How do you approach functional design and how does it depend on the type of project?

How do you approach functional design and how does it depend on the type of project (web front-end, back-end services, embedded, applications, others)? How does it depend on the particular language you are using?

ruby – how to fix problem when creating a rails project with mysql2 gem?

I have created a Ruby On Rails project but it won't let me start the server with the rails server command giving me the following error:

Could not find gem 'mysql2 (>= 0.4.4)' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile.

Run bundle install to install missing gems.

enter the image description here

Could someone tell me how to solve the problem …
I am new to programming and in Linux I am using Ubuntu

official community site – How do I enable PHPUnit testing for a sandbox project at

Given the following comment I found in You can enable testing for sandbox projects, testing is disabled in sandbox projects, which means you cannot enable automatic testing in sandbox projects.

Since pift_project_visibility():

if (!empty($node->field_project_has_releases(LANGUAGE_NONE)(0)('value'))) {
// Ensure user has the 'access project testing tab' permission
if (user_access('access pift project testing tab')) {
  return TRUE;


Therefore, while taking care of the launch piece, the checkbox & # 39; enable & # 39; It should never appear (and therefore users will not be able to enable the test).

The problem was created in the project that handles automatic testing for projects hosted on The comment says that automatic testing is enabled for projects with versions enabled. Sandbox projects do not have versions enabled, so automatic testing is also disabled.

As Git administrator, I can confirm that none of the sandbox projects have the Automated testing tab, which instead I see in complete projects. (It is not a question of permissions, since my role in allows me to establish automatic tests for any project).

To answer How did you enable automated testing in this sandbox project? That project has automatic testing enabled because it is a complete project, despite the project name. I can say that because the path alias automatically set for the sandbox project is similar to, the path alias for the #Heading module. Also, a sandbox project has a Promote tab as in the following screenshot.


For the other project, this is what I see.


Licenses: If I use a library licensed under GNU, is there something I should do when distributing my project?

Currently, I am making a game and I am about to use LibNoise, but the version was transferred to c # for unity. It is under the GNU license and I would like to know if I need to do something special because of this. For example: if I use this, do I have to show the license to the player every time I play? Or do I need to add a tab in the game where they can see the license?

Sorry, I'm not very polite about these things! Reading the license confused me more haha! Thank you!

Support my app project

How can a project be backed up?

I can copy the folder from its source and take it to a USB; there is no other way at least in the cloud?

Vending Machine Project – Python OOP

I have been working on a vending machine project described below.

After selecting & # 39; b & # 39; In the first menu, I'm having trouble comparing the cost of the selected item with the total amount inside the vending machine ( I have figured out how to reference the selected product through a dictionary (VendingMachine.order_product), however this only works as a string and I cannot subtract the value of the product (product.price) from the – This may be seen at – = {product.price} in VendingMachine.order_product

Once the order has been completed and the product received, I want to subtract 1 product from the item. Stock that can be selected in the first menu in option c – & # 39; Transacciones & # 39 ;. If there are none left in stock, I want to remove the item from the dict using the .remove method I suppose.

I have no coding friends, so it has been difficult to get here! Any comments would be appreciated!

Sorry if I didn't explain it very well.

accepted_coins= (0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00) 
options = ("a", "b", "c")

class Item:
 def __init__(self, code, name, price, stock):
    self.code = code = name
    self.price = price
    self.stock = stock

class VendingMachine:

def __init__(self): = 0.00

    self.items = {
       '1' : Item(1, "Tea", 0.50, 10),
       '2' : Item(2, "Coffee", 1.00, 10),
       "3" : Item(3, "Coke", 1.50, 6),
       "4" : Item(4, "Orange Juice", 1.00, 5)

def select_option(self):
    print(" ")
    print("Welcome to My Vending Machine")
    print ("{} Display Products".format(options(0)))
    print ("{} Choose Product".format(options(1)))
    print ("{} Transactions".format(options(2)))
    option = input("Please select option: ")
    if option == options(0):
    elif option == options(1):
    elif option == options(2):
    elif option not in (options):
        print("This option is not recongised")

def display_items(self):
    print (" ")
    print ("All items are currently stocked and available")
    print ("Display items here")

def order_product(self):
    choice = (input("Please insert the item code: "))
    product = self.items(choice)       
    print (f"You have selected {} for ${product.price}. Currently {product.stock} in stock")

    coin = float(input("Please insert your coins: "))
    if float(coin) not in (accepted_coins):
        print ("The Vending Machine accepts only {}" . format(accepted_coins), end = ' ')
    else: += coin

    print (f" You have {} in the Machine. You need ${product.price} for {}")

    print("(1) - Confirm")
    print("(2) - Cancel")
    confirm = float(input('Currently there is a total of ${:.2f} in the Machine. Confirm Order?: '.format(
    if float(confirm) == 1: -= {product.price} #<< HERE IS MY ISSUE, I want to subtract product.price thats referenced above in the sting from the
        print(f'Please take your {} for a total of ${product.price}. Currently there is a total of ${} left in the Vending Machine')
    elif float(confirm) == 2:
        print ("Please take your money. Have a nice Day!") = 0.00
    elif float(confirm) != 2:
        print("Incorrect Answer - Please take your money and try again") = 0.00

def main():

vending_machine = VendingMachine()

return 0

if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys

GET – Ryan Deiss – How to Design a Brand Project |

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Ryan Deiss – How to design a brand plan


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Microsoft Project at MAC

I am trying to install MS Project on my Mac computer but it doesn't work. I need it for my class. Is it possible to install MS Project on IOS? It seems to be limited and I can't find a way to install the software. Any recommendation?

github: store your projects inside a course repository or have separate repositories for each project?

Let's say I'm doing the CS50: Introduction to Computing course and finished all your problem sets. Is it better to store those problem sets in folders inside for example cs50-introtocs repository or create a new repository for each set of problems?

The same goes for The Odin Project, FreeCodeCamp, etc. and their projects.

Which is better if you intend to link your GitHub to your resume later? Selling all my project all ready Launch only

Your social media agency offers 3 types of service for 3 niche clients.
* electronic commerce
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Does this site come with social media accounts?
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