Eating out all the time | Promotion Forum

Do you feel that you are effeminate or stupid? Anyway, the place where I live seems to be frowned upon, since people take pride in being self-sufficient. However, I really do not have time to cook, so I could eat too much.

Anyway, some family members are very critical of those who eat out all the time, because they think it wastes money and it's weird. They are giving me a bad time and waiting for me to cook for my older mother.

4/4 Jazz pattern section – More than half complete | Promotion Forum

More than half of all patterns are written. Basically, this is known as jazz composition patterns. It's the little things that are done in the box and the bass drum while the jazz song continues. Anyway, I have more than 4/4 planned, though, as I also want a 3/4 jazz pattern totally free, and maybe I've finished 3/4 now.

Here is an example in 4/4:

Here is an example of the 3/4 things:

Vanishing area || Custom theme || Custom plugins || Join today! | Promotion Forum

Vanishing area It is a new forum for general discussion.

Why join us?
In short, we are not your average forum these days, many forums are available to scale and sell at a peak while you take your money in the process of escalation. All we want is a fun community with many features and an easy interface for our members. We can offer such instead of selling at the first opportunity we have.

What are you waiting for?
At least, give us an opportunity, we are here for you and for our own love for the forums. All those who join the project are evaluated for this quality. All we want is to grow, prosper and, above all, remain a quiet community.


Earn easily 650+ $ FP | Promotion Forum

Hi guys!

I'm giving something away $ FP to some users who are interested in doing some tasks for me.

Find offers of games:
$ 50 FP per shipment (Limit of 4 offers per person per month)
Go to our offers page and click on "Send offer". All offers are reviewed and approved before their launch. Offers must be related to the game.

Publish videos on YouTube:
$ 100 FP per video (Limit once per week per user)
This is more or less what users who are YouTubers are looking for! This will also give you free publicity. :)

Community of the month # 27 – Vote! | Promotion Forum

Contest information

The Community of the Month is a monthly contest in which members can vote on the website or forum that deserves recognition.

Each month, the forums / sites are sent from 1 to 15, and they are voted between the 15th and the 31st. Any site can be sent, and the site with the highest number of votes wins that month.

Voting rules

  • You must have done at least 15 posts in FP within the last three months to vote in CoTM.
  • You can only vote for one of the sites listed below (which were sent in the first half of this month).
  • You can not vote for a site that you have sent to CoTM.
  • You can not vote for a site that you are an administrator of.
  • You can not ask others to vote for a site that you own or that you are an administrator.
  • You can not create duplicate accounts or use the accounts of others to vote for a site.
  • Any other tactic to obtain additional votes may result in the votes being discounted and / or an additional action.

Contest prizes

  • Advertisement The winning site will be presented on the community card for a month.
  • Sticky: The theme of the Promotions Directory will be maintained for one month.
  • Recognition: A medal will be shown in each publication that you make in FP during a month.
  • Free service: You will receive a free service of your choice in FP.

Submissions to the contest this month.

Site name: baysidegamers
Link to the site:

Name of the site: Fire chats
Link to the site:

Name of the site: Night scares
Link to the site:

Name of the site: Interviews with the authors
Link to the site:

Site name: Code forum
Link to the site:

Site name: Game forum
Link to the site:

Vote for your favorite place!

To vote, respond to this topic with the name of the site you are voting for. Votes will be accepted until 5:00 PM Central Time of the US UU (11:00 PM GMT) the first day of next month.

Pagado – $ – Single hiring of the social gaming platform | Promotion Forum


Hive Gamurs is looking for people passionate about video games.

Content moderators Closed / $ Paid
You will become part of the forum staff team. You will participate to make sure that our forums are clean and free of spam. You will be asked to maintain an active status in the forums while you perform your moderator tasks.

Moderator of discordOpen / Volunteer
Its function will be to guarantee a healthy active environment within the discord. You will help to moderate the discord at your discretion. We are looking for friendly members who can stay active within a discord on a daily basis. Join:

Main editorOpen / $ Paid
You will be responsible for a team of editors. You will be asked to review all the articles before it is published. You will also be asked to write articles and reviews from time to time. Look down.

Editors Open / $ Paid
Your responsibility as an Editor is to write articles and reviews for Hive Gamurs. You must create content for the latest news, updates and game progress. Occasionally you will also be asked to write reviews of the latest games.

Definitely, it will require knowledge and interest in the game here and the ability to research and find content to write. You must speak English fluently and have adequate spelling and grammar.

Youtubers Open / Volunteer
Calling everyone who posts videos on youtube! Get more information by sharing your videos on our website:

Social network managerClosed / $ Paid
We are looking for someone to help us create content on our social media accounts. We have access to our own premium applications package to help you better organize social profiles and get a better view of our network.

If you can be interested in helping the growth of one of the most interesting and impressive gaming platforms in the area, contact us to know the position of social networks.

Back-end developerOpen / $ Paid
Look for talented developers who may be interested in being part of a unique project to help build a personalized work. You must be fluent in Python and Flask.

The previous job / portfolio must be available to show.

All jobs that require payment will be paid in advance in USD, and only through PayPal.

Contact information:
If you have any interest in any of these jobs or game servers and would like to know more or have any suggestions, contact us!

Discord: Jordan # 3215

Alternatively, you can also send me a PM on this site!

Paid – $ – Writers of paid game items | Promotion Forum

We are looking for enthusiastic people who should write quality game articles to keep our members up to date with the latest news / comments about games.

This is a job in the gaming community where you are expected to publish at least one article a day.

If you are interested, please send me a PM.

Stop hiding your website from family and friends | Promotion Forum

Just take a quick look at the stories of the most famous companies and Internet giants to see the benefits of sharing websites with family, friends, school mates and local businesses. It was not so long ago that Facebook started as a badly written social network in the Harvard dormitories and spread quickly by word of mouth. Maybe we would still be on Myspace if Mark Zuckerberg had saved everything for him. It is not uncommon to hear about the most famous forums and discussion forums in the corridors of middle schools, high schools and universities. And in today's era, obviously we all hear about exciting social applications, news and other interesting applications for our pocket-sized phones. So, why do so many webmasters hide their websites from people they know in real life?

It's 2019 and if Reddit or 4chan are conventional enough that the headlines are not enough, maybe we should look back at the much older public forums in Rome for inspiration. We'll get to that later, but …

Tapatalk keeps its members? | Promotion Forum

I looked for some things about this and read that a couple of years ago Tapatalk bought and and then developed its own kind of forums. These free forums and yuku forums became forums owned by Tapatalk. That meant that the owners of those forums were no longer owners of the intellectual property of threads / publications in their forums and that the owners of the forums could not simply take their forums and leave.

The owners of sites that had their forums integrated in Tapatalk (it is not the same as a separate site that uses the application for mobile devices) should worry about the future of their forum … it is no longer yours. Sad.

Comments: good work to get rid of the ugly RA and VC ranges | Promotion Forum

Honestly, it felt like every second person was RA or VC hahaha!

Yes, it was a bit unpleasant.
It is a pity because many people deserved recognition, but when I returned recently, after several years of FP, I was sad to see that the ranks were so diluted. Not only that, it really showed that new members were just not as common as when I left. That's not even a bad thing, I'm glad to see so many avatars and names of known users, but not everyone needed or deserved to be purple: /

I hope no one is offended by this, I only agree with this change