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How to publish the same content on several sites?

Trying to achieve the following. Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.
1) I have several sites in the subdirectory with multiple site names from wp (for example, https://noorshaad.com/uae/, https://noorshaad.com/us/, https://noorshaad.com/uk /).
2) I need to publish each domain to show the same content and images (featured image) BUT
3) Show a different WordPress theme, add-ons and add-on settings. etc.

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web server: good way to publish an API in other applications, REST web server?

I am developing an application that will communicate with different servers in several ways. It will be an intermediate layer to transport data (files, messages) to other applications.

Any other application that runs on the same phone must be able to send a transfer request or receive a response from a request that you sent through my application.

My thoughts first jumped to run a minimal web server and have a REST API for other applications to use. It would be clean in the way that other applications just need to be able to make an http request, but I'm not sure how it would be implemented in a good way to run on Android.

Are there other good methods for communication from application to application? How can an application notify another that a change occurred on a remote server?

I hope the question is clear enough as an answer. I'm still not far from building the application, I wanted to ask before it was decided too much.

Personalization: What is WordPress's way of adding blocks of content to publish and reference them as a many-to-one relationship?

I am using a plug-in that uses custom post content types. I think what I am trying to do is a general WordPress workflow question versus a specific add-on. That said, the add-in in LearnDash.

So, I have a type of publication. Call it Topic. I want a Topic to have Exercises, where the exercises will be a block of content. I don't need exercises to have a route. That is, no url. Like adding a div or some block, but where you can refer to the exercises.

For example, you might want to have the right sidebar on a topic page that lists the exercises for that topic with a URL that takes you to the anchor on the page for the exercise.

Or in my navigation menu for a lesson, where do you see


I might want to show


See what I mean? I really don't need an exercise to be a type of content that is routable. I just need to use exercises as blocks that I can then refer to as many-to-one groups.

Then, trying to discover the accepted way of doing this with a complement or doing some coding.

Thank you,

Slow wordpress website when I publish a new article

My WordPress website slows down when I update an article or when I publish a new article I am using wp-rocket and when I publish or update an article, I have to wait a while until the navigation in it is fast

publish: problems publishing pages in the installation of a local server

I am interested in creating a personal web page and I am trying to configure WordPress on my local machine, in order to test it and see what it can do, before committing to paying a web hosting subscription. I am using Trisquel 8 (based on Ubuntu).

I have installed the Apache server, MySQL, PHP and I am using the Icecat web browser (based on Firefox, but with greater security). I have downloaded WordPress (latest version of tarball) and it is running on my local Apache server: I can log in to it, change the settings, etc.

However, I have problems trying to publish a new page. At first, I received errors that said & # 39; Update failed & # 39; and & # 39; Publication & # 39; failed on a red banner at the top. After reading this page, I installed the Classic Editor plug-in, which seemed to resolve the errors. However, after publishing and then clicking on & # 39; See page & # 39 ;, it seems that the browser cannot find it:

The requested URL /about-me/ was not found on this server.

The Health Check plug-in indicates that the REST API cannot be found, so perhaps that could be part of the problem.

If not, does anyone know what the problem could be here with the publication of the page? Thanks in advance!

Photo management software to publish on social networks

I need to organize the following process:

  1. Store all my photos in one place. Cloud preferred.
  2. Label them
  3. Schedule posts and view post history in the same application where I tag and organize photos. To be able to filter photos by publication dates. Maybe it would be a system of events or tasks linked to the photos.

The third part is a problem, can you advise something?

How to use only the URLs identified to publish?

look at my settings
for some reason, look for urls from other engines not only from the identified list
What's wrong with my configuration?
I will not strictly use URLs only from the identified list.
Thanks for any help

How to publish types of custom WordPress posts on Twitter through IFTTT

I have my wordpress site. That has the normal "publication" and a "download" of type of personalized publication. I currently use IFTTT, (If This Then That Service) to publish my WordPress posts on Twitter.

The IFTTT recipe works perfectly for my posts and tweets as soon as I publish any post. You can check my site https://milyin.com, and my twitter account is https://twitter.com/milyincrealtors/

The problem is that this only works for normal WordPress posts. I searched IFTTT applets to include custom post types that didn't work, and I can't find a solution in the stack exchange either.

How can I use IFTTT to tweet any new publication of the publication type & # 39; download & # 39 ;?

I love IFTTT and I don't want any add-ons that slow down my site. Therefore, provide the code, which ensures that my IFTTT applet is also activated for this type of personalized publication.