[ Politics ] Open question: How long will Trump keep our government hostage?

[ Politics ] Open question: How long will Trump keep our government hostage? .

What will it gain if America and the EU go to war?

Well, let's see now. Currently in the wars with the countries of the EU, the USA. They are 3-0. What is the score of Germany?
Considering the fact that the EU does not even have an army, the issue is debatable.

However, the biggest and most important question is: Who will win the war of political ideologies, the globalists in the EU or the nationalists in the rest of the world?


Trump is about to announce an agreement to end the closure this afternoon, what are Chuck and Nancy doing?

Well, finally, he is coming to the table and negotiating. If he makes a good offer, that's a start. But, the House has already passed legislation written by Republicans to reopen the government (and negotiate the wall separately). The Senate and Trump refuse to approve that legislation. But, if Trump makes an offer, then Nancy's strategy is starting to work. We'll see at 3 pm if Trump is coming to the table that Nancy has called him.

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[ Politics ] Open question: When will the riots start?

[ Politics ] Open question: When will the riots start? .

[ Law & Ethics ] Open question: my stepfather told me that if I do not get a job in 3 weeks, he will kick me out.

Are you bluffing? I'm still in high school and I do not think it's legal to be expelled at this time. .

[ Politics ] Open question: Who can give me the BEST reason to hate President Trump?

I know many of us hate Trump, but what is your reason # 1? .

Do you support or oppose the wall?

I support the laws, not the wall

Requires legal residence to attend school.
Require legal residence to request social assistance.
Threatening business owners with fines if they hire illegal aliens

If we apply those laws, the illegals would not see any reason to come here because those are the things they come for … School, welfare and work.


[ Politics ] Open question: Does Hillary Clinton think that liberals are stupid?

[ Politics ] Open question: Does Hillary Clinton think that liberals are stupid? .

Why are Republicans opposed to legalizing marijuana?

The history of opposition to the legal underbrush by the right wing is a mile long. The right wing also rejected women's suffrage, was the motivation behind the moderation of the ban, defeated the Equal Rights Amendment, opposed marriage equality, inhibited the right of women to choose, etc. Basically, the right wing is for more government and the left wing for less / limited governor. It's all there in the history books.
Right-wing authoritarianism wants to dictate its views on morality. This is the evangelical connection of the religious right that wants to mix the church and the state.
I'm a lefty I do not care who, what, where people legally worship, keep it out of politics … separate church and state. Do you see the contrast? I am liberal in many subjects. Have more lives been lost in the name of religion or of saved souls? The history books are full of figures of "lost lives".
3 basic principles of liberalism are equality, individualism and freedom / freedom.
Liberalism began with the Age of Enlightenment and justified the armed overthrow of the royal monarchist tyranny of the right in the English, American and French revolutions … once again, everything is in the history books.


A supporter of Trump told me that we need the wall since the illegals are making tunnels under the "fence" that is currently being built. Is it wrong that I'm speechless?

The drug runners dug these tunnels, the illegals followed later, the media took a video of the illegals that approached the series of holes that drug runners dug and did not notify anyone what was happening. It confirms that drugs flow across the border, confirms that slats are needed instead of just one wall, confirms that technology is needed to warn agents that something is happening, and confirms that more agents are needed to have the Numbers To handle this type of situations and volumes.