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adminform – Magento2: How can I format the price with two decimals in the admin ui form field?

To format the price, from a field in User Interface Form, it is necessary to extend the component Magento_Ui/js/form/element/abstract that has actions on the elements of a User Interface Form – in our case we overwrite the setInitialValue method of Magento_Ui/js/form/element/abstract in our component

To format the price, we will use another component in our Magento_Catalog/js/price-utils component that deals with the price format, with the formatPrice method.

The component for the price format is created in the module developed in view/adminhtml/web/js/format-price.js which contains the following code:

), function (Element, priceUtils) {
  'use strict';

  return Element.extend({
    defaults: {
      'defaultText': '',
    setInitialValue: function() {
      var self = this;

      return this;

    setFormatPrice: function(value) {
      var price = (value) ? priceUtils.formatPrice(value) : this.defaultText;
      this.initialValue = price;
      this.value._latestValue = price;

      return this;

In the file where he declared the field in the User Interface Form, you need to call your component VendorName_ModuleName/js/format-price and specify the method used to set the value in the field setInitialValue, look down:


See the result of the screenshot:

enter the description of the image here

Intresius is good, the pound is beautiful and the price of the US dollar increases by 500 points in two days. Trade negotiation has thrown gold in a row. – Discussions and help

Yingtuooli good pounds and the United States rose 500 points in two days and received 2 yin trade negotiations, the gold release continued to fall

Forex – US Dollar Index:

According to the Forex analysis, the US dollar was in a horizontal agreement at the beginning of trade on Friday. In the afternoon, the monthly CPI rate in Germany remained stable, which caused the euro to recede. Therefore, the US dollar broke the highest price of the day, and then the president of the Tusk European Council: he received the signature of the promise of the Irish Prime Minister. Letter, it is still possible to reach an agreement. The increase in sterling has prompted the euro to move up, and the dollar has sold sharply. The dollar has expanded after falling below the 60-day moving average. The economic data of the United States at night only caused a strong shock. After midnight. Fed officials spoke or the president of the United States. UU. He signed an order of sanctions for Turkey, but the market waited for the content of the trade tariff negotiations between China and the US. UU., So it did not drive the rise of the dollar and the market fell for two consecutive days.

From the MT4 daily level line chart, the shadow line of the Changyin candle crown broke the 60-day moving average, and the short-term moving average showed a downward trend. On Friday, the Changyin candle fell below the M neckline, and the short term reached the crash zone in September, while KD There is a gap in the indicator, and today it may be in shock. Over the weekend, Trump said the Chinese-American trade agreement reached the stage of negotiating tasks. In the first operations, the dollar moved up. There is no significant impact on economic data today. Before the Chinese official has no other statement, the short term will probably benefit the dollar's rebound, while the 60-day moving average is 98,135. Recent long-term indicators.

Forex – EUR / USD:

Forex analysis The euro against the US dollar ranged from 1,1000 in the first operations on Friday. In the afternoon, the monthly CPI rate in Germany remained stable. It caused a callback in Europe and the United States. Then, the president of the Tusk European Council received the signature letter from the Irish Prime Minister and reached an agreement. It is still possible that the pound rushes to boost the upward trend of the euro; The economic data of the United States at night made Europe and America adjust twice. After midnight, Fed and Trump officials signed sanctions against Turkey, but the market waited for Chinese-American trade tariff negotiations, so Europe and America Only in the trend of shock consolidation, the last three days increased to earn income

From the MT4 daily level line chart, the white shadow upper shadow line returns to the 30-day moving average support, once the 60-day moving average, short-term average or line has been blocked average was flat, and the short-term KD indicator overheated and closed. In September, the crash zone was oscillated, and the 5-day moving average was an important support for many parts. Today it can range between resistance and support. Over the weekend, Trump said the Chinese-American trade agreement reached the task negotiation stage. In the short term, the US dollar will cause a backward trend in Europe and the United States. If the Chinese government has no other announcements, the positive short-term rebound in the US dollar may cause a correction in Europe and the United States. There will be no further progress in the debate on European power: the increase in the price of 1,015 support in Europe and the United States will not be broken.

Forex – Gold:

The forex analysis gold ranged at the 1490 mark on Friday morning. In the afternoon, the decline in the US stock market. UU. It once led gold to break US $ 1,500. Then, EU Brexit officials will remain optimistic about Brexit rights, causing the upward trend of European and American stock markets, and allowing gold to buy safely. There was a massive sale in the market; the optimistic afternoon market on trade negotiations boosted the stock market, gold fell below recent support expectations 1490, the appearance of stop-loss sales caused gold to fall once below the mark of 1480, as the dollar continued to fall below the new low price, and the market Under waiting and sight of trade negotiations, gold hoped to buy back at the station to return to the 1480 mark, the final decline during 2 consecutive days.

From the MT4 daily level line chart, the 30-day moving average of a short sound candle in a spindle line was blocked, and the lowest fell below the 1480 mark. The moving average of 7 days rushed for 7 consecutive days. The short-term moving average showed a downward curve and fell below The 60-day moving average is an important support, and on behalf of the short term, there will be a large callback. Over the weekend, Trump said the Chinese-American trade agreement reached the stage of negotiating tasks, causing gold to recover in the first operations. Today, the Queen's public discourse hoped that the market does not have a dispute over Brexit. In the afternoon, if the European stock market reacts to trade tariff negotiations, it will have a great opportunity. As a result of the correction of gold, if gold cannot maintain the important support of US $ 1480, there may be more selling pressure.

