8 – how to prevent a view from running within a view link

I am using a custom code with pre_execute views and I want the view to return an empty set if certain conditions are met, or not to return the view at all.
How can I do this ? This is what I tried.

function mymodule_views_pre_execute(&$view) { 
   // if certain conditions are met i want this view to be empty or not come out at all
  if ($myconditions){
   $view = null;  

How to prevent others from connecting to my port in XRPD

I configured a remote connection to my ubuntu server through XRPD.
I set the port to 5912.
But users in my group can connect to the same port using their account and seeing what I am doing. That is very terrible.
Is there any idea to avoid this problem?
I try to read the configuration file in .xrdp.ini but I can't find anything.

Prevent the Bluetooth speaker from tracking my audio stream

I am listening to music on my headphones. I arrive outside the door of my house. The music stops.

Apparently, a random Bluetooth speaker (previously paired) has now hijacked the audio stream that was playing just for my ears, and transmits it to anyone nearby.

Not even when I disconnect my headphones by accident I receive a bad treatment from my phone, but for some reason it is fine as long as a third-party device requests it …

Since this is a great privacy beach, my question is: how do I disable this behavior?

Android 8
Nexus 5x

unity – Prevent Animation Tab From Changes the position of an object

I am quite new to Unity. I am using the latest version. When I try to make an open door animation, it works well with the rotation. But when I add the position property, it takes it to Vector3 – (40,12.5,7.5) – instead of (10,2.5,15) in the first frame. I try to change the value but it reappears after writing. Please help

smtp: how to prevent postfix from forwarding mail to spampd when the connection is from localhost

Today I asked about postfix and spamassassin for mail sent from localhost, postfix, spam assassin, swiftmailer and I received a good response quickly (thanks). Using sendmail directly has solved the speed problem, but I would like to try using SMTP for other reasons, so I need to know how to prevent postfix from forwarding mail to spampd when the client that connects is localhost. At the moment, bounces are not returned to the REPLY-TO address but to the web server administrator, and I think that is due to the use of sendmail directly.
My configuration is shown in the previous question, except that I have currently set the email as

'mailer' => (
    'class' => 'yiiswiftmailerMailer',
    // send all mails to a file by default. You have to set
    // 'useFileTransport' to false and configure a transport
    // for the mailer to send real emails.
    'useFileTransport' => false,
    'transport' => (
        'class' => 'Swift_SendmailTransport'

Help to prevent links from being deleted!

Hello guys! I use safelinking and an RDP to reload my dead links and, since I upload TV packages, it would be necessary to reload at least 24 episodes in 4 different file accommodations …
I tried these methods:
1-Rename and re-classify the files, even the md5 is changed are still deleted.
Password of 2 attempts on secure links and even different types of captchas same result.
What do I do to keep them alive for longer?
PS: I use Raidgator, Nitroflare, Filefactory, Uptobox!
Please, a little help in any method …

Help to prevent links from being deleted!

How to prevent applications from being deleted from memory when Android restarts?

How to prevent applications from being deleted from memory when Android restarts? Occasionally something goes wrong with Google Play and many of my applications are deleted. Reinstalling everything takes a long time and all data is lost. It seems to be a problem of Google Play?

Prevent the collapse of the new Gmail message window?

Is it possible to prevent Gmail from collapsing (hiding) From Y To lines as soon as I click Subject as it's shown in the following?

enter the description of the image here

dnd 5e: can the Freedom of movement spell prevent an aberrant earth feature of Gibbering Mouther from slowing a creature to 0 in a failed save?

the freedom of movement the spell only prevents the difficult terrain from affecting our movement. The throw of salvation occurs independently

the freedom of movement spell states:

While it lasts, the movement of the target will not be affected by difficult terrain, and spells and other magical effects cannot reduce the target's speed or cause the target to be paralyzed or restricted.

From that we can conclude what things the spell does:

  1. Difficult terrain does not affect your movement. Keep in mind that this says nothing about your speed, hit points or anything else that can affect difficult terrain.

  2. Spells and magic effects cannot reduce your speed.

  3. Spells and magic effects cannot paralyze or restrict it.

The Aberrant Ground function of Gibbering Mouther is not magical, so the last two points do not apply. What the function does is this:

The terrain within a radius of 10 feet around the mouth is difficult terrain like a mass. Each creature that begins its turn in that area must succeed in a Force 10 DC save throw or reduce its speed to 0 until the start of its next turn.

  1. The terrain within a 10-foot radius becomes difficult terrain.

  2. If a creature begins its turn within a 10-foot radius, it must make a saving throw; If this saving throw fails, its speed becomes 0.

The feature never says that being immune to the normal effect of difficult terrain makes us automatically succeed (or not have to do) the saving throw. As freedom of movement It only helps prevent changes in our movement But this is a change in our speed, it will still apply to us normally.

Similarly, with a spell like peak growth, which creates a harmful area of ​​difficult terrain,freedom of movement somehow it will not prevent us from receiving damages; just keep the area from costing more movement.

How to prevent the Twitter user's Like page from crashing

The Autoscroll + "search" function is not feasible since it does not even search for the tweets you are currently viewing. So I decided to scroll automatically and find it manually and here is the problem.
The "Twitter user like page" always crashes after scrolling through several thousand tweets. I tried to minimize that using the data saver, but it only kept the page active for a bit more tweets before failing again.

If someone could provide reasons why the page fails in the first place, it could help me realize what solution might work here.