gm. General Mathematics: stack exchange dedicated to research problems, approaches and suggested updates.

The idea is to have a database of open research problems where the answers are updates or suggested approaches. A research problem per publication.

I think this should be a separate site from MO because many of these publications will not be responsible in the short term. Otherwise, if we start adding these messages to MO (for example, under the label "open problems"), the usual MO messages that can be answered in the short term will quickly cluster.


  1. It will be a great place to not only share research problems, but also our ideas to attack these problems. This is the main function of the conferences, so it would be great to have an online forum that serves this same purpose, especially for the first researchers who can not attend all the different conferences.
  2. By having the wiki structure, users can create updates in the original publication.
  3. Currently, to find research problems, one has to delve into the documents or send an email to the authors to get suggestions. But a powerful forum like the stack exchange can serve as a large database for researchers to look for problems to work on.
  4. An alternative is simply to continue adding content in the Wikipedia article about open problems. However, the site will fill quickly as subproblems are added.
  5. Conversely, MO publications on the "open problems" label will distract the questions from the database. For example, there will be no questions of the form "Open problems in random graphics" or "Dissertations that solved an open problem". I believe that each publication must be dedicated to a single open problem.

We will greatly appreciate any comments. If you are interested, follow the proposal to help you through phase one: the link is
Open research problems in mathematics.

We only need that 5 users follow it so that phase one passes.

Analysis of fa. Functionality – Family of own value problems in the disk drive

Leave $ varepsilon en[0,1]$, and consider the problem of self-worth:
$$ begin {cases} Delta varphi (x) + g ( varepsilon cdot x) cdot varphi (x) = lambda varphi (x), x in B_1 (0) \
Varphi (x) = 0, x in B_1 partial (0), end {cases} $$

where $ B_1 (0) subset mathbb {C} $ is the disk drive, $ Delta $ Denotes the Laplacian (positive) of $ Mathbb {C} , tilde {=} , mathbb {R} ^ 2 $Y $ g: B_1 (0) rightarrow mathbb {R} $ It is a nice and smooth function with $ g (0) = 0 $, e.g. $ G (z) = 1 – vert (1-z ^ n) ^ {2 / n} vert ^ 2 $ for some $ n en mathbb {N} $.

I would like to know how the lowest eigenvalue $ $ Lambda_1 depend on $ Varepsilon $ Y $ g (z) $. What is the best way to approach the problem? by $ varepsilon = 0 $We have the classical eigenvalue problem for the Laplacian with the Dirichlet boundary conditions in the unit disk. So one can solve the problem explicitly by means of the Bessel functions. But for $ varepsilon> 0 $ Explicit solution is no longer possible. Unfortunately, until now nothing has worked and I do not know what to do.

I would appreciate your help and suggestions! Best wishes

Problems with site speed detected with GMetrix (Variant: accept coding header)

Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I just did a GMetrix test for one of my pages and got a 60% score.

I have an F in this: Enter a Vary header: Accept-Encoding

The solution I found was to add this in .htaccess:

Header Attach Vary: Accept-Encoding

When I try to run the test again, GMetrix tells me exactly the same thing, that I'm missing the Vary header. But the header is there, I can see it in my browser and I also ran a curl check that shows me this:

Cache control: max-age = 2592000
Expires on Tuesday June 18, 2019 13:33:19 GMT
Vary: Accept-Encode
Content encoding: gzip

What am I missing? I am not sure if it is allowed to put the link of my website here.

any help is appreciated,

SharePoint quick start editing links have problems on some pages

On some pages, quick start editing does not work. I can not change the item's position, nor can I delete the existing links.

All the links have an x ​​next to it.

enter the description of the image here

-intended to set the master page to the default, it is still the same problem.

– created a new blank page without jQuery, still has the problem.

