I'm looking for a web hosting provider

Hi Guys,
I'm looking for a web hosting provider for someone who is starting out building websites.
What I'm looking for:
1] support multiple domains on one account
2] good with wordpress
3] suports Cpanel
4] I'm good with $10-$20 a month
I'm just starting out and have no experience with web service providers, the only think I have picked out is my domain name.
What are your views on Hostmines.com hosting solutions? They are offering 40% off now.
thx for your help

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g suite – Is it risky to use the Google credential provider for windows? what happen if the GCPW stop working in the future

We have the following:-

  1. G-Suite Basic edition.
  2. 55 Windows 10 PCs.
  3. We install the Google credential provider for windows inside the Windows 10 machines.
  4. and we associate Google accounts with existing Windows profiles
  5. so now users are login to their PCs using their google accounts.

everything seems working well.. but i am afraid of the following scenario:-

let say Microsoft publish some windows updates in the future and one of these updates cause the GCPWo stop working for a reason or another.. so in this case all our users will not be able to login to their PCs.. is my concern valid? if it is valid then how i can overcome this issue?

Which cloud server provider is best for accepting bitcoin payments with BTCPay Server?

Actually, it’s my video 😀

Lunanode provides easy “1 click install” process. You can host btcpay server on any other VPS server (like azure, aws, digitalocean etc.) but the process will be just a bit more complicated, and will require downloading and configuring btcpayserver.

As always any solution have some tradeoffs, like cost or how easy it is to use, how reputable is the provider etc.

All methods of hosting are presented in this docuement.

Is "Google Credential Provider for Windows (GCPW)" available for G Suite Basic

We have G-suite basic :-

enter image description here

so i am not sure if i can use "Google Credential Provider for Windows (GCPW)" ? or i need to upgrade the subscription to be able to benefit from "Google Credential Provider for Windows (GCPW)" ?


Any thoughts on Alibaba Cloud as A Good VPS Provider?

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