mojave – Different hibernate modes on MacBook Pro?

Sorry if this question will appear to be stupid.
Is it possible to set one hibernate mode (for example 3) when macbook is on power adapter and another hibernate mode (25) when it’s on battery. Is it absolutely nonsense or…? hehe
Thanks in advance

macos – Macbook Pro 2020 doesn’t recognize second monitor while using usbc

I want my MacBook pro-2020 to be closed and have one screen as the main screen(desktop) and the other screen as an extended one. I have 2 new monitors of dell, UltraSharp U2419HC, and UltraSharp U2419H(non-usb c output).
I have connected one screen to my MacBook using type c to type c cable(from screen to MacBook) and another display port cable from one screen to another one.
it looks like either my mac detects only one screen, or either I can’t get an extended view over the 2 dell screens.
Currently, the 2 dell screens display the same thing, my desktop.
When I open my MacBook screen, it detects it’s own screen and the dell screen that is attached with the USB c on extended mode but doesn’t detect the second dell monitor.

When I get into the System Pref -> Displays I can only see the dell monitor that is connected with USB c.

I have also tried to connect the USB c to a dell laptop and it did work, so I assume it’s not a connectivity issue, and furthermore when I’m connecting the second dell screen using HDMI cable type c to my MacBook (overall 2 dell monitors connected directly to my MacBook) it works.

App Windows – XYFT Pro 10.4 | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 5.8 MB

XY Family Tree is a fully featured family tree maker to record your ancestry.​

It allows unlimited numbers of spouses, children and associations. It takes a biological view of family structure and parentage while still allowing freedom to make changes if you need to show other arrangements. It has some unique features not found in other family tree programs.
You might find your family history using online ancestry resources but you can keep your research private by using XY Family Tree on your PC.

XY Family Tree can display all the types of media that your PC can handle. Photographs, videos, sound clips and links to web resources make it easy to show your family tree genealogy and bring your family history to life.

Original genealogy sources are never found on a PC but a copy may be held on a PC and an index of the original sources can be recorded in XY Family Tree. Serious researchers will always need to verify an original source and can then use the same index and citations. XY Family Tree uses the knowledge of sources to illustrate your family by:

linking people and sources

linking people to people via sources

linking sources to sources via people.

You can research multiple families, each with their own folder, effectively placing no limit on the amount of information you can hold. You can search across all these family folders for common names and places or simply just words.

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version



App Windows – Calculator – Simple & Stylish Pro v2.1.3 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Calculator – Simple & Stylish Pro v2.1.3 | Android | 9.4 Mb
Is a simple calculator. It has support for big numbers(up to 12 digits). Calculator can add, subtract, multiply, divide, calculate percentage. Calculator supports the following calculation formula.

A simple, stylish calculator. Supports percent calculation, constant calculation, repeat and exponential, and interest calculation. Features memory functionality and the ability to display and save formulas.
All calculation results are saved, and past formulas can be viewed at any time. Anything entered is saved when the app quits, so the app resumes where you left off. The widget can be used to perform the app functions on the home screen. Percent calculations make calculating sales tax easy.
Calculation results:
* 1+2?3=9
* 1+2?3=7
* Can be changed through Settings.
Percent calculation:
* 500?5%25
* 500?5%10000
* 500-5%475
* 500+5%525
Constant calculation:
* Constant calculations follow the Casio-style.
* After inputting the desired number, tap the desired operator twice to set it as the constant.
* Ex) When you want to constantly add 100
* 100++
* 1000=1100
* 2000=2100
Exponential calculation:
* 5??=25
* =125
* =625
Compound interest calculation:
* Ex) When calculating the yearly maturity on 0.5% (after tax) of $10,000 deposited yearly.
* 1.005??
* 10000=10050
* =10100.25
* =10150.751
This calculator does not support function operations. Uses Sharp-style calculation formulas. Some use Casio-style. Calculator is free, however ads can be disabled by purchasing the Hide Ads Plugin.
Main functions:
* Floating widget
* Usable from the home widget
* Saves entries even when closed mid-calculation
* Press and hold the result to copy to clipboard
* Input up to 12 digits
* Usable portrait or landscape
* Tap the DEL key to delete 1 character
* Hold the DEL key to clear the entry
* Tap the C/CE key to clear the entry
* Hold the C/CE to clear everything
* Designed for tablets
* Displays history
* Saves history
* Customizable themes
* Customizable fonts
* Customizable layouts
* Customizable display
* Set the rounding of decimals
* Set the rounding place of decimals
* Vibrates when the widget is tapped
* Constant calculation
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Home Page –

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keyboard – Finicky external monitor with hobbled 2013 MacBook Pro

Hi so I have an early 2013 retina MacBook Pro that has very much seen better days. The lcd broke long ago due to a closing-the-laptop-with-something-still-inside accident; and because this was the very first MBP that required the retina screen, it was always too expensive to fix it. To get it to work I’ve been connecting it to an external monitor through the laptop’s HDMI port.

Recently though there was a water spillage accident that occurred, and now the internal keyboard doesn’t work properly (well more specifically, it seems to cause the power button to think it’s being pressed down constantly so the thing just boot loops infinitely).

Okay so no problem there, I just disconnected the internal keyboard ribbon like I had disconnected the internal monitor ribbon. I bought a wired USB keyboard and mouse to plug in and should be no problem.

And here is the thing: I am able to get it to work-sometimes—but for some reason now the external monitor thing is REAL finicky. Sometimes I will turn the thing on and plug everything in and I have to mess around for like ten minutes before the laptop finally gets the clue that I want it to use the external monitor that it’s plugged into.

