active directory – Confused with User Profile Title, Job Title and people picker Title

I’m seriously confused.

I have a User Profile services which is using User Profile Synchronization with two Configured Synchronization Connections. One Business Data Connectivity (BDC) connection, and one Active Directory connection. Under my “Manage User Properties” I have mapped “Title” to the Active Directory connection Source, using Attribute “title” and Direction “Import”. I have mapped “Job Title” to my BDC connection also with “Import” direction.

When I look at an individual’s “Manage User Profiles” page in Central Admin, the Title field is not updating reflective of what is in AD. However other fields, such as the “Work phone” (also from same AD connection) are updating correctly on Incremental Synch.

However, if I use a people picker, the correct updated job title as in AD is appearing with that user’s name. So SharePoint is storing the correct AD title somewhere, it’s just not getting picked up by my User Profile synchronization service, in the User’s Profile Page and is not in the hidden user information list.

I have been doing only an Incremental Synchronization. What are the risks of doing a Full Synchronization (will I loose changes users have made – ie. uploaded photos, editing location, About Me etc.?)

Thank you!

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SharePoint 2013 – User Profile Service application with active directory import – incremental sync is failed

User profile synchronization service is configured to use SharePoint Active Directory Import in SharePoint 2013 server. Full sync is working fine and only incremental sync is failed with below error.

The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileImportJob (ID d8b15a26-655b-4c06-8607-50182a301a02) threw an exception.
More information is included below. 
Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object

We have already followed the steps in this technet article and that did not work. What can be the cause and resolution for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

ubuntu – Is this profile for AppArmor insecure?

I’m using PHP-FPM with Apache2 on my server, as PHP-FPM doesn’t run as Apache2 module, I figured it would need a profile for it.

This is my first time working with AppArmor, so I’m afraid of crashing the server or leaving everything open for attack.

Using log analysis and some existing examples, I managed to create this profile.


profile apache2 /usr/{bin,sbin}/apache2 flags=(attach_disconnected, complain) {
  #include <abstractions/base>
  #include <abstractions/nameservice>
  #include <apache2.d>
  #include <local/usr.sbin.apache2>

  capability dac_override,
  capability kill,
  capability net_bind_service,
  capability setgid,
  capability setuid,
  capability sys_tty_config,

  signal send peer=@{profile_name}//*,

  /etc/apache2/** r,
  /etc/gai.conf r,
  /etc/group r,
  /etc/mime.types r,
  /run/apache2/** rw,
  /run/lock/apache2/** rw,
  /usr/sbin/apache2 mr,
  /var/log/apache2/** rw,
  /var/www/html/** r,
  /run/php/php7.4-fpm.sock rw,

  ^DEFAULT_URI flags=(attach_disconnected, complain) {
    #include <abstractions/apache2-common>
    #include <abstractions/base>

    /etc/apache2/** r,
    /etc/gai.conf r,
    /etc/group r,
    /etc/mime.types r,
    /run/apache2/** rw,
    /run/lock/apache2/** rw,
    /usr/sbin/apache2 mr,
    /var/log/apache2/** rw,
    /var/www/html/** r,


  ^HANDLING_UNTRUSTED_INPUT flags=(attach_disconnected, complain) {
    #include <abstractions/apache2-common>

    /etc/apache2/** r,
    /etc/gai.conf r,
    /etc/group r,
    /etc/mime.types r,
    /run/apache2/** rw,
    /run/lock/apache2/** rw,
    /usr/sbin/apache2 mr,
    /var/log/apache2/** rw,
    /var/www/html/** r,



#include <tunables/global>

/usr/sbin/php-fpm7.4 flags=(complain) {
  #include <abstractions/base>
  #include <abstractions/nameservice>
  #include <abstractions/php>

  capability kill,

  /run/php/php7.4-fpm.sock w,
  /tmp** rw,
  /usr/sbin/php-fpm7.4 mr,
  /var/www/html/** r,
  /run/php/ w,
  /run/systemd/notify w,


My fear arose because AppArmor had also set the permission to use /run/systemd/notify w, as owner /run/systemd/notify w, something I thought was not correct.

Is this profile secure or does it open loopholes for intruders?

Filter views by current user taxonomy profile field

This can be done in views without creating a custom module.

Since you want to list entities that use the same term reference as the user account, its best to create a view of terms and add relationships to the user and book. For the user you need to add an extra relationship since its a level deeper to reach the term reference field.

Add the book fields that you want, using the book relationship.

Then add the term reference field two times, one with the user relationship and one with the book relationship. You may hide these fields.

Then add filter ‘field comparison’, selecting both similar term reference fields, and choose ‘is equal to’.
Also add the filter user (with relationship) is ‘currently logged in user’.

The result is a view showing books that have the same term reference (book_id) value as the currently logged in user.

technique – Best approach for creating the average of multiple profile photos?

We’ve all seen profile photos that are a mix of hundreds, or thousands of profile photos. Here’s examples:

All examples that I’ve seen were made by an artist/photographer, who took the individual photos themselves, allowing for the most optimal alignment between individual photos.

With image recognition having taken huge leaps since this technique was first developed, is there software out there that can identify faces in individual photos, and then use those to superimpose them onto each other?

seo – Redirecting naked domain to a social profile

I have a question regarding best practices/SEO – I’m thinking about moving my blog to and having redirection to my Instagram account.

Is it a good/bad idea? How can it affect my SEO ranking? Is it discouraged to do so? Do you have any insights about it or any advices?

Will it be better to have redirection to

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