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I will install the SSL certificate, migrate http to https or solve the SSL problem

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I will install SSL, solved any problem related to the related SSL certificates and provided a lock.

SSL certificates supported:

  • Domain Validation (DV)
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  • Wildcard
  • Multi domain
  • Extended Validation (EV)
  • Let's encrypt

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What is this problem of alternate series?

with p> 0:

$$ sum_ {n = 2} ^ infty ln (1+ frac {(- 1) ^ n} {n ^ p}) $$

p value to absolute convergence, conditional convergence and divergence?

Custom data collector with regular expression problem


I am looking to use Scrapebox to remove all mentions of domain names in a list that barely reaches 4000 URLs of web pages.

Domain names are formatted on pages like this:


Domain names are plain text. They are not hyperlinks.

If it helps, they are also always in the middle



I already have my list of almost 4000 URLs that I want to scan.

I am using 5 private proxies that have been tested and saved.
I think they are being applied when using Custom Data Grabber, but honestly, I struggle with Scrapebox.

I created inbound and outbound rules for Scrapebox in Windows Firewall.
I can do other things using Scrapebox that work. How to get internal links in the domain from which I get the URLs.

I created a custom data capture module and below that a module mask:

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I tried several examples of regular expressions and found this:



Source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/41193739/5048548

I tried it using the tool at https://regex101.com/ and 3 sample URLs appear as matches (as far as I can tell):

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However, when I run my Module, all I get is this:

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The module data folder contains a csv for each time I run the Module, which contains two odd characters in the first cell:

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I ran several of the URLs through browseo.net and the domain names in those URLs are readable according to that tool.

Does anyone know where I am going wrong here?
Or is there a better way to remove domain name MENTIONS from a URL list?

Thanks in advance!

Problem of static resources with the update of grails 3 to 4

We have written a custom jar that implements a limited version of the OpenApi standard used by swagger. This jar uses an ASTTransformer implementation to generate the json file when the project is built, and add the resulting file to the build/resources/main/public project directory

We have this bottle added to our Grails 3 project with the following added to our application.yml

        pattern: '/*.json'

With this configuration, we can navigate to http://server/projectRoot/openapi_v2.json and the application returns the static file.

We are now migrating the project to Grails 4. Executing the project compilation, the json the file is still being generated in the same compilation directory, however, the url no longer returns the file.

I have tried to investigate to see if something has changed between Grails 3 and 4 in regards to the configuration of application.yml or if something additional is needed.

We find at https://docs.grails.org/latest/guide/upgrading.html a note on the possibility of adding sourceResources to the bootRun in the build.gradle, but that doesn't seem to have solved it.

So my question is, does anyone know what could be causing Grails 4 not to be properly assigned to the static public resource, where Grails 3 could?

linux – Problem with Apache and Cloudflare workers

I am running an Apache server with this configuration:

64 GB of RAM, 4×480 GB SSD, 12 dual cores at 2.1 GHz

Apache configuration

keepalivetimeout: 5
loglevel: warn
maxclients: 2000
serverlimit: 2000
maxkeepaliverequests: 100
maxrequestsperchild: 10000
maxspareservers: 20
minspareservers: 5
startservers: 5

The server continues to fail intermittently, but the server load will be low (less than 3).

I discovered that every time the server fails, there will be no workers available.

If I enable "under attack" in Cloudflare, workers are free.

This has been going on for several months, and I've been driving it like this. However, it is seriously affecting users.

I also don't think this is a DDoS, but I can't explain what is happening and how to solve it.

complexity theory: does an NP-difficult problem boil down to its complement?

First note that $ overline X $ it is $ operatorname {co mathcal {NP}} $hard since $ X $ it is $ mathcal {NP} $-hard (try to see why).
Since 3SAT is in $ mathcal {NP} $, any problem that can be reduced to 3SAT is also found in NP. So, the statement suggests that the $ operatorname {co mathcal {NP}} $hard language $ overline X $ is in $ mathcal {NP} $.