Forex – GBP / USD

Forex analysis The pound against the US dollar was in a surprising trend of consolidation in the first operations of Friday. In the afternoon, the German CPI index remained stable and recovered after the euro fell and pushed the dollar. Once he made the pound sell and fall below the lowest price of the day. Then, the president of the Tusk European Council: He received a letter of signature from the Prime Minister of Ireland, which led to an increase of 280 points in the pound. At night, the economic data of the United States were positive, causing a rebound in the US dollar. However, speculative purchases pushed the next high to the 1.2700 mark, midnight. Afterwards, there was a mass sale for profit, and the last two days increased for two consecutive days.

MT4 of the daily level line chart, a shadow on the Changyang candle to return to the passage of the 5-day moving average, was affected by the good driving of Brexit, 240-day high moving average blocked, 2 Changyang candles for resolve head and shoulders formed in September The short-term moving average has shown an upward trend. Although it broke the resistance level of the mechanical form, the KD indicator in the short term has overheated and can cause a correction. Over the weekend, Trump said that the negotiation of the trade termination stage led to the rise of the US dollar, which also caused the pound to appear in the downward trend early in the morning. Today, the British Queen's public discourse is not expected to have many fierce speeches about Brexit, and the short-term rebound in the US dollar may still allow the pound has fallen, but it is necessary to pay attention to the correction of the US dollar against to the high resistance zone. Pound speculative funds will boost the upward trend in the short term, so the pound is likely to be in shock today.

Forex – USD / JPY:

Currency analysis USD / JPY spoke in Japan's economic industry on Friday. In the morning, USA UU. And Japan increased, and then the 108 yen adjustment was blocked. In the afternoon, there was a sales adjustment policy until EU officials were entitled to Brexit. There was an optimistic speech, which caused a sharp increase in European and American stock markets. The yen and the purchase of safe haven continued to sell, which led to the US. UU. And Japan to increase by 54 points. At night, the US economic data. UU. They helped the actions of the USA. UU. Upload again, and EE. UU. And Japan were speculating. The purchase price rose again by 27 points, followed by profitable sales, which caused the US. UU. And Japan will be in a shocking fall, and the end of the three consecutive days of revenue increase.

MT4 of the daily level line chart, a spindle line Changyang candle in the early morning only a small correction, for the Brexit good to break the highest price on September 19, the moving average short up or the average line It is flat, the two recent low points form a multi-party W However, it was blocked by the fall of the resistance zone on August 1 and the KD indicator overheated. Today, it may be within the range of resistance and support price. The United States and Japan reached a trade agreement the previous week, but before the Chinese-American trade negotiations, the entry of shelter funds into the yen once fell below the 60-day moving average, but Brexit and negotiations commercials released goodwill, but the stock market continued to bounce and prevented the yen. Insurance funds are selling, and the recent publication of economic data in Japan is mostly positive, and the US. UU. And Japan signed trade tariffs to benefit the yen. Therefore, the long-term funds will be optimistic that the yen will continue to increase, and the short-term shock between the US. UU. And Japan will end well, which will make the USA. UU. And Japan readjust.

Forex – Crude oil:

The Forex analysis was rejected by OPEC Energy on Friday to reduce the demand for crude, but the OPEC Secretary General will propose continuous production cuts to increase the $ 54 in the first operations, and then the resistance zone will return to the adjustment, until the afternoon of Brexit, which will boost the increase in European and US stocks, oil prices In speculative purchases, the price increased by 1 US dollar, and then the demand for crude oil in this year and the following year was reduced in the IEA, which caused the price of oil to fall again in the area of ​​price increases in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the US economic data. UU. They are positive and the stock market is going up, which once again causes the price of oil to fluctuate. After midnight, the number of crude oil drilling in the US UU. It increased by 2, and speculative buying raised the highest price of the day. Then it was locked at the $ 55 mark and the market closed for two consecutive days.

MT4 of the daily level line chart, a white candle spindle line in the early trade adjustment, by Brex or US stocks. UU. They rose, boosting the price of oil to close the band since October, the formation of the multi-party round in October, the 5-day moving average The short-term appearance of the gold holder in the upper corner is good for the upside, but there is a downward trend line and a resistance zone on September 30. The short term rushes to the resistance of 55 and 55.5 USD, and the great opportunity will adjust again. Over the weekend, Trump said that the negotiation of the trade termination stage, paying attention to the rise in European stock markets in the afternoon led to rising oil prices, but not in the area of ​​higher resistance prices, there may be sales in the pressure zone and it may be affected by US actions. UU. At night.

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post goal – Woocommerce – Get previous price

I am using the following function to get the price of a product:

get_post_meta( $item->get_product_id() , '_regular_price' , true );

Currently prices change frequently. Is it possible to get the previous price? I don't know if WordPress saves this historical information and if there is any way to obtain it with any function.

Thank you.

magento2 – Magento 2: What tables should be created for the price of the product to be smart? [ Multi Storeview Pricing ]

I want to create functionalities such as that the prices of the products can be set at the store view level, for that I have added one more option like Storeview in a configuration for Stores -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog -> Price.

Already done, the price is changing properly in terms of the store's view on the backend that is also shown in the interface, but On a listing page, the price filter in layered navigation does not display products according to the price that I have set in the store view.

At first, I thought about creating a custom field store_id in


Since it is the default Magento table, it is not a good idea to change the default tables, so I want to create a separate table as


There are several tables in the database related to catalog_product_index_price.


The problem is that I don't know which tables would be affected by this.
and what are the exact tables, I have to create the affected tables as
well. Should I update all the tables related to the price or are there any tables other than those mentioned above?

Some tables are created during indexing, so how can I create tables during indexing?

The wave of price increase now adds Mailchannels to its list

First it was CPanel, now it seems that Mailchannels has decided to increase its prices.
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  • 4 GB of dedicated RAM
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  • 8 GB of dedicated RAM
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Buffalo, New York, USA UU.

IPv4 test:

Test file:

Hardware Information:

– 2x Intel Xeon E5
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