Android Studio Problems Can not Execute Project (Ide Error Ocurred)

I do not know why Andorid studio since yesterday is not letting me execute my projects, I load them well but when I give RUN it shows me a message Ide Error Ocurred
Now try giving it Clean Project and Rebuild Project and I still can not solve the error.
when opening the error shows me this
Error capture

Problems posting on my business page in the Facebook application for Iphone

Hello, I have several business pages linked to my personal account. One of my business pages recently began to act and now I can only make a publication on the page from my personal account, that is, the publication is shown of me, not the business. I only have this problem with one of my business pages. It does not allow me to change accounts when I try to click on the profile picture. I have tried to change the attribution of the publication in the configuration, but nothing happens. It's just affecting my business page in …

Problems posting on my business page in the Facebook application for Iphone

How do I confront my parents, with anger problems, about the possibility of sending money to someone they have never met?


Can I get into legal problems?

You offered reimbursement. He did not claim it.

You do not have to give reimbursement.

You did not knowingly sell a defective product and it is a requirement of buyers to try before buying.
The fact that he would not accept the reimbursement when offered would give him little for legal action in the future.


Power button and volume problems. (Dragon Touch)

I have a Dragon Touch table and, for some reason, the power and volume buttons do not work properly. When it is on the button it is useless and it does not work completely. when it's off, the button sometimes works, especially when I'm holding all the buttons. (Volume and power buttons). I know it's loaded because when I plug it in, it shows, for example, that it's charging at 38%. then it goes off again.

When I looked at other sites they did not help much. I had other problems, but none related to my question in bold.

So, if you know what is wrong and / or how to fix it, please help.
(The volume is fine, but the buttons fail.)

(Also as a side note, all of the centimeters on the bottom of my screen do not work.) I have an application that shows your touches and the touches are being recorded at the end of the fault area closest to where I touched it. This is not part of the main question, but I would like to know if this can also be solved.)

dnd 5e: What problems can arise if the Persistent Injury rule still applies to creatures that die outright?

No problems arise, and the importance of high level magical healing increases.

A clarification on "how the triggers of the optional rule normally work" is followed by "how the addition of your fourth trigger would affect the resurrection."

The optional rule has three triggers:

  1. When it takes a critical hit
  2. When it falls to 0 hit points but it does not kill outright.
  3. When a salvation throw fails for 5 or more.

Instant death (PHB 197):

Massive damage can kill you instantly. When the damage reduces you to 0
Hit points and damage, you die if the rest.
the damage is equal to or exceeds the maximum of your hit point.

In this case, do not make a death saving throw, and therefore you can not fail your death throw for 5 or more, do not throw on the table. Your hit points are set to 0, and they kill you immediately, therefore, trigger two does not apply, it is not thrown on the table. Your instant death is possibly caused by a critical hit, if this is due to a critical hit, then roll on the table.

If it includes a fourth trigger that also enables a persistent injury to:

  1. When he dies

Then the persistent injury may persist after you throw Near death:

This spell also neutralizes any poison and cures non-magical diseases.
That affected the creature the moment he died. This spell does not do it,
however, eliminate magical diseases, curses or similar effects; if these
they are not removed first before casting the spell, they take effect when
The creature comes back to life. The spell can not return an undead.
creature to life. This spell closes all mortal wounds, but it does not.
restore missing body parts. If the creature is missing body parts or
Integral organs for your survival: your head, for example, the spell.
it automatically fails

All mortal wounds are closed. Near death It is magical healing (PHB 197), so it will eliminate the effects of cleaning, internal injuries, broken ribs and suppurating wounds. If it is cast at level 6 or higher, it will also eliminate the effects of Horrible Scar and Minor Scar. No part of the body is restored in any way.

So, if you are resurrected by magical healing, then you will eliminate the effects of Lameness, Internal Injury, Broken Ribs and suppurating Wounds. If the resurrection method is a level 6 or higher spell, then it will also eliminate the effects of Horrible Scar and Minor Scar.

Resurrection It will also restore the missing body parts. True resurrection It will replace any damaged or missing body parts.

Spells like Animate dead They are not magic cures. They are creation-type effects, and therefore will not eliminate any of the effects of Persistent Injury.

The fourth activator will make some of the conditions more impactful for the characters that die, as it will create options that introduce the potential for long-term injuries with this optional rule that seems to be in line with the intended design. The importance of high-level magical healing increases.