display – MacBook Pro mid-2012 freezes or crashes when external monitor is plugged in

I have a MBP mid-2012 (pre-Retina) running Mojave or High Sierra. I use the latest version of SwitchResX to handle the external monitor rarer resolution of 1440×900, surely not too many pixels for the older Intel graphics chip. Video adapter is a Thunderbolt 1-to-VGA.

Previously, I used a DisplayLink USB3-based video adapter to light the second monitor (legacy from a slightly older MBP with a burnt Thunderbolt chip) with few issues, except the ginormous CPU consumption that made it impossible to use said adapter for anything else than text or short animations, the single reason why I want to revert to the Thunderbolt adapter. USB3 was never made for streaming video data, no matter how good the compression and algorithms.

Every time I try to connect the external monitor in Mojave, the OS freezes with a short delay. However, briefly before freezing, SwitchResX does acknowledge the external monitor presence, albeit at an extremely low resolution of 800×600.
If external monitor is plugged in before boot, boot doesn’t proceed.

Already tried:

  • Same maneuver in High Sierra triggers the same behavior.
  • Resetting PRAM then SMC has no effect.
  • Disabling SIP has no effect (Off the top of my memory, since I cannot
    access local recovery partition for Mojave)
  • Connecting as a different user on either OS triggers same behavior
  • Last time I checked, booting in safe mode on either OS allows the external monitor to turn on. Of course, running in safe mode just to get a working external display isn’t a viable solution.

Not tried:
Full OS reinstall. While it would be pretty radical, it is extremely time-consuming and may or may not yield results

What could be happening here?

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macbook pro – Error on launch “Too many corpses beeing created”

i’m trying to repair a mac that can’t fully load in when loggin-in. I booted in Single User to see what was the problem and it got stuck after that :


vm_map_delete: map 0x800000000…0x800010000 nothing at 0x800000000


Process(130) Crashed: opendirectoryd. too many corpses beeing created.

Process(131) Crashed: opendirectoryd. too many corpses beeing created.

(and so on…)

I was wondering how to go past that error / fix it to be able to log-in

apache http server – Break MAMP Pro host/db association

I have started developing using Valet and must use port 80 for that. This collides with MAMP Pro’s Apache on port 80, so when I need Valet running I change the port for MAMP’s apache to port 81. I could simply shut down MAMP all together I suppose, but I still need MySQL running. This isn’t a big deal though – I usually work for a full week on Valet at a time which means very little hassle.

However it creates another big hassle; Each time I change the port, MAMP goes through each database and changes the port (somewhere, not sure…), specifically on the WordPress installs that exist. This is annoying because it’s not a persistent change, and it takes a long time to do. Also completely useless since all WP sites I work on, have their url’s set statically in wp-config.php.

I believe MAMP does this because I have had the hosts tethered to one or more databases. I have now unchecked all databases on all hosts, but this behaviour still persists.

Does anyone know how I stop this behaviour?

macbook pro – How do I delete the Benji Partition so that I can use all 1T for the Time Machine?

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macbook pro – Is there a way to change colour of active tab in finder?

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Is it possible to find precisely the history of WiFis connected on my MacBook Pro 2017 with the times?

Is it possible to find precisely the history of WiFis connected on my MacBook Pro 2017 with the times? – Ask Different

Root Xiaomi Qin F2 Pro Touch for Android 11

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membership – Restrict discount usage on all products in paidmembership pro plugin for wordpress

I am trying to build an E-commerce website with memberships using WordPress. If anyone purchases the membership, they get 15% off on products 8 times a month.

I’m using the paidmembership pro plugin to achieve that. But my problem is that this plugin allows me to have a discount on all products when I have the membership but it doesn’t restrict how many times to apply the discount during the membership.

They have a code snippet for that on their website but I don’t wanna pay 250$ just for that snippet.

Is there any solution or any turnaround to make it work this way? any advice or suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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