javascript – problem validation form with js to send by post php

I have this form:

If the field is not complete Lastname 1 sends you the toastr well, but when it's complete it does not save it when I call php file. The file.php it works because I've tried it with other things, but now that I've validated it with js no longer llo saves when the field surname_1 is filled.

optimization: Is the problem of the seller of Traveling with the algorithm of Dikstra the optimal solution?

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Magento2 product migration problem

I face a very strange problem in magento 2.2.7

I have migrated products from magento 1 to 2. When I try to save and duplicate on the product page, the process will become infinite and, at some point, an error table will appear.

How to fix please help thanks

Installation problem MySQL Server 8.0.16 in Win 32 bits

My question is the following. I'm trying to install MySQL server 8.0.16 on a 32-bit machine and I'm unable.
The mysql installer community indicates this: "Windows (x86, 64-bit), ZIP Archive 8.0.16" after hours of desperation I think I understand that it only means that it installs you on a 64-bit machine but in the Program Files folder (x86)

I do not know if someone can clarify this doubt or if you know any solution to install this version in x32

My tests have been:
 – Installation of virtual machine w7 x86
 – Installation in pc of w7 x86
 – Installation in virtual machine w10 x86
 – Use the zip package of MySQL Installer and run mysql.exe (which already indicates that it is not valid for the selected platform)

The evidence is clear but I would like someone to confirm me.
Greetings and thank you,

angular7: problem of Angular 7 with the listening event in the main component

I am new at angular and I have problems receiving events on the main component. I know that this problem has been discussed above, but somehow none of the tips or tutorials I have read could help me understand what I am doing wrong …

In my childhood component, I do something like this:

import {Component, EventEmitter, OnInit, Output} from & # 39; @ angular / core & # 39;

selector: & # 39; app-test & # 39 ;,
templateUrl: & # 39; ./ test.component.html & # 39 ;,
styleUrls: ['./test.component.css'],
template: ` `
The TestComponent export class implements OnInit {

@Output () onTestEvent = new EventEmitter()
public text: string = "blah";

builder () {}

ngOnInit () {

nameChanged () {
console.log (& # 39; Sending test event! & # 39;);
this.onTestEvent.emit (this.text)

In my main component html file I do something like this:

    (onTestEvent) = "handleTestEvent ($ event)"

In my main component file ts I do something like this:

        handleTestEvent (text: string) {
console.log (& # 39; handling test event .... & # 39;);

I can see that the nameChanged function is called when I press the button, but I do not receive the event in the main component for some reason that surpasses me …

SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 line graph problem

I'm having trouble making a simple line chart in SAS Visual Analytics version 8.2. I just want to plot the aggregate average value of the observations on the y-axis versus the observation times (day number) on the x-axis.

Otherwise, the line chart works well, but SAS VA wants to locate my x-axis labels evenly, although my values ​​of x are observation times spaced unevenly. I could not find the option to change the x axis to the continuous type axis instead of the categorical one.

I also tried the graph of numerical series and changed the data type of the variable x to a measure. This also did not work: now, in some way, the values ​​of my y-axis are not added as in the line graph, but rather every time the x-axis shows a group of observations on the y-axis.

How can I make a line graph with the average value of the observations at a time on a continuous x-axis?

Thank you!

Problem with Multidimensional Array in Python

Basically my algorithm imports all the photos I have inside a directory (dataset_train), saving these photos in vector X and the name of the folder in which it was in vector Y.

import cv2
import numpy the np

x = []
y = []

is root, dirs, files in os.walk ("dataset_train"):
path = root.split (os.sep)
for files in files:
image_name = root + & # 39; / & # 39; + file
image = cv2.imread (image_name, 0)
x.append (image)
y.append (path[1])

print (& # 39; read training images: & # 39 ;, len (x))

(x_train, y_train) = (np.asarray (x), y)

printing (x_train.shape)
printing (x_train[0].shape)


Images for the read training: 11957


(250, 250)

I'm using the MNIST CNN algorithm as a basis, in which it has 60000 images, 28×28 pixels. In this algorithm when I use so () in the training vector he returns (60000, 28, 28). But when I do it in me he comes back only (11957)I need you to come back (11957, 250, 250). My dataset are 250×250 pixel photos.

Can someone help me with that, please? I'm a newbie in Python 🙁

Problem with mod_deflate – compressing the executable file

When trying to download the file with the .EXE extension on the site, the files come as .GZ Ambient
Centos 7 64
Apache 2.4.6

However, by changing the file in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, I tried using each of these methods below (I did not restart Apache and removed the browser cache on every attempt):

one: SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI .exe $ no-gzip dont-vary

two: SetEnv no-gzip 1

3: SetEnv mod_deflate disabled

4: SetEnv no-gzip disabled

5: In the file /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/00-base.conf I commented: LoadModule deflate_module modules /

6: I tried to delete the file, but it did not work. /usr/lib64/httpd/modules/

All help is welcome.
I have researched a lot, I relied on several tests with similar solutions, but to no avail.
I do not know what to try anymore.

Own value problem – Mathematica Stack Exchange

my question is about solving a problem of own value of the Helmholtz equation using the sync approach [Del]^ 2E + V (x) = [Lambda] E and V (x) = X ^ 2/2

I have a problem calculating the eigenvalues ​​of this system because the eigenvalues ​​if you know that this system is [Lambda]= {1/2, 3/2, 5/2}

My code is:

Nn = 8
h = [Pi]/ Sqrt[2 Nn]
   h1 = h

exactdelta2 = h1 ^ 2 D[S1[[Phi]one[x], j, h1], {[Phi]one[x], two}]ex5 = exactdelta2 /. x -> [Psi]one[x] /. [Phi]one[[[[[Psi]one[x_]]:> x /.
x -> k h1

ex6 = ex5 /. S1 -> Function[{xkh}Sinc[[{xkh}Sinc[[{xkh}Sinc[[{xkh}Sinc[[Pi] (x - k h) / h]]nabla = Table[ex6, {k, -Nn, Nn}, {j, -Nn, Nn}] /.
Indeterminate:> Limit[ex6, k -> j] 

   vx[x_] = x ^ 2/2 /. x -> k h

vx1 = Table[vx[vx[vx[vx[x], {k, -Nn, Nn}]vxmat = DiagonalMatrix[vx1]

   A = nabla + vxmat // N

lamda = eigenvalues[A]

The main problem with MyBB | Promotion Forum

I like the MyBB software, but the problem is the login errors, when the theme is not compatible with the latest update. It's so irritating, that I move to phpBB for some of my free forum software projects.

Anyway, this is unfortunate, since I like MyBB the most in most cases.