FB Posts showing the Profile Picture every time

I manage a FB page for my church. How can I stop the profile picture from appearing with every single post I make? It’s redundant and unnecessary.

Try to find and safe my Thunderbird profile folder after Windows 10 crashed with the help of Ubuntu desktop testversion usb stick

After a Windows 10 total system crash (while “Thunderbird” was open) I now try to safe with Ubuntu (usb stick test version) all personal data such as my Thunderbird profile … before I have to reinstall Windows 10 again. I didn’t create any backup of my Thunderbird profile.
Is there any chance to get access to my profile folder to safe it with the testversion of Ubuntu on the same computer while Thunderbird seems to be open in the background and where I can find the profile folder on the Ubuntu desktop?
I know the profile location under Windows C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingThunderbirdProfiles ….but under Ubuntu searching for Users, AppData, Roaming, Thunderbird…..no results and I don’t know why.
Thanks for any help !

Profile Tab Manager | Nulled Scripts Download

This add-on will let you create how much tabs you want and show them in the user’s profile page.

To create a new tab:

Go to Applications->Profile Tab Manager->Create New Tab.

When creating a new tab, you dont need to worry about the template. If you dont get anything in mind, just leave blank. The default template is loaded.
So, after created a new tab, go to any profile page (which has the…

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windows server 2019 – Exclude directories from roaming profile for terminal services

I have a question regarding exclusions from roaming Terminal Services profiles.

The following GPO manages exclusions from roaming the ordinary profile:`

User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemUser ProfilesExclude directories in roaming profile

But it does not apply for the Terminal Services Profile, unfortunately.

Is there another GPO for managing the same type of exclusions, but for Terminal Services?

If not, are there other ways to achieve the same effect?

We only recently learned about User Profile Disks, which could perhaps solve the problem in another way, but we would then have to do extensive testing before converting.

Windows Server 2019.

Regards Niels Jespersen

Profile picture – best setting

Hi @Sven
Could you tell us the ideal dimensions and weight for the profile pictures?
Thank you.

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Get original text of Common Creteria protection profile

In translated from english profile combined from couple of profiles(i found that one is Protection Profile for Application Software v1.2 of NIAP) I have something like "TOE security functions must provide for the preliminary initialization of variables and data structures when allocating RAM."
Could anyone tell me where can i find original text of this? With evaluation if possible.

How to set a profile picture for the Google Groups Email Address in Google Workspace, so recipients can see the profile picture in their Gmail inbox

We are using Google Workspace together with Groups for Business as a shared email inbox. The given address info@example.com is also used as the email sender.

When users receive emails from info@example.com they only see the gray profile image only of a human.
We want to have our corporate logo to be visible and a looking for ways on how to set it.

What we tried:

  • BIMI: Is currently in closed beta, and need certs that one have to buy.
  • Creating a personal Gmail account with info@example.com as the address is not possible. Gmail complains that the email is already in use.
  • Gravatar Icon does exist but is not picked up by Gmail.

Are there any other options?

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