macbook pro – How can I listen to my iPhone’s audio output, using the headphones connected to my Mac?

I have an iPhone 7 Plus. It, like all other phones of its type, has no headphone jack, and I have no adapter. However, I also have a MacBook Pro (2014), running Sierra.

When I’m at home, is there some way I can have the iPhone send all its audio output to my computer, so that I can use my computer’s headphones as my iPhone’s headphones?

Note: I tried using Audio Midi Setup to treat my iPhone as an audio input. It didn’t work when playing games, which was the audio I really wanted to pipe in.

Touch ID doesn’t work on MacBook Pro 2019

I was going to take my laptop to repairs but accidentally discovered the offender is my LED desktop lamp. My laptop usually sits on a stand and there is a desktop lamp shining right on the keyboard from about ~50cm. If I turn the lamp on – Touch ID stops working, if I turn the lamp off – it does work flawlessly. It seems like bright LED light shining on my finger somehow interferes with Touch ID sensor. Go figure! 🤯

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macos – Macbook Pro 16 Failed to boot after Big Sur update now I’m unable to mount the disk even in recovery mode

On reboot it showed the cannot boot from hard drive ? screen.

I rebooted into recovery mode but it fails to mount the drive. I can see the drive there with the correct details. It says the following:

Could not mount "disk0s2" ( enter error -119930868.)
I googled the error but get lots of posts relating to external drives etc. Nothing in any posts I’ve come across has helped.

When i run FistAid on the drive it get the following:

Repairing Storage System
Performing fsck_apfs -y -x /dev/disk02s2
warning: nx_block_count is 488475719, while device block count
error: object (oid 0x1): o_cksum (0xbd26e8008dccb575) is invalid for object
Checking the container superblock.
Storage system exit code is 8.
Storage system verify or repair failed. :(-69716)

Operation failed.

If i do "disk util apfs list" in terminal i get the following:
Container ERROR -69808
APFS Container reference: disk1
Size (Capacity Ceiling): ERROR -69620
Capacity in use by volumes: ERROR -69620
Capacity not allocated: ERROR -69620
+-< Physical Store disk0s2
  APFS Physical Store Disk: disk0s2
  Size: 1894999998464 B (1.9 TB)

I need some photos and files off the drive so if anyone can help it would be very much appreicated!

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display – MacBook Pro becomes terribly Slow When Using The Secondary GPU

Whenever mac starts to use the secondary GPU (AMD Radeon), such as graphical tasks or when I use a secondary display, It becomes terribly slow.

I can say that it must be a GPU problem because if I disable GPU switching from Battery preferences, it starts to become slower.

This problem occurred after the day I run a high-graphics game (CS:GO). Can this damage the GPU?

Are there any solutions that I can try?

catalina – Big sur 11.2.2 very lagging on 2019 Macbook Pro

I have a late 2019 macbook pro (the base model). I’ve been running Catalina until yesterday when I upgraded to Big Sur 11.2.2. It’s noticeably laggy. Has anyone experienced this? I’m not sure if 11.2.1 was laggy, so I was considering downgrading. Does anyone know how I can downgrade to 11.2.1, and possibly back to Catalina?

macbook pro – Anger threw an AirPod at my Touch Bar and now my AUX isn’t working?

Thanks a lot in advance for anyone’s time and advice. Pretty sad here. I have a Macbook Pro 13-inch 2019. Today, after a very frustrating meeting I took my earbuds off in a frustrated manner and when I tossed one aside, it hit my Touch Bar and cracked it about half a centimeter on the left side near the thunderbolt ports. The touch bar immediately turned funky colours and went pixelated and now is mostly black except for the escape symbol (thank goodness) which is visible.

Now my AUX port isn’t working. Are they connected? How does a tiny crack on the left side of the Touch Bar near the thunderbolt ports made my AUX port (on the right side) stop working? If I take this to a repair shop, will replacing the AUX port and not the Touch Bar be doable and moderately simple or have I screwed myself? Kinda freaking out because I work online and need to use my headphones everyday.

I bought the laptop of the Apple refurbished site in July 2020. So I’m unsure where I stand with warranty and possible fixing. But I am in Colombia right now, where there is no Apple Store anyways 🙁

My friend suggested I get bluetooth headphones so I’ll probably do that immediately.

Looking for any suggestions or advice one might have. I remember a few years ago my AUX port on an iPhone 6 stopped working and someone recommended resetting something in settings and it actually worked?! Anyone heard of something similar working for Mac? I’d have no idea what to reset.

display – Apple Music quits unexpectedly on big sur macbook pro w/external Monitor

I have a 2019 Macbook Pro with Big Sur 11.2.1. I have an external monitor connected via mini DP. When I try to move the Apple Music window to the external monitor, Music “Quits Unexpectedly”. Can anyone offer some other suggested troublshooting steps?

The Apple Communities thread is

Apple had me try to use a newly created user account without success. They passed me on to third level support, but they failed to keep their appointment.

Here is some info from the Problem Report for Music window:

Crashed Thread: 0 Music main Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000

Termination Signal: Illegal instruction: 4
Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0x4
Terminating Process: exc handler (1399)

Application Specific Information:
dyld3 mode
Crashing on exception: The window has been marked as needing another Layout Window pass, but it has already had more Layout Window passes than there are views in the window.
<ITNSWindow: 0x7fc7a6e1ed20> 0x67e (1662) {{457, 1065}, {980, 400}} Music en

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