On the other hand, say that $ overline {X} $ is in $ mathcal {NP} $ It is equivalent to saying that $ X $ is in $ operatorname {co mathcal {NP}} $. So in total we have $ X in operatorname {co mathcal {NP}} $ Y $ overline X $ it is $ operatorname {co mathcal {NP}} $-hard. Then we get $ X leq_m ^ p overline X $ by the definition of hardness.

Edit. Here is some intuition of the fact that, yes $ X $ it is $ mathcal {NP} $– hard then $ overline {X} $ it is $ operatorname {co mathcal {NP}} $-hard.

Leave $ A $ be an arbitrary language in $ operatorname {co mathcal {NP}} $. We have to show that $ A leq_m ^ p overline {X} $. Leave $ B: = overline {A} $. Then $ B $ is in $ mathcal {NP} $ and therefore, $ B leq_m ^ p X $. This means that there is a function $ f $ computable in polynomial time, so that for an arbitrary word $ x $, $ x in B $ If and only if $ f (x) in X $.

Now we show that $ A leq_m ^ p overline {X} $. For a given word $ x $, we use the same reduction $ f $Since we have $ x in A $ If and only if $ x notin B $ If and only if $ f (x) notin overline {X} $ If and only if $ f (x) in X $.

Another note. Your intuition was correct, but in prayer

I think this means $ mathcal {NP} $-hard = $ mathcal {NP} $, and therefore $ X $ It will be reduced to its complement in this world.

You should probably have said $ mathcal {NP} $ = $ operatorname {co mathcal {NP}} $.

blockchain – IBD problem: reindexing blocks and synchronization starts every time I close and open Core

I am currently doing IBD in segments due to logistical reasons, but every time I turn off Core safely and disconnect my hard drive (HDD, 1TB) and then reconnect it and start Core, it starts in 2009 and re-decodes all the blocks on disk . I have finished all indexing at once and still had to do it again for some reason.

I am using v 0.19.01 on a Windows 10 computer.

Algorithms – Odd Even Problem

"A" represents all even natural numbers and "B" represents all odd natural numbers. For a given v integer, we can reduce it by A0 or (A0) +1 then B0 or ​​(B0) +1 and so on until the value of v is <= 0. Given that we choose (Ai) or (Ai) +1 and (Bi) (Bi) +1 optimally where i is the index, we want to know if the last reduced value is of the set A or B.

complexity theory: is the clique problem the polynomial time reducible to the problem of graphic homomorphism and, if so, what does the reduction look like?

Is the problem k-Clique?
polynomial time reducible to the problem of the graph-homomorphism (given two graphs, G and H, is there a homomorphism from G to H)

And if so, what would the reduction be like?

Since I am a little confused by the subject, is the following correct?

A polynomial time reduction from Clique to Graph-Homomorphism is a function that can be calculated in polynomial time and for which if you enter an instance of itself from clique, it returns an instance of itself from Graph-Homomorphism, the same for any instance.

PHP problem – Stack Overflow in Spanish

First of all, thank César Alejandro M for the help he gave me. But the problem continues. Can you guide me where else to keep looking? Thank you in advance.

Successful connection
Database found

Notice: Undefined index: password1 in D: xampp htdocs Workshop_PHP Session 5 registration.php on line 5

Notice: Undefined index: password2 in D: xampp htdocs Workshop_PHP Session 5 registration.php on line 5

Notice: Undefined index: rut in D: xampp htdocs Workshop_PHP Session 5 registration.php on line 6

Notice: Undefined index: name in D: xampp htdocs Workshop_PHP Session 5 registration.php on line 7

Notice: Undefined index: surname in D: xampp htdocs Workshop_PHP Session 5 registration.php on line 8

Notice: Undefined index: email in D: xampp htdocs Workshop_PHP Session 5 registration.php on line 9

Notice: Undefined index: password2 in D: xampp htdocs Workshop_PHP Session 5 registration.php on line 10
Could not create record

The error is that it does not find the data in $ _POST. Where else can I keep looking? How can I see or where it stores the data $ _POST ???. From already infinite thanks, and sorry because in the previous question, I did not realize that the list had not come out.introducir el código aquí