macbook pro: does a deleted version of Catalina use storage that generates a "low volume storage message"?

Early 2015 Macbook air with a 4GB hard drive
I installed Catalina, I realized that all my 32-bit applications would not run, so I turned to my previous operating system (Mojave 10.14.6) of the time machine.
Now I receive notifications that my disk is full and memory is running out. I have 2.83 GB available depending
Is there a Catalina pendant lurking in my machine?

Comparison – Decide whether to use a Pentax K-r DLSR -v- i Phone 11 Pro?

I have a Pentax K-r DSLR camera: technical specifications here, this camera is approximately 9 years old.

I also have an iPhone 11 Pro: technical specifications here

Both have sensors of around 12mp, which sensor is better? And which camera would finally produce a better image?

hardware – Shutdown and ASD errors at the end of 2013 15 "Retina Macbook Pro

My retina MBP from the end of 2013 is closing randomly. You get a blank screen, and the keyboard lights for about 10 seconds, and then turns off. There is no panic in the core, and nothing in the logs shows a shutdown. It reboots well and generally works for several hours before rebooting again.

When I run the AST OS tests, I get the following errors:
(01/16/20 17:24:31) AirPort (test # 9) – Test of hardware registration of the PCIe root port of the wireless module
– Verify that the error bits of the PCIe root port for the wireless module do not register NAK
(17:24:32) ERROR – -12100 (IOConnect read error from PCI address space) – FAILED TEST
(01/16/20 17:24:32) SATA – 0: PCI SATA Registration Test (Test # 1) – SATA PCI Registration Test
– Check the SATA link error logs for discarded data packets using PCI shortcut.
(17:24:32) ERROR – -12105 (PCI controller IOS service opening error) – FAILED TEST

I tried several things, but nothing worked:

  • new thermal paste applied
  • replaced the main board cable to the I / O board
  • relocated video
  • put in another SSD drive that is known to work
  • unit cleaned and Catalina reinstalled (not restored)
  • reset SMC and nvram

The machine has dual graphics, but disabling discrete graphics does not help.

Any ideas on what I can try next and what do the AST test messages mean?

macbook pro: secondary click does not close

For a few days now, my secondary click has been activated in my macbook pro in mid-2012 (High Sierra) at random. Probably every five seconds or so. It is infuriating. I did a PRAM reboot and completely deactivated my secondary click in the system preferences. There is no luck yet. I can't find any similar scenario online, but I think it's unlikely, so maybe I'm just using the wrong search terms? Any ideas / suggestions greatly appreciated.

Macbook Pro installation

After requesting the installation of ubuntu on my macbook pro 2011, the size 0xB00000000000000e could not be obtained, just as MODSIGN could not obtain the uefi db list … what should I do?

When is the Pro Display XDR nano-textured glass better than the standard?

I have seen the bright version and nano-texture of Apple Pro Display XDR in real life, and the image quality of both is impressive.

I realized that while the bright version reflected the bright lights of the Apple store, you could barely see the brightness in the nano texture version of the screen. However, the text shown in the nano-texture version was perhaps a little less sharp and the colors were not as vivid as in the standard glass version (yes I saw myself Really close, however, what I would not do under normal circumstances).

So I wonder, except for the obvious case in which one works in an environment where there are many bright lights, are there other contexts in which the nano texture is more suitable than standard glass? That is to say. video editing, work with text, photography, etc.

Or is it simply a matter of personal preference and if someone likes to see their reflection on the screen or not?

In your answers, suppose that while I have a lot of experience in using Apple screens to work with text / code, I only have a beginner's knowledge of video and photo editing, so any observation you share is valuable.

Why does the cursor on my Macbook Pro 10.13.6 not respond when I click?

The cursor on my MacBook Pro does not respond when clicked. The cursor appears on the screen and I can double click, so I think it's a software problem. When I try to restart, it works for a minute but then stops working.

iMac pro, camera not detected, microphone does not work. Resetting nvram does not solve it. Help?

The camera is not shown in the system report -> Camera … just below USB:
enter the description of the image here

GSA Ser links do not go to Seo Indexer and Redirect Pro

The latest update is not sending links from GSA Ser to Seo indexer or Redirect Pro. In addition, the API for Wicked Article Creator does not work, you must apply the code you provide several times to complete the entries in GSA Ser.

Thank you

Sleep wake: SSH remote access to the MacBook Pro at rest only works when the application is running & # 39; Find my Mac & # 39 ;. Can I make this persist?

As expected, I cannot enter SSH to my MacBook when I left it with the cover closed / inactive, but if I use my iPhone to access & # 39; Find my Mac & # 39 ;, the MacBook is activated and then I can enter SSH.

However, when my iPhone falls asleep / I leave & # 39; Find my Mac & # 39 ;, the SSH connection hangs.

Is it possible to use & # 39; Find my Mac & # 39; to activate my MacBook for SSH and then this connection persists after closing & # 39; Find my Mac & # 39 ;?