Can I purchase seychelles island currecy in Malaysia?

Where do I purchase online, maldives, mauritius and seychelles currencies to sell to them before they arrive at those destinations? Do those islands embassies in Malaysia sell the currencies?

Where can i systematically invest and purchase bitcoin? I want to invest 5$ daily

I want to systematically invest daily 5$ in bitcoin, what are the best options?

plugins – How do I allow a user to purchase an expiring passcode to access part of my website, from my online store, similar to pay-per-view?

I am trying to add functionality to a website I am starting to create, which is a bit like a pay-per-view video channel, where a user (without registering) would go onto my online store and purchase a product, which in this case would be an automatically-generated passcode.

The user would receive the passcode via email and then use it to gain access to a specific (hidden/private) part of the website. The passcode would automatically expire a certain amount of time after it is first used, such as a few days.

I have done a bit of research and come across various membership plugins, such as MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro. However, these do not do what I require. I don’t want the user to create an online account; I simply want a passcode to be generated when paid for through the online store.

Is this possible? Could someone point me in the right direction for a plugin, or even a tutorial that explains how to do this? Thanks!

woocommerce – How do I execute code when user makes first purchase?

Here is my code so far:

function send_message_to_new_member( $user_id) {

    if ( ! bp_is_active( 'messages' ) )

    $args = array(
        'sender_id' => 1,
        'thread_id' => false,
        'recipients' => $user_id,
        'subject' => 'First Purchase',
        'content' => 'Hello - congrats on your purchase!',
        'date_sent' => bp_core_current_time()

    $result = messages_new_message( $args );
add_action( 'woocommerce_order_status_completed', 'send_message_to_new_member', 3 );

I am trying to send users an automated message in buddypress after their first woocommerce purchase. I’m a bit lost on where to go from here. Any help is greatly appreciated – thanks!

instadigi Script was not delivered after purchase

Just cancel the order dude, the site owner is gone and so is the script which was amazing, I have also tried get a copy a fews months back and still no replies from admin. If you find a script for sale that does the same job as instadigi please let me know. Good luck..

Btw, my helpdesk ticket history with instadigi..

Subject: new purchase not showing up
Department: General Enquiries
Ticket ID: FFF-D91
I just purchase a new license, but it is not showing up on my account, please check!!
Transaction ID: 69Y541220P3809007

Posted: Wed, 22-05-13 @ 20:11
anyone there??

Posted: Tuesday, 04-06-13 @ 17:47

Posted: Monday, 24-06-13 @ 06:31

Posted: Tuesday, 13-08-13 @ 09:31
anyone there?

Posted: Thursday, 29-08-13 @ 08:23


cash – Trying CashApp to add funds and purchase Bitcoin immediately but not working, Have done all banking requirements, IS THERE ALTERNATIVE

Details: I was successful in entering in my bank information on Cash App however, keeps saying transfer failed even in the process of adding cash into the app from my bank, so I can use that to buy bitcoin immediately, And of cash app will not let me buy bitcoin using my debit card and there is always a routing number always showing that I did not enter(I assume that is Cash App routing for my new(just started it 6-12-2020)cash app account? The app doesn’t say which place it is pulling from except for the 1st time..

**I am wondering what the common causes are..could 1 be you must be connected to wi-fi, if so why since I do other transactions this way without connecting to wi-fi

**If CashApp is just too much trouble, WHAT IS ANOTHER APP TO INSTANTLY UPLOAD YOUR BANK INFO AND BUY BITCOIN not a 7-10 day thing__?…Does CoinBase now do immediate purchase?

MS SQL Server Cores / License To Purchase

After almost 6 years I’m approaching the 10 GB limit of my MS SQLExpress deployment. I’m looking at the licensing for MS-SQLServer and am getting more confused with everything I read. Can anyone help set the “Standard – server + CAL” vs “Standard – per core” licensing concepts straight in my head?

The application we use uses one user with about 12 sessions as per:

enter image description here

The Hardware has this profile:

enter image description here

So am I looking at one “Standard – server + CAL” for $1,000 based on the application usage or a “Standard – per core” based on the number of hardware cores? Or have I twisted my brain around this so much that I’m lost?



Header Banner Advertising offers you advertising on our forum header example above the shoutbox. Your advertisement will be displayed to every user except members in the usergroups “VIP”, “DIAMOND”.
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php – How to restrict content based on product purchase for specific woocommerce category?

I need a pay per post system for specific woocommerce products category.

Hi, my site is currently running the latest version of WordPress V5.4.1 with the woocommerce V4.0.0 plugin installed.

With woocommerce, by default the product page is accessible to all users. I would like to be able to restrict access to the product page to users who have already purchased the product. That is to say after adding it to the cart from the store and paying at checkout.

Product = a post type Woocommerce plugin link =

So, I would like to display the content of the product page only if the product has already been purchased by the user. That is, if the product is contained in the user’s order list.

I would like to apply this system only to products of certain specific categories to be defined.

As for the restriction of products, which are not yet purchased by the user, I would also like to have the possibility of defining a redirect page whose content remains under my sole responsibility.

For this, I will expressly need a small parameter in the rediction link which would display the ID of the product to buy in this way for example: **_redirect_id=PRODUCT_ID (It will be useful for me to display on the page, some product information by the get method 😉 Like this:

I found from my research, certain articles which deal with the subject but which always seem vague to me. Articles link:

woocommerce restrict content based on product purchase

I know it shouldn’t be too complicated if you merge some of the information from the links above, but I admit that I really don’t know how to go about it, I’m worried above for days .. Thanks in advance for your help !

magento2 – Purchase order invoice status Unpaid

Does anyone know how to set purchase order invoices automatically to “Unpaid” in Magento 2?
Right now they are automatically marked as paid, but they should really be marked to Unpaid, and then set to Paid by the the administrator when the money is received.