Is this a good international promotional activity at a trade show for an clothing brand?

Good afternoon, I am currently studying International business, I am writing an assignment based off an Australian clothing brand ‘Cotton On’ that will be participating in a trade show in Vietnam. 2 Action plans are made:

Action Plan 1 are activities that need to be completed before the Trade show.
Booking of Venue
Creation of Invitations
Distribution of Invitations
Collection of equipment from suppliers
Collection of tables from suppliers
Collection of demo clothing
Booth setup
Hire Booth staff
Transfer clothing stock to the booth

Action Plan 2 is a set of promotional activities that will be held during the trade show
Visual Display: There will be some staffs wearing clothing made from Cotton On and mannequins displaying the products.
Change area: This area will be for those who would like to try on the clothes for themselves
Query Form: People will be able to give feedback on the product they bought and give feedback on customer services.
Raffle: A Raffle will be held for those who participate in the raffle draw and the winner will be rewarded with clothing that has been set aside that is specifically made for the winner

If you could give any feedback on my action plans I would really appreciate it.
Thank you very much


Trade show promotional activities

Hi everyone,
I’m a an international business student and i am currently working on the business promotion marketing assignment for an Australian wine industry (penfolds) attend trade show internationally. I have chosen China as a international market for this company because there are big market and demands.
I need to do two marketing actions plans which is before the trade show and during the trade show.

Action plan 1 (before trade show)
At the first email to stakeholders let them know about the whole action plans.
Second, design a good place that can attract audiences in the trade show.
Thirdly, provide and cover the cost of lodging, food and shipping for employees who attend trade show.
finally, prepare exhibition promotions for the trade show

Action plan 2 (during the trade show)
There are several activities and staff teams contains during the trade show.
Introduce product: give a presentation and video display about product to audiences.
Provide the sampling, testing and customer entertainment area for audiences.
Create brochure and catalogues which can target potential customers or business cooperative partner.
I will be very happy and appreciate if you give me your feedback on my marketing strategy!
Thank you.


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