Device firmware: Oppo Reno 5g, PCH1919 printed body and seen as Find X PAFM00

I would like to kindly ask for your help regarding a strange problem with an Oppo smartphone.

1 week ago I bought a used Oppo Reno 5G smartphone for my son (11 years old) in an online marketplace here in the UK. He is more proactive than me with smartphones and he told me that the phone cannot be updated and that no reference application like Antutu or the 3D brand can be downloaded from Google Play. All other games or device information applications can be installed without any problem. The phone shows in the file manager 0 B unused space, but I can copy files, take photos and install games without any problem.

The phone was supposed to be an Oppo Reno 5G and looks identical to the Reno 10X. On the side of the body is written in lowercase letters "Model: CPH1919 Made in China" The imei reviewed online in a few places returns Oppo CPH1921.

Specifications as shown in all device information applications: Snapdragon 845, Andreno 640, 8GB ram, 256GB, 12Mp or 48Mp camera.

Model shown on PAFM00 phone. In the software update menu it is written "This is already the latest version ColorOS 6 PAFM00EE_11_A.01".

I have studied this problem in the last 2 days in my free time. Opb adb drivers installed and exchanged with adb android drivers. Here is the result.

With the phone off, when I press the volume down button and the power buttons, an image flashes for a quarter of a second with a flashing head icon with headphones and some Chinese text that I translated: "You have entered Fastboot Press and hold the power button for 6 ~ 10 seconds or reinstall the battery and exit. " While holding down these buttons, it will flash again and again every 3 seconds. If I release them, the phone restarts and the Oppo logo appears returning to normal.

Using ADB tools (different version, Studio), only "adb devices" returns the model number and "device" later. All other adb commands (adb reboot, usb, reboot-bootloader and adb reboot recovery, etc., I tried most of them) returned "error: closed", for "fast boot devices" nothing is shown , "quick start unlock" I get "waiting for the device".

I tried to install stock Rom. When using the Volume Up and Power on buttons with QPST, I sometimes get Qualcomm and sometimes "Q / QCP-XXX (Sahara Download)", because the phone restarts in some way just after releasing these buttons and losing the connection .
Any advice to update this device and have it correctly display the correct model will be amazing.

About phone, quick start, specifications

Specifications 2, Specifications 3, Benchmark

Print – Do I want to write a custom module that obtains the title of the node that is printed in a custom view?

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linux – Bluetoothctl – The manufacturer's data package shows that it is printed with accumulation

I am checking our BLE device with a bluetoothctl command.
The bluez / bluetoothctl version is 5.48 in ubuntu 18.04.

There is some problem in my position.
When ManufacturerData is received, bluetoothctl is downloaded well as follows:

[CHG] Device 00:18:9A:26:9F:1C ManufacturerData Key: 0xce7f
[CHG] Device 00:18:9A:26:9F:1C ManufacturerData Value:
  a0 96 3e 0b 9a a0 c5 e0 35 52 f7 90 7a 20 7e d7  ..>.....5R..z ~.
  9d 6a 78 77                                      .jxw            

But the new data received, dump a new package with the previous packages.
Dump too many packages after a few minutes.

[CHG] Device 00:18:9A:26:9F:1C ManufacturerData Key: 0xce7f
[CHG] Device 00:18:9A:26:9F:1C ManufacturerData Value:
  a0 96 3e 0b 9a a0 c5 e0 35 52 f7 90 7a 20 7e d7  ..>.....5R..z ~.
  9d 6a 78 77                                      .jxw            
[CHG] Device 00:18:9A:26:9F:1C ManufacturerData Key: 0xdc0f
[CHG] Device 00:18:9A:26:9F:1C ManufacturerData Value:
 37 7d 08 38 fd c4 62 2f 01 fb ba be d6 c6 78 ab  7}.8..b/......x.
 2b 78 44 57                                      +xDW           

When I captured with a tcpdump program, the package has only one.
Apply a duplicate data option with ON or OFF, but it was in vain.

Someone please send me a tip.

Electronic commerce: translation of the catalog of printed products (with 5000 products) into digital with a good user experience: how?

