[ Politics ] Open question: Was the shooting of Las Vegas organized or something much more than it seems? What ? why?

why the media danced on the fact that he was a former federal government. employed and worked for the defense department. in big companies like Boeing or something? did you have access to "Area 51"? Many think he was an undercover CIA / FBI arms dealer? And the people who shot all those people were the people who were doing a "covert operation"? .

soft question: do you need commutative algebra for Milne's algebraic number theory course?

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simple question about the Git workflow for subproject

My research team and I are using Git to manage our various scripts and notes / publications for our ongoing projects, and I wonder what is considered the best practice for the situation we are in.

Until now, the scripts we were using were quite small and did not require too much computing power. Usually, we agreed on what a script should do; one or more people coded it, executed it on their personal machine and put some output file on the master branch. We do not follow a specific workflow and we mainly use the repository as a Dropbox: since we are a small team, someone pushes the master branch once they are done with whatever they are doing so that everyone can see it.

Recently we have been needing more computing power and gained access to a high performance machine where we can run our scripts for several days. Our workflow is currently as follows: we encode scripts and test them on our personal machines for small executions; once we are ready to make an extensive career, we place all the necessary files in a production/ directory, and I scp to the server

We cannot clone the entire repository on the server because we have a limited amount of space that we can use, and we are not comfortable copying unpublished results and other internal files to a machine that we share with other people.

We have considered creating another repository just for that, but it doesn't seem better than what we currently do, since in the end I would still need to copy the files from the main repository to the new one. I have also read about low payments, but from what I understand, the entire repository is still downloaded.

Is there a best practice or standard workflow to do that kind of thing?

[ Politics ] Open question: Can any of you Trump apologists explain why the idea of ​​buying Greenland is floating?

Could it be with the melting of the ice that the resources that are believed to be there will now be more accessible? Why would Greenland / Denmark want to give up what could make them a more important economic entity in the world? This is not like Alaska, where Russia was desperate for money and the state of resources was unknown. Or even buying Gadsden. .

[ Celebrities ] Open question: When is the worst time to touch the tube?

[Celebrities] Open question: When is the worst time to play the tube? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Do you understand now?

[Politics] Open question: Do you understand now? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Should people who enter the US illegally. UU. BE KILLED IN SIGHT?

They are dangerous!!! .

[ Politics ] Open question: Are you afraid to go to stores now because of the mass shootings mainly by white men?

I am terrified to know at any second, a white sociopath who may or may not wear a MAGA hat broke into a store and started shooting all over the place just to send a message. It's scary to know that my son or my love can be in the store at the moment it happens. How can this be prevented? .

[ History ] Open question: What is the most common cause of war?

[History] Open question: What is the most common cause of war? .

[ Maintenance & Repairs ] Open question: Truck shaking violently?

Recently I started to get a check engine light for failures, so I went to check the spark plugs and found one that was cracked in the ceramic part. After replacing it and starting the truck, it has been shaking violently and sounds like it wants to stop. I have not tried to drive it anywhere because of that. What could be the problem. I still don't get any code, could a ceramic piece of the plug have fallen into the cylinder causing this? I have a 2008 Ford F-150 5.4L V8. From what I can say, I did nothing wrong. I really want to avoid going to a mechanic and that I get a fortune for random things. [TagsToTranslate] yahoo