How do proto models in gRPC fit into Clean Architecture

I know they say that clean architecture are guidelines, and individual projects will affect implementation, but is there a general thought on the correct implementation? A lot of times I see DTO objects in the application layer, so do you just leave the proto models in the “API” layer and the application layer needs to know about them, or do you basically duplicate those models in both layers, and use translators in the “API” layer so that if the gRPC is ever changed the application doesn’t need to?

topic: getUrlObject () returns an empty proto object

I am trying to follow this post to convert my menu tree into an array that I can work with more easily.

When I run my code and look at $ filterArray I get:

title: *Name here*
url_obj: {}
has_children: true

I'm mainly working on the THEME.theme page at:

function THEME_page_attachments_alter {
  $filteredArray = array();
  $menu_tree_service = Drupal::service('menu.link_tree');

  $menu_parameters = new DrupalCoreMenuMenuTreeParameters();

  $tree = $tree = $menu_tree_service->load('main', $menu_parameters);
  foreach ($tree as $item) {
    $itemObject = (object) ('title' => '', 'url_obj' => '', 'has_children' => '');

    $itemObject->title = $item->link->getTitle();
    $itemObject->url_obj = $item->link->getUrlObject();
    $itemObject->has_children = $item->hasChildren;

    array_push($filteredArray, $itemObject);
  $page('#attached')('drupalSettings')('mobileMenu')('menuTree') = $tree;
  $page('#attached')('drupalSettings')('mobileMenu')('filteredArray') = $filteredArray;

It looks like you are grabbing the pages and turning them back and looking at the documents you should call $item->link->getUrlObject(); to get the URL, so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong.

Any pointer is appreciated, thanks!

python – Compiling .proto in tensorflow / models / research (no / object_detctio

I am sending this to Stack Overflow instead of as a Tensorflow problem because, depending on the problems sent to Tensorflow (for example, here), people can move from where I am stuck. The reason why I present myself in the Tensorflow broadcast format is not because I copy and paste from my own publication there, but to clarify my problem, dear reader. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

What is the top-level directory of the model you are using: lstm_object_detection

Have I written a custom code (instead of using a sample script included in TensorFlow): do not

Platform and distribution of OS (for example, Linux Ubuntu 16.04): Ubuntu 18.04

Python version: 3.6.7

TensorFlow installed from (source or binary): binary

TensorFlow version (use the command below): 1.10.0 (also tested with 1.12)

Bazel version (if compiled from the source): N / A

CUDA / cuDNN version: 10.0 (9.2 when using Tensorflow 1.12)

GPU model and memory: GTX 2080 ti, 11gb

Exact command to play: protocols lstm_object_detection / protos / *. proto –python_out =.

I am trying to compile the proto files in this folder, which is part of lstm_object_detection, to be used with the Tensorflow object detection API. I can compile the proto files in the object detection folder, according to the installation instructions of the Object Detection API. Unfortunately, however, when I execute the analogous instructions to compile the lstm_object_detection protos, I get the following error.

object_detection / protos / input_reader.proto: File not found.
protos / input_reader_google.proto: The import "object_detection / protos / input_reader.proto" was not found or had errors.
protos / input_reader_google.proto: 8: 10: "object_detection.protos.ExternalInputReader" is not defined.

To be completely clear, my shell command executed from … / tensorflow / models / research is:

protocols lstm_object_detection / protos / *. proto --python_out =.

And just for kicks I tried:

lstm_object_detection / protos / *. proto
--python_out = lstm_object_detection / protos /

Question: How do I get these protos out of the object_detection / protos subdirectory to compile?

IWD Checkout extension does not work on proto theme

I have installed version 3.2.0 of IWD Checkout M2 in proto theme, it is giving some errors in the console. Please see the screenshot below and any help will be appreciated.

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