Does anyone know why this would be so difficult? Often it requires me unplugging and plugging in the cable many times. I’ll try powering on and off a bunch of times. It always eventually works; but so far I haven’t identified any one particular thing that clues the computer in that, yaknow, “use the damn external monitor like you always do, please?”

Any thoughts would be helpful. It’s an early 2013 MBP with the internal keyboard ribbon and internal monitor connection severed. I use the hdmi port to hdmi input on the monitor, but I also have a thunderbolt2hdmi cable that Ill sometimes use through the MbP’s thunderbolt port to try and cycle through options when the hdmi2hdmi isn’t working.

App Windows – Glary Malware Hunter Pro Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 68.7 MB

Detects malicious files on your computer and erases dangerous content, allowing you to run on-demand scans of important system areas or specific files.​

As suggested by its name, Malware Hunter is designed to search and eliminate potentially dangerous files and components on your computer, keeping it free from viruses and other types of threats.
-Hyper scan makes you enjoy a faster scanning speed.

-Detect and remove stubborn malware, against potential danger.

-Malware Hunter is an award-winning product that provides comprehensive protection against all types of threats, secures your data, protects your privacy and ensures your PC remains virus-free.


App Windows – Sandscomputing SewWhat Pro Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Windows (x86/x64) | Languages: Multilingual | File size: 24.5 MB

SewWhat-Pro is software for viewing, editing and converting embroidery files arising from various different sewing manufacturers. It includes all the features available in the SewWhat! editor, plus various additional Integrated Project Management features (see the description of SewWhat-Pro features below). A plugin is available from myriaCross (see features list below) for converting Cross-Stitch files to embroidery files. Advanced Features in SewWhat-Pro.

Cutting toolbar allows graphic separation of patterns at specific stitches
Density adjustment dialog to resize a pattern at constant density
Graphical or text-based reordering of thread color stops is available
Capability to write Smart Media or Compact Flash cards for Singer, Brother, Janome, and new Bernina machines
Converts Cross Stitch patterns to embroidery files using a “plugin” from myriaCross (MC). You may download the DEMO, or purchase the MC plugin for SewWhat-Pro, here. Once the plugin is installed, it becomes seamlessly integrated into the SewWhat-Pro workspace and can be used to preview and convert a variety of different Cross-stitch formats. NOTE: If installing the plugin on a 64-bit computer, be sure to use the 64-bit version of SewWhat-Pro. After updating to Windows 8/8.1, if the plugin stops working, simply uninstall and reinstall to reactive it.

Supports a command-line interface for file conversion which has the form:
SewWhat-Pro.exe file1.ext1 file2.ext2 /c
(be sure to put file names or paths with blanks inside quotes)

Integrated Project Management Features of SewWhat-Pro
Includes an editable table for entering project information
Easily editable list of thread colors and manufacturer brands
Capability to read/write thread color “txt” files for single/multiple projects
Thread palettes from over 15 manufacturers are available
Customizable user-defined thread palettes can be easily added

System Requirements
All software products sold by S & S Computing are native Windows® applications. They will run on versions of the Windows OS (Operating System) including XP (SP3 must be installed), VISTA, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. To run our software on an Intel-based MAC computer, you must install either a free emulator (Boot Camp© or VirtualBox©) or a commercial emulator (Parallels© or VMWare Fusion©), together with a version of the Windows OS (from XP upwards will work). Then use the Windows download button on our product pages to install the software.

What’s New :
Add new “Ribbon” user interface, accessible from “View”/Ribbon Bar menu
Add new “Online Tutorial” help option (ribbon view only)
Add new language files (Russian, Slovenian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Swedish)


Download From Rapidgator

Download From Nitroflare

Is it possible to install Android Go Edition in Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro?

I have an old Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro from 2015.

enter image description here

This phone has Android 5.1.1 installed, 16MB capacity and even with a fresh install there’s only about 2GB left. I read Android Go is lighter and leaves more space available.

How to install this in this phone? any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

color – My practically brand new Macbook Pro 2020’s screen elements are suddenly PINK

I’ve tried powering off and on again. No love. Same with resetting PRAM.

It’s even worse with Night Shift on. I need Night Shift on while working on detailed color projects at night, to save my poor old eyes. The pink windows and elements are unacceptable. Anyone have any suggestions at all? Apparently, this is not a new issue.

Thanks in advance.

JixiPix PuzziPix Pro 1.0.13 (x64) Portable | NulledTeam UnderGround

JixiPix PuzziPix Pro 1.0.13 (x64) Portable | 97 MB

PuzziPix Pro combines photos with perfectly fitting puzzle components for great composition and storytelling. In Advertising, contexts and connotations can be in high demand for designers, so having puzzles, as a visual technique can be invaluable. PuzziPix Pro turns any photograph into an eye-catching jigsaw puzzle with creative control over the final outcome. Getting Started
Every photo placed in the app is automatically turned into a puzzle. Use Auto Generate to change puzzle styles, and the built-in Tools to Move, Size, Rotate and send pieces Front or Back.

Cutout Shapes
Use Auto Generate to get to the Library of included shapes or import your own using the custom button. Move and Resize Shapes then Apply to cut shapes out of the puzzle. Use the import Photo tool to change the photo on one puzzle piece or groups of them. This technique works great with Text and Logos.

Logo Cutouts and Custom Shapes
Use logos and custom shapes to create eye catching visual designs with puzzles. This video shows you how to Import Custom Artwork, Duplicate Layers and how to use Conform and Cutout to create a tree design with a logo cutout.