I am currently working in a large B2B company that operates in a very traditional market (orders are mainly made by phone, email and even fax).

For many years we are using a catalog of products (printing) with more than 5000 products in it, but since it costs a lot of money to print and send it to our customers, we slowly want to go digital.

The big question is: how can we translate this printed manual into a digital version?

There are many electronic PDF publishing tools, but that doesn't really work with a 500 page catalog.

There are some examples like IKEA (where you can browse online pages and download a pdf version):

What are the best practices here? What is the purpose of an online version? To read? To buy (should we link products to a web store)?

Another question: could a digital product catalog replace a printed version when customers are still ordering by phone / email?

Thank you very much in advance, waiting for your response.

The current URL is not printed in Laravel

I need to print the current URL. I am using the following code


But it is not working.

dnd 5e – Whose portrait is printed on the Golddhavian gold coin?


Ahghairon magically knocked aside everyone who tried to put his hands on him. In a raurlor fury
He hit the wizard with his own sword. Ahghairon rose in the air, barely out of reach, and, while the enraged Warlord repeatedly cut his ascending feet, he gestured. Raurlor's sword was transmuted into his hand, made of steel in a hissing snake, which bit him quickly. (p. 27)

Coins and commercial bars

Although only coins and commercial bars coined by the Lords of the Deep Waters technically they are considered legal tender in the City of Splendors, all forms of currency are welcome in this friendly city for merchants.

Waterdhavian minting coins include port moons (platinum and electro pieces), taols (brass pieces), soles (platinum pieces), dragons (gold pieces), fragments (pieces of silver) and tips (pieces of copper). (p. 17)

Coins have been used since ancient times for more than currency. They are a source of status and propaganda. They also represent cultures and timelines of a particular region.

It can be concluded that without a counterargument backed, these coins are from Ahghairon.

php: concentrates a complete array on a variable that is printed in DOMPDF

I read some posts from here, but nothing that gave me a north. I have a php that I printed in PDF, with two queries that query the database, one table has a foreign key from the other. That is, for a key I have several rows in another table.
I made two Querys because the SOFTWARE table also has a row called NAME and I can't change that name.

$query = mysqli_query($cx, "SELECT h.NAME, h.IPSRC, h.PATRIMONIO, h.PRIVILEGIO, n.MACADDR, r.NOME_RESPONSAVEL, r.MAT FROM hardware as h, softwares as s, networks as n, responsavel as r WHERE h.ID = s.HARDWARE_ID AND h.IPSRC = "{$ip}" AND h.ID = n.HARDWARE_ID AND r.ID = h.ID_RESP LIMIT 1");
            while($aux = mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)) {
            $mat = $aux("MAT");
            $nome_resp = $aux("NOME_RESPONSAVEL");
            $host =  $aux("NAME");
            $numpat =  $aux("PATRIMONIO");
            $privilegio = $aux("PRIVILEGIO");
            $mac = $aux("MACADDR");

$sql = mysqli_query($cx, "SELECT s.NAME FROM hardware as h, softwares as s WHERE h.ID = s.HARDWARE_ID AND h.IPSRC = "{$ip}" ORDER BY s.NAME");
            while($aux = mysqli_fetch_assoc($sql)) { 

                $soft = $aux("NAME");

        //referenciar o DomPDF com namespace
        use DompdfDompdf;

        // include autoloader

        //Criando a Instancia
        $dompdf = new DOMPDF();

        // Carrega seu HTML



Pelo presente documento, eu, Matrícula: '.$mat.', '.$nome_resp.', perante a EMPRESA, na qualidade de Prestador de serviço, responsabilizo-me pelo uso da Estação de trabalho '.$numpat.' com as seguintes configurações:

II – Programas:
a) Programas instalados: '.$soft.'

In the $ soft variable, I have a list of programs allowed by the company to use, but DOMPDF only lists the last programs in the list, so I thought of an array.

Give me a strength there guys!

pathfinder 1e: are GM obliged to deliver all possible treasures and spoils in an adventure, or can GM deny the printed spoils of PCs?

