algorithms: options to address the problem of stable marriage with unequally sized item sets / preferences

I'm looking for an algorithm / code that provides a stable match for two sets of unequally sized items (clubs and students) with an uneven set of preferences. There is a large group of students looking to join a club, and a relatively small group of clubs for those students to join. Each student ranks only the clubs they want to join in order of preference. In other words, each student will not be required to rank each available club. At the same time, each club has a maximum number of students that can accept and this number differs in each club. Therefore, both groups for the algorithm are unevenly sized, and each item within those groups (i.e. each club and student) could have a different number of preferences.

I have examined the Gale-Shapley algorithm and match without envy, but have not come across any code that provides stable match when there is so much variation in items / preferences. Does anyone know of any code that can accomplish this (preferably something like Python or Java)?

number theory: where is the problem in my Code below?

I tried to build a table of the remaining quotient of the Mersann prime exponent over 4, I got wrong table results so I just want the rest as a value, no paire, this is my code


So where is the problem in my code? I want to get just for example a table with a value like 1 or 4 like that?

enter the image description here

Cleaning: What is the problem causing this ring-shaped artifact in my image even though I have cleaned my lens?

Based on its shape and brightness profile (glossy edge, center of attenuation) and the fact that it is in the same location in various frames, I think this is a dust of dust on the sensor.

If your camera has a removable lens, and you can lock the mirror (assuming you have one), you can probably use an air bulb (I think they are a negative blower, because I learned from the movie) to remove dust. Acknowledging, of course, the risk of it just moving it, or even allowing it to settle there.

If that doesn't solve the problem, sensor cleaning kits are available from the largest online photography stores. READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and also consult the manufacturer of your camera (or at least the instructions) to avoid possible damage to the sensor. The same rule applies to cleaning lenses: NO. Yes absolutely should, do it as gently and carefully as possible. A damaged sensor is a destroyed camera body …

linear algebra: inverse problem with the attached method.

I am trying to recreate a solution in this.

Given a wave function, I need to find the potential V (x).

Post image

From that file, it is mentioned that I need to connect the g and dg / dV in some optimization algorithm, eg nonlinear conjugate gradient.

enter the image description here

But, after checking what the nonlinear conjugate gradient does, solve Ax = B for x, which is psi in this case. Why would you want to solve psi? I already have psi. I'm sure I'm cheating here. I appreciate if someone can show me the way or point out my mistakes.

I am studying about the reverse design problem for photonic devices.
From published photonic works, I gathered 2 methods used in this photonic application, adjunct method and conjugate gradient. I have no prior knowledge of optimization (only linear algebra undergraduate), so if the title is not correct please let me know.

Guys, the following query doesn't return values. Could you help me by checking if there is any problem with the syntax?

$ value = ""

"SELECT * FROM cli_for WHERE cnpj as & # 39;% $ value% & # 39; or name as & # 39;% $ value% & # 39; or elegant as & # 39;% $ value% & # 39; "

For example, assign "gui" to the value variable, var_dump returned the following:

$ value = "gui";

"SELECT * FROM cli_for WHERE cnpj as & # 39;% gui% & # 39; or name as & # 39;% gui% & # 39; or fantasy as & # 39;% gui% & # 39;"

html5 – Problem with http request in AngularJS

Trying to make an asynchronous request to display a listing on screen with AngularJS, I run into the problem that the data is not displayed. What could it be? No error appears in console. This is what the list looks like:
enter the image description here


    AngularJS - http

  • {{post.title}}



angular.module("Practicando AngularJS", ())
    .controller("FirstController", function ($scope, $http) {
        $scope.posts = ();
            .then(function(data) {
                $scope.posts = data;
            //.error(function(err) {


SD card as internal storage problem

I have formatted my SD card (SanDisk 16gb) as internal storage, now the problem is: in the configuration it seems that it successfully formatted my SD card as internal storage, it shows the total capacity but in the file manager it only shows the original size of the Internal storage is not the size of my SD card.

I know that my English is not good because English is not my mother tongue, but I will do my best to communicate with you and give you the problem that I am experiencing right now.
File manager


pde – Solving the Cauchy problem for the wave equation using Neumann boundary conditions

I've been trying to solve this problem for a while, but I can't seem to figure out what to do with the Neumann Limit Condition. The problem is solving the following:

begin {equation *}
u_ {tt} -u_ {xx} = 0 \
u (x, 0) = 0 \
u_t (x, 0) = begin {cases}
pi cos ( pi (x-1)), y 1 <x <2 \
0 and more
end {cases}
end {equation *}

For the next
1) $$ x in (- infty, infty) $$
two) $$ x in (0, infty) text {y} u_x (0, t) = 0 $$
3) $$ x in (- infty, 3) text {y} u (3, t) = 0 $$

I know how to do 1, just apply D & # 39; Alemebert's formula. But I am lost by 2 and 3.

Python problem ON TIME USE IN FOR LOOP for python

I am working on Python encoding and I really need to make the progress bar go up and down. But, I think Python would be too fast if it didn't wait every time the for loop is executed. So, I implemented a suspend function and imported the time. Except it didn't work. Can anybody help me??

import time


for num in range(1,100):
    a += 1
    if a==100:
        a-= 1


ruby – how to fix problem when creating a rails project with mysql2 gem?

I have created a Ruby On Rails project but it won't let me start the server with the rails server command giving me the following error:

Could not find gem 'mysql2 (>= 0.4.4)' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile.

Run bundle install to install missing gems.

enter the image description here

Could someone tell me how to solve the problem …
I am new to programming and in Linux I am using Ubuntu