Select Different types of Protocol

Select Protocol:

  1. Protocol 1

  2. Protocol 2

  3. Protocol 3

If user select Protocol 1 Then Number of Disease (Disease 1, Disease 2) Will Show (Check-Box)

If user select Disease 1 Then Number of Diagnosis (Diagnosis 1, Diagnosis 2, Diagnosis 3) Will Show (Check-Box)

If user select Diagnosis 1 Then Number of Questions Will Show and User Enter or Select Answer

 Does the patient have symptoms?      Yes    or     No
 Does the patient have ECG?           Yes    or     No
 Does the patient have Echo?          Yes    or     No

If user select 2 Protocols like (Protocol 1 and Protocol 2) Then Multiple Questions will show of Protocol 1 and 2

I have attempted to design a database to hold the questions and possible answers:




Is this correct?

[XFA] Frequently Asked Questions | NulledTeam UnderGround

Do you have recurring questions from your users? The FAQ system is for you.
It allows you to create categories, frequently asked questions and answers to these questions.



  • Fully style configurable
  • Add public categories and private categories
  • Add…


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