Ultimately, outside of organized game scenarios such as Pathfinder Society or (for D&D) Adventurer’s League, GM is not really obligated to do so. anything; You are welcome to run the game as you wish, and as a player, your only "real" right, that is, the only one you can protect and enforce, is the right not to play.

Is the treasure written in the adventure placed there with the expectation that the player characters will receive it? Yes. Will the way the adventure unfolds if GM changes it? Also if. Is there anything wrong with that? Well, there is something wrong with that if there is something wrong with that.

Up to a point, when a GM says "I'm running Giant slayer, ”You as a player reasonably have certain expectations about what that game will imply, based on the established premise of that adventure. If the DJ deviates too much from the written adventure, then you could end up with something quite different from what you expected, and if the differences are negative in your opinion, you could reasonably say that you think there is something wrong with how the game is going. .

I doubt you get a much of anyone's sympathy if you say "well, I read the adventure myself and I know that the meeting was supposed to drop this article and it didn't, and that ruins the experience for me." Most people would consider a minor change and not one to be terribly worried (since, in fact, they didn't seem to be, since they said nothing and kept playing).

On the other hand, "GM is so incredibly stingy with the elements that I feel we are struggling to survive barely, and I know that this adventure and is not supposed to be like that, is supposed to be more optimistic, epic fantasy adventure," is Probably something that more people will appreciate. If the changes that GM is making in the written adventure are turning it from a fun adventure full of heroism to a sad, sandy, hard work against an indifferent world, I think many people would understand that they are not happy with that, and feeling that the GM had thrown you a bait. (The opposite would also be true: a GM who delivers tons of loot in what is supposed to be a grim and challenging adventure and turning it into a child's play could result in the same kind of disappointment. It is not one against the other , is what he expected reasonably based on what he was told in advance that does not match what he is really experiencing in the game.)

But ultimately, other people's sympathy is also not really relevant: the only people that really matter are the people at the table. It only matters if the GM He sympathizes and understands his concerns and is willing to adjust his style to match his. If they do not care, or if they do but, as an apology, they will not change their own preferences, they will return to their only option: "Should I stay or should I leave?" Other players also matter a lot: if you're the only one who bothers you, the table probably won't redirect the campaign to match your preferences. If everyone bothers you, that could induce GM to change. Or it can make everyone realize collectively that what everyone wants from the game is too different to sit and enjoy the same game, which is a shame, but often "it is no better to play than to play badly."

Photoshop: is it possible to eliminate the lighting of the projectors printed on the staff members?

The best option for you is to clone from the other image.

And if done correctly, no one will know who edited the image.

Open the image in photoshop

enter the description of the image here

Then open the other image in Photoshop as a separate file

Select only the part of the image that needs to be cloned

enter the description of the image here

Drag that selection to the main image

enter the description of the image here

Cmd or Ctrl T to show the transformation options

Now, use the warp tool to align the images

enter the description of the image here

Then, create a mask and invert it and paint in white

enter the description of the image here

Repeat this process for everyone else: it should only take about 5 minutes per person.

Fortunately for you, all are available in good image.

As for people with reflections on their foreheads

Make a selection in the NOT highlighted area,

Then, using the Transform option, flip horizontally

enter the description of the image here

Align it to the side with the highlight

Create a mask and invert it.

Now brush the area with white

enter the description of the image here

I have left the projector light on, but if you want it removed, you must make larger selections and then use Blend-if to get a uniform tone

I hope this helps


I had a play and it was a bit more challenging than I expected at the beginning.

The guy with long hair had to be cloned completely without warp.

enter the description of the image here

pdf: the font is lost in the Microsoft Word mail merge when printed on paper (it looks good on the screen)

I have a mail merge in a Microsoft Word document (for macOS version 16.28) that extracts fields from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

When I print the combination in PDF, it looks good on the screen. When I print that PDF on paper, the font (Futura, PostScript Type1, version 001,000) is lost and, instead, the result is a generic sans-serif with confusing interleading.

Why is this and how can I avoid it? I tried to check both boxes to include fonts in Prefs / Save options, but that had no effect. Fonts print well from PDF if I delete the mail merge completely.