soft question – Can the place of publication be harmful to one’s reputation?

What can be said about publishing mathematical papers on e.g. viXra if the motivation is its low barriers and lack of experience with publishing papers and the idea behind it is to build up a reputation, provided the content of the publication suffices that purpose.

Can that way of getting a foot into the door of publishing be recommended or would it be better to resort to polishing door knobs at arXiv to get an endorsement?

Personal experience or that of someone you know would of course also be interesting to me.

How can I show a publication on Facebook?

I hide a post on Facebook. I want to show it. How do I hide a post on Facebook?

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javascript – View with GET and POST. Update field data before publication

I am starting to venture into MVC. I need to do a GET and POST in the same VIEW. If the user chooses a date, I have to update the fields (GET), only when I click save, POST.

I saw some places where it is easier to update the model in a partial view, I did, but without success.


@model RevenueViewModel

Partial view:

@model RevenueViewModel

@using (Html.BeginForm("Arr", "Home", FormMethod.Post))


@(Html.DevExtreme().DateBoxFor(m => m.renevue_date) .ID("dat") .Type(DateBoxType.Date) .DisplayFormat("dd/MM/yyyy") .Width("250px") .OnValueChanged("refreshData") )

@(Html.DevExtreme().NumberBoxFor(m => m.Dep1Valor)


public partial class RevenueViewModel
    public DateTime revenue_date { get; set; }
    public decimal Dep1Valor { get; set; }



public async Task ARRAsync(string date)
    if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(date))
        date = new DateTime(2020, 4, 1).ToShortDateString();

    var result = await apiService.getRevenueByDate(date);

    return View(result);

public IActionResult ARR(RevenueViewModel model)
    //Salva os dados
    return RedirectToAction("Home", "ARR", new { date = model.revenue_date });

It does GET and POST, however in GET it doesn't bring updated data. And in POST, it does not include the date in the model to be able to save and return the same View.

Any ideas to help?


How to delete 'No Comments' on the publication pages

I am trying to remove the "No comment" on each of my posting pages. It is located at the top of the page, next to the publication date. Here is an example page with it. Here is an example (

No (NO) trying to delete comments on the pages.

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Sort publication by & # 39; modification date & # 39; in the block & # 39; Blog posts & # 39; of the & # 39; Complete edition of the site & # 39; WordPress

I'm creating my site's home page using the 'Full Site Edit' plugin. WordPress. The plugin offers a & # 39; Blog Posts & # 39; block to list posts with various customization options.

I want the post loop created by this block to be sorted by & # 39; modification date & # 39 ;.

Here is the code (I think) that builds the loop inside the block from the plugin files.

have_posts() ) {
            if ( ! $attributes('specificMode') && ( isset( $newspack_blocks_post_id( get_the_ID() ) ) || $post_counter >= $attributes('postsToShow') ) ) {
            $newspack_blocks_post_id( get_the_ID() ) = true;
            echo Newspack_Blocks::template_inc( __DIR__ . '/article.php', array( 'attributes' => $attributes ) ); // phpcs:ignore WordPress.Security.EscapeOutput.OutputNotEscaped
    $data // phpcs:ignore VariableAnalysis.CodeAnalysis.VariableAnalysis.UndefinedVariable

Can anyone help change the publishing order of the above code to sort by & # 39; modified & # 39; of the publications?

Copyright: Can I bill the owner of a publication for not complying with the conditions of use?

I recently provided a photograph to a publisher to reproduce for free, on the condition that a credit be included with the photograph. When I saw the post, the image has no credit included. Would you be entitled to bill the owner of the publication a fair price for its use?

Free – Publication of necessary technicians | Forum promotion

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