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Paid / Free – RPRage forums that need staff | Forum Promotion

Hi everyone,

I have been in the forum industry for a while now working on two amazing forums that are now huge as a super moderator / section, but the time has come to create my own forum, since I feel that the particular games I love to play are not compatible enough. .

Rage covers multiple games like;

Overwatch: where members can join to discuss the game itself and join the teams through the forum or discord so that the competitive role is no longer a problem, also discuss the new release of Overwatch 2.

Fortnite / Apex: opportunity to discuss new future seasons, participate in competitions to win masks, etc.

Ancient scrolls: popular factions can obtain their own subsection to help promote their faction for PVP or PVE.

Much more.

I currently need section moderators who are interested in any type of game to help contribute and interact with other members.
I also need a graphic designer to help create logos, banners, etc. The graphic designer will also be eligible for the moderator of the graphics section or the sub-administrator IF has experience.

The Deputy Administrator role is also available, however, depending on certain tasks, the Deputy Administrator will not have full access and will not be considered for any ownership status.

The forum has a full Xenforo license and all personnel are required to be over 16 for professional and safety reasons.


You are looking for a moderator
Desired graphic designer (eligible for moderator)
Deputy Administrator

Email Marketing | Forum Promotion

Has anyone considered email marketing? Keep in mind that it used to be a great thing in the 2000s. However, today I think it has been replaced by social media marketing. Social networks act similarly to an email list.

Anyway, I guess the main problem with email is that many people ignore commercial emails, even if they registered to receive them, but I could be wrong.

SakugaCity.Com – Anime and Games Community | Forum Promotion

The small print: While we are flattered to receive such attention, keep in mind that the city of Sakuga is not, and never will be, for sale. Of course, we are open to working with people in the industry, but the community belongs to the members. We have had too many queries to acquire SC, and I don't want to waste people's time.

Site Name: Sakuga City
Type (forum, blog, website or affiliate): Forum community and articles / reviews site
Category: Anime and games
Tags: Anime, manga, games, geek culture, movies, comics

Site Launch Date May 23, 2016

Description: Sakuga City is a forum for fans of anime, video games, comics, cartoons and other elements of the geek culture. We love everything! We are dedicated to being a safe and welcoming online community. We take pride in the fact that we are strictly a safe working environment PG13. This means that our members can feel safe when browsing the forum in public spaces.

The site is managed by former volunteer administrators and moderators of an anime forum of 14,000 members and 120,000 members, once popular, founded in 2002. We have the experience that supports us in managing successful and fun communities. The old site was sold and no longer exists, so we had no choice but to start over. The city of Sakuga is owned by the community, which means it will never be sold, so our members will always have a home. It is very active because of its size because the community is much older than the site. Of course, we have received new members in the fold and we expect more new people to come and participate in our unique little community.

Over the years, some of our oldest members had stopped cheering, but were still actively publishing on game topics. The previous site was more of a general forum, but because it had anime in its url, it was marketed as nothing more than an anime site. We decided that the new site would put more emphasis on the geek culture, since our community was always more than just an anime forum. Our anime and games sections are the most active thematic areas on the site at the moment, so we definitely made the right decision.

In December 2016, some of our members and staff joined together to create a team of collaborators. These are all members of our community of forums that have a private forum to work together on drafts and concepts. Taxpayers are responsible for articles, reviews and podcasts, all of which are exclusive to the city of Sakuga. New people can join as permanent writers or guests by contacting me Shannon Appleor Pinky Blue Flamingo (our editor in chief) on the site.

You can see some of the incredible contents of our team, so far, in the following link.

Articles, reviews and podcasts:

To date, we have more than 130 complete articles, reviews and podcasts written by our amazing team.

Other links:

Chat rooms:
Steam Group:
Xbox One Group:
search the city of Sakuga
PSN Group: search the city of Sakuga

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Exchange publications with Outlaw Star Nexus | Forum Promotion

Hi everyone! I would love to make some mail exchanges. This will be a long post, but I take the exchanges seriously, so I would tell you what I can contribute. My forum is mainly about entertainment, so if you like some of that (mostly anime / games / movie / TV) you are probably already eligible. Brownie points out if you like games. Double brownie points if you also like anime. Check it in my signature.

While an interest in entertainment is preferred, general discussion (casual or controversial discussions have their own forums) is usually more popular. Sports discussion is generally avoided, but the technology is good.

I promise high-level publications. I will never post responses to a sentence (unless they are forum games for which we can set rules) and I expect the same from you. If I am going to be a temporary or long-term member of your forum, I could also enjoy my time there and I will not see it as a task.

With respect to accounting amounts, we have two options:

Short term exchange

We can accept a number between 6 and 29. It can be any number, except multiples of 5. So, not 10, 15, 20 or 25. The reason why I do this is because when I did exchanges in the past, many new members With 5 or 10 posts (for example) they seem a bit suspicious. Offer one of those numbers as an equal proportion. The thread count can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but I am looking for at least two threads.

Long term exchange

My forum is doing quite well despite not being a large community. One problem I face is that I probably published too often. A long-term exchange can help increase the feeling of community by having more active users, which is why I agree. If interested, I would like us to analyze the waters with a short-term exchange in advance and start from there.

In terms of what kind of content I can provide, well, I like most things. Obviously I stand out more in the entertainment discussion. I enjoy retro and modern games. I mainly like retro anime but some modern ones. I love live action TV shows. The movies are great! My favorite genres are probably horror and suspense, but I am open to most. I am a technology addict. I know about most gadgets. In addition to hardware, I like to talk about software. I can code a little, but I am not very competent. My musical knowledge is quite bad, so I am probably not fit for a musical forum.

I can add to the general discussion, since I do it a lot in the forums. Politics, sometimes but it is not a subject, I would say that I am good to. Religion, that's a no. I would love to post on a religion forum if you just want me to write about other topics. Sports, I know almost nothing, so keep that in mind.

By the way, I don't expect all your posts to be in the entertainment sections. Feel free to do many of them in general. One thing I forgot to mention is that I don't want us to exchange more than five posts in a single day. Too many may seem like a rushed job. You can take your time if necessary.

Thank you for reading. Let me know about your forum and your strengths and weaknesses if you are interested.

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