I can't see the profile picture in messenger

I can't see my friend's profile picture in messenger. I tried to look for her on Facebook and I can still see her timeline, so I know we are still friends and I am not blocked. Does anyone know the reason for this?

8 – Do you use a custom installation profile for Nightwatch testing?

How can you configure a custom installation profile to run a Nightwatch test? I do not see it in the documents. The definition of the .drupalInstall() The command has:

        `php ./scripts/test-site.php install ${setupFile} --install-profile nightwatch_testing --base-url ${process.env.DRUPAL_TEST_BASE_URL} ${dbOption} --json`,

It seems that the profile is coded without configuring it.

Catalina – How to open the profile management window every time you open Chrome?

Chrome allows multiple people to use Chrome on the same computer, and each profile has its own bookmarks, settings and custom accounts. By default, Chrome opens in the profile used the last time the browser was opened.

I don't want that to happen. I want to see this screen every time I start Chrome

Chrome Profile Selector

It is easy to do on Windows and Linux

How do I do it on my Mac?


It looks like this

1) Install this plug-in

2) ACP> Settings> Custom profile fields> Add new profile field

Title:P rofileCover

Brief description: recommended size: 1125×182 (only .jpg, .gif, .png is supported)

Field Type: text box

Regular expression: empty

Maximum length: 600 your choice

Minimum count of publications, display …

Mobile profile and GPO and security group interaction

I have set up mobile profiles (the client insists) according to this document: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/storage/folder-redirection/deploy-roaming-user-profiles and it works, but there is something I do not understand.
Step 2: creation of a security group. It seems that a mobile profile should be created for any user who places in this group, regardless of the machine they access, but it doesn't work that way for me. In my environment, mobile profiles only apply if the user and the computer are added to the security group.

Is there a problem with my configuration or is this behavior expected? If you wait, why am I missing? It seems to me that the policy should apply to any object that is in that group, be it a user or a computer.

Thanks in advance.

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The cloud synchronizes the entire user profile between Mac and Windows machines, without relying on symbolic links

I would like to find a synchronization service in the cloud that keeps everything in my user profile (documents, desktop, music, images, etc.) synchronized between my computers, without the need to move that content to a different folder. One machine is Windows and the other is a Mac.

After a bad experience with Dropbox (I had my profiles synchronized using symbolic links on my Mac, until Dropbox deliberately broke this and forced me to lose a day fixing the mess that made my files) I want to find a service that explicitly respects my arrangements of existing folders (which are not uncommon, just normal user profile folders), instead of just synchronizing files saved in their own arbitrarily named folder. In other words, on the first run, you should ask me where the synchronization folder is and what it is called, without preconditions, on both systems.

The ability to selectively exclude some subfolders would be useful but not essential, and the price is less important than reliability and safety.

If the above does not exist, is there any way that I can solidly change the location of my documents, images, etc. folders on Mac, so that they are inside any random folder that the synchronization service wants to use? This is trivial on Windows but on Mac I think symbolic links are the only option.

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