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beginner – Simple program to print from a buffer until a newline is found

For practice, I wrote a small program that goes through a string in the data section (although, it could be easily adapted to take user input), and print out the characters in the string until it finds a newline, then stops.

This is by far the most complicated assembly program I’ve ever written. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a jump and cmp. It’s simple, but there’s likely improvements I can make, so I thought I’d try to get feedback.

I decided to write it in 32-bit because the system calls are a little easier to wrap my head around. I’ll transition to x86-64 once I know what exactly my school is going to be using; because I’ve seen both so far in slides.


global _start

section .data
    input: db `1234567890n`

section .text
        mov esi, input  ; Current head of string

            mov eax, 4
            mov ebx, 1
            mov ecx, esi
            mov edx, 1
            int 0x80

            inc esi
            cmp BYTE (esi), 10
            jne .loop  ; Stop looping once we've found the newline

        mov eax, 1
        mov ebx, 0
        int 0x80

nasm firstjmp.asm -g -f elf32 -Wall -o firstjmp.o
ld firstjmp.o -m elf_i386 -o firstjmp

└──╼ $./firstjmp 

A Netrunner using a stealth program, apply the stealth effect only to his icon or also to all his programs active in the Netmap?

When the netrunner is in a cell of the netmap, and run program "invisibility" for instance, do the other programs launched by netrunner will be invisible as well? Or only the Netrunner "icon" will be invisibile?

c++ – I cant figure out why the program wont run after the last else statement. Can someone explain why? Also help me find a solution

// PC 5.19.cpp : This file contains the ‘main’ function. Program execution begins and ends there.

using namespace std;

int main()

double current_value,
double total = 0.0;
int years_decay, num;

double budget, budget_surplus, budget_undercut;
cout << "How much have you budgeted for this month ";
cin >> budget;
while (budget < 0)
    cout << "Please enter a budget that is larger than 0 ";
    cin >> budget;
cout << "ttHere is a list of your expenses" << endl;
cout << "1. Electricity expense" << endl;
cout << "2. Water expense" << endl;
cout << "3. Car expense" << endl;
cout << "4. Television expense" << endl;
cout << "5. Food expense" << endl;

for (int count = 1;count < 6; count++)
    double expenses;
    cout << "Enter the amount of money you have used for expense number " << count << " ";
    cin >> expenses;
    total += expenses;
if (budget > total)
    budget_surplus = budget - total;
    cout << "You are $" << budget_surplus << " dollars under budget. Good for you!";
else if (total > budget)
    budget_undercut = total - budget;
    cout << "You are $" << budget_undercut << " dollar over budget. Sorry";

    cout << "Your budget is exactly equal to your expenses";

// The program stops working here?

cout << "Please enter the amont of years for which you would like to calculate decay on the product. ";
cin >> years_decay;
cout << "Please enter the current value of the product ";
cin >> current_value;

    for (num = 1; num <= years_decay; num++)
        current_value *= .9;
        cout << "For year " << num << "the value of the product is " << current_value << endl;

return 0;


The program stops working after the else function with the cout << “Your budget is exactly equal to your expenses”

debian – Running an X program as root no longer possible with xhost +localhost?

Trying to run any X program as root typically results in some error/warning with the string “cannot open display”. In the past, I could just fix this by doing xhost +localhost

This no longer appears to work (on Debian 10). How do I do this these days?

Is thinking of an OOP object as a “small program” a good analogy?

I have read that we can think of an OOP object as a “small program” that send messages to other “small programs” (objects), but I am not sure if this is a good analogy.

One reason that make me think that this is a flawed analogy is that with real programs, I can send a message to a program telling it to do a task, and then the program will start doing the task and then I (the message sender) can do other things while the program continue doing the task, and later I can send a message to the program asking it if it finished the task, so each program have at least one thread, while objects don’t have threads (they all share the same thread, i.e. if one object is “running”, then all other objects are “paused”).

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How could Google program EAT into the algo?

“How do you think Google is (or could) implement the EAT mindset into the algo?”

terminal – zsh: permission denied while executing cpp program from termux

Is there a solution for running cpp file in termux??

Because I accessed the storage/emulated/0 to run the cpp program that i have created

I do the command g++ hello.cpp afterwards chmod +x to execute the cpp file then when i try ./a.out it gives me an error

zsh: permission denied