Visual comments on the calendar (icons?) For dates with scheduled publications

Could I have sworn that there was a way to get small rings around the dates on the calendar that already had scheduled publications?

Is it still possible?

publications: set the featured image as a hero image on each page

I want the featured image of my post to be shown as a full-width hero image.
I tried to set the highlighted images as background images in a full width row, but I think it is not possible.

If someone has the answer or a way to configure the image presented as a hero, suggest it.

Exchange publications with Outlaw Star Nexus | Forum Promotion

Hi everyone! I would love to make some mail exchanges. This will be a long post, but I take the exchanges seriously, so I would tell you what I can contribute. My forum is mainly about entertainment, so if you like some of that (mostly anime / games / movie / TV) you are probably already eligible. Brownie points out if you like games. Double brownie points if you also like anime. Check it in my signature.

While an interest in entertainment is preferred, general discussion (casual or controversial discussions have their own forums) is usually more popular. Sports discussion is generally avoided, but the technology is good.

I promise high-level publications. I will never post responses to a sentence (unless they are forum games for which we can set rules) and I expect the same from you. If I am going to be a temporary or long-term member of your forum, I could also enjoy my time there and I will not see it as a task.

With respect to accounting amounts, we have two options:

Short term exchange

We can accept a number between 6 and 29. It can be any number, except multiples of 5. So, not 10, 15, 20 or 25. The reason why I do this is because when I did exchanges in the past, many new members With 5 or 10 posts (for example) they seem a bit suspicious. Offer one of those numbers as an equal proportion. The thread count can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but I am looking for at least two threads.

Long term exchange

My forum is doing quite well despite not being a large community. One problem I face is that I probably published too often. A long-term exchange can help increase the feeling of community by having more active users, which is why I agree. If interested, I would like us to analyze the waters with a short-term exchange in advance and start from there.

In terms of what kind of content I can provide, well, I like most things. Obviously I stand out more in the entertainment discussion. I enjoy retro and modern games. I mainly like retro anime but some modern ones. I love live action TV shows. The movies are great! My favorite genres are probably horror and suspense, but I am open to most. I am a technology addict. I know about most gadgets. In addition to hardware, I like to talk about software. I can code a little, but I am not very competent. My musical knowledge is quite bad, so I am probably not fit for a musical forum.

I can add to the general discussion, since I do it a lot in the forums. Politics, sometimes but it is not a subject, I would say that I am good to. Religion, that's a no. I would love to post on a religion forum if you just want me to write about other topics. Sports, I know almost nothing, so keep that in mind.

By the way, I don't expect all your posts to be in the entertainment sections. Feel free to do many of them in general. One thing I forgot to mention is that I don't want us to exchange more than five posts in a single day. Too many may seem like a rushed job. You can take your time if necessary.

Thank you for reading. Let me know about your forum and your strengths and weaknesses if you are interested.

Publications in social networks: frequency? The | Forum Promotion

In fact, you want to update social networks more frequently outside working hours, usually between 5 and 8 in the morning, and then again at night, when people leave work until 8 or 9 at night. That seems to be when most people are reviewing various social media platforms, so it is more likely to reach more people during those times. That does not mean that you should not share content during the workday, but the things you do (especially things like articles) you may want to share again during one of those other periods.

Custom permanent link structure for publications in a specific category

Hello, I am trying to rewrite the permanent links structure for publications in a specific category, the structure must be the category name – author name – publication title
When I use the following code, there is no author name in the URL
Please let me know where I am wrong.

add_filter( 'post_link', 'custom_permalink', 'author_link', 10, 3 );
function custom_permalink( $permalink, $post, $leavename ) {
// Get the category for the post
$category = get_the_category($post->ID);
if (  !empty($category) && $category(0)->cat_name == "Tips" ) {
    $cat_name = strtolower($category(0)->cat_name);
    $author_nickname = get_user_meta( $author_id, 'nickname', true );
    $permalink = trailingslashit( home_url('/'. $cat_name . '/' . 
$author_nickname . '/' . $post->post_name .'/' ) );
return $permalink;

add_filter( 'category_link', 'custom_category_permalink', 10, 2 );
function custom_category_permalink( $link, $cat_id ) {
$slug = get_term_field( 'slug', $cat_id, 'category' );
if ( ! is_wp_error( $slug ) && 'tips' === $slug ) {
    $link = home_url( user_trailingslashit( '/tips/', 'category' ) );
return $link;

add_action( 'init', 'custom_rewrite_rules' );
function custom_rewrite_rules() {
    'top' // The rule position; either 'top' or 'bottom' (default).

'tips/d+/((^/)+)(?:/((0-9)+))?/?$', // <- here, add the d+/

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Duplicates – Allow users to copy publications from the front end

I want to create a publication grid (a CPT) that will be accessed by a user connected from the front of the website.

The user can select which publications he wants and click on send, which would make a copy of the selected publications with the user as author.

I know this can be done from the administration area, but I don't know how to do it from the front.

Any suggestions on a course of action would be appreciated.

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Administrators, please move to the correct forum.

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