Double update: Proxmox VPS & Cloud for WHMCS 2.6.0 with support of Xterm.js. |

one. What's different about the weekly launch that we have the pleasure of presenting to you today is that it includes not one, but two of our main modules.

Enjoy the dual update of Proxmox Cloud & VPS for WHMCS 2.6.0 Totally spiced in both visual and functional terms!

  • To begin with, he received the complete module. an important facelift, resulting in a more pleasant interface to the view and an optimized navigation through the key sections.
  • Your customers will surely be surprised with an additional remote server management console at their disposal: Xterm.js
  • New Load balancer tool that allows you to specify the priority of each node resource to automatically select the best matching node for a new virtual machine
  • Various Other characteristics of the novel and improvements that we invite you to browse through our website

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two. Run a WHMCS business and ask yourself how to convert all the data that is generated daily right in front of your own eyes to your advantage?

Entrust this task to MetricsCube! The platform has been recently improved with new tools for an even more complex business analysis, which includes:

  • Retention graphs – an alternative way to view the eight retention reports available
  • Entirely package new billing reports
  • Improved calculation of several existing reports.
  • Much faster data synchronization (up to 75%)
  • Automatic conversion of More than 200 WHMCS coins

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3. More and more modules are filling our WHMCS support list 7.7.1 daily! Interested in the progress we have made so far? This list updated. It will put you in the picture in an instant!

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Proxmox VPS for WHMCS | NulledTeam UnderGround


Proxmox VPS for WHMCS is an innovative module that will automate all stages of provisioning of virtual servers, from delivery to nearby administration. Due to a clear configuration, you can quickly and competently configure the ready products in your WHMCS, and then offer them directly to the customers.

The focal part of the module consists of the components that will be implemented directly in the customer's area …

WHMCS + Proxmox Is there support for the administration module?

Hi hostslb

I think you're looking for something along & # 39; & # 39; Modulesgarden & # 39; & # 39 ;. It is not that we are using it ourselves or that we support it, but we do have many clients that use Proxmox and I remember that some of them were using Modulesgarden and seem to be happy with that. So it might be worth checking out.

I hope that helps!