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Sale – Buy my signatures! The | Forum Promotion

I have 8 forum signatures for sale.

Forums and information

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Sale – Advertise on my signature – ONLY $ 3 | Forum Promotion

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Ruby Package – JoyFreak | Forum Promotion

Site URL: Game Forum
Package: Ruby Package
Total posts in your forum: 7,400
Packer Preferences: N / A
Area preferences: all publications and topics should be made in the Games Forum section.
Do you want to update all responses to threads ?: No
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Free – Looking for a moderator job | Forum Promotion

It is a social forum where anyone can get away from the outside world, and simply relax and be themselves. It is a great and relaxed forum, with features that I have established once I get a stable membership base. There will be different and unique categories, which will be implemented throughout the progress of the forum.

Should I leave a good or bad review? The | Forum Promotion

Recently I had a problem with my car and I took it to the dealer to have it repaired before driving a long trip for a wedding. The car had been making noise, but it started well and drove well … the noise was immediately after starting the car or parking it.

We left him on a Friday and on Saturday they told us he was the owner. Later that day, I received a call that the car was repaired and ready to be picked up. We live an hour away, but I arrived on time and my husband went home. I paid $ 648 (scandalous in my mind) and went out to start the car and it made noise! I went back to the dealership and the door slammed behind me (because that's what your door does, but it was a pleasant effect for me) and I said: "The car still makes noise and my trip has just left."

Three guys stood there with their mouths open trying to find out who wanted to deal with me. I was patient but they could say that I was not happy after paying so much money. It was closing time, so they gave me a courtesy car to drive and told me they would call me on Monday. No one called me and I had to call them to get an update and finally on Tuesday someone called me back. They said it would cost more than $ 3,500 for the repair … in addition to what we already paid and that would be more than the car was worth!

The next day, my husband and I spent the time there to talk to the service manager, who explained that he didn't think the repair would be the steering wheel gear and thought it was just the power switch. So why did we pay $ 125 for a diagnostic fee that was incorrect? He did not know. But he would fix this and I could drive the courtesy car in the meantime.

In the end, they made the repairs (power switch, another new starter and wiring) and they didn't charge us more than we initially paid them. They even finished on time so that we could take the car on a long trip without problems to arrive and return.

So, would you leave them a good review since they wanted to work with us to correct it? Or a bad review since they tried to scam us at the beginning?

FP $ – Signature needed ….. | Forum Promotion

I have a forum called "Nightly Frights" and I have a blog called "The Fireside Chats". I would like someone to make me a signature for each of these sites, if possible. As for the size, I don't want it to be larger than about 500 pixels by 150 pixels. I think that would be big enough. Other than that, I'm not really specific about how it looks or anything like that. I just want the site text somewhere.

I am willing to pay you in FP $ for the job. How much FP $ is given, we can negotiate on that.

Community of the month # 29 – Vote! The | Forum Promotion

Contest Information

The community of the month is a monthly contest in which members can vote on whose website or forum deserves more recognition.

Each month, forums / sites are sent from 1 to 15 and are voted between 15 and 31. Any site can be submitted, and the site with the most votes wins that month.

Voting rules

  • You must have done at least 15 posts about FP in the last three months to vote in CoTM.
  • You can only vote for one of the sites listed below (which were submitted in the first half of this month).
  • You cannot vote for a site that you sent to CoTM.
  • You cannot vote for a site where you are an administrator.
  • You cannot ask others to vote for a site you own or to be an administrator.
  • You cannot create duplicate accounts or use the accounts of others to vote for a site.
  • Any other tactic to obtain additional votes may result in the votes being discounted and / or additional actions.

Contest Prizes

  • Advertisements: The winning site will appear on the community billboard for a month.
  • Sticky: The theme of the Promotions Directory will remain fixed for a month.
  • Recognition: A medal will be shown in each publication you make in FP for a month.
  • Free service You will receive a free service of your choice in FP.

Submissions to this month's contest

Site Name: Technabyte
Site Link:

Name of the site: Baysidegamers
Site Link:

Name of the site:
storm developers
Site Link:

Name of the site: The chats by the fire
Site Link:

Name of the site: Night scare
Site Link:

Name of the site: Forum post exchanges
Site Link:

Name of the site: Revillution
Site Link:

Name of the site: Christianity Haven
Site Link:

Name of the site: VGR
Site Link:

Name of the site: Kodi Beginner
Site Link:

Vote for your favorite place!

To vote, respond to this topic with the name of the site you are voting for! Votes will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. US Central Time UU. (11:00 p.m. GMT) on the first day of next month.

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Network Information:

Network details and real-time status can be found here.

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● Watta Server is a brand of ONeil Online, founded in 1994 in Seattle, WA.
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FP $ – Custom prizes needed | Forum Promotion

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone who believes me some personalized awards.

VIP member
Member of the month
Graphic artist award
Former staff member
Staff member of the year
Staff member of the month

Last edition: