tls – How does VPN prevent Man In the Middle at the ISP level?

If Man-In-The-Middle is at the ISP level (or even before ISP), it seems that they could perform the handshake, the exchange keys provide a forged or copied certificate. The only thing they wouldn't know is the private key. But it seems that if they were the client of the endpoint server and were the victim's server, they could create two encryption / decryption strings and two shared secrets and no one would be wiser. However, I think I'm misunderstanding something, because people say a VPN would protect against this. So, the basic question is how does an HTTPS website certificate protect against man in the middle at the ISP level?

seo – Itemprop will help prevent plagarism?

my website is a real estate listing website. Here daily many users register and list properties. But in this case they already listed their property on someone's website with description and they also use the same description on my website. here possibilities of plagiarism. How do I avoid this? My competitor uses the "Itemprop" attribute for the description.
enter the description of the image here

This website is not detected in plagarism, but on the other hand, those websites have not used "itemprop" that they show in the plagarism tool. This description of the image is not related to the real estate sector, we use it only as an example.

noindex: how can I prevent Google from indexing documents stored in Microsoft Azure blob storage?

You can "NOINDEX" PDF files but the process is a bit different; since PDF files do not have a section to insert the meta robots label you mentioned, you must do it using the x-robots noindex command, which is an HTTP header command that you add to your .htaccess file.

This article describes this process in a very clear way: if you know how to work with .htaccess files, it should be easy to implement (but be careful if you don't).

Edit: As mentioned below, depending on the server you use, you will not have access to an .htaccess file, but the logic remains the same: you must do so through HTTP headers.

Macos: how to prevent VLC from being configured as default player?

I have VLC and Elmedia players. I want to use Elmedia as the default player, but VLC is set as the default for all extensions, and I can't change it.

If I choose "Always open with" for some multimedia file, VLC still remains default for this extension.

How to fix it? macOS Catalina.

Prevent users from changing date / time settings in Ubuntu 18.04

I should prevent users from changing the date and time settings in ubuntu 18.04 using the GUI and, if possible, I also need to restrict the commands related to it.

8 – Prevent the update link from running until the configuration is imported?

I have added a new field to an existing content type and I want to set its default value, as well as all existing nodes of that type.

To do that, I have added an update link in my module that will batch process nodes of this type and set the value to true.

Although if this is executed before the configuration import, it will fail since the field does not yet exist.

Is there a way to prevent the update link from being processed until a specific configuration has been imported?

I added this in the update link, but I'm not sure if that would be effective enough:

if (!$node->hasField('field_show_generic_listing')) {
  throw new UpdateException('Cannot continue - import the latest configuration to add the new field to this node type.');

How do I prevent Google Sheets from opening new tabs?

In Google Sheets, I have two completely separate worksheets. In Worksheet A, there is a cell with a link to open Worksheet B, and vice versa. When I click on the link, the other worksheet opens very well. However, it opens in a new tab. Is there any way to open it in the same window I am working on?

Do you think Bernie's age could prevent him from being an effective leader?

Given that the retirement age is 66 years, any president older than 58 years (allowing 8 years in office) may not be elected.

If they are elected and turn 66 in office, then they should only be slapped on the back and sent to a beautiful house somewhere in Florida.

gurps 4e – How do I prevent detection skills from ruining my game?

Like all things in rpgs, communication is key. I have played many games of GURPS 4e and I have played in many, and detecting lies tends to be one of those skills that almost everyone acquires. There are some reasons why it will not be as problematic as "Detect evil" could be in some DnD games.
First, the uses of detection lies are opposed by the speaker's acting ability. And even if the speaker does not have the ability, you will still fail your roll from time to time. Therefore, you cannot use it to reliably catch good liars, and it could fail even when you catch bad liars. If your whole group has the ability and you all roll, then success is much more likely, but that is a different problem.

GURPS is a system where degrees of success are important. If you win the quick contest of detecting lies by a small margin, most GMs will not tell you exactly what the lie is, only that you are pretty sure that the speaker was not sincere. I don't know any rules about where the gradient should be, but "knowing exactly what was true and what wasn't" is clearly a complete success, which I would only give in a 5+ roll. Therefore, in the mysterious games you can add a new dimension to the investigation, especially if the rolls are made in secret so that you do not know about the failures you made (or simply manage to voluntarily incorporate in your research information to you, as a player , knowing is false).

Finally, what for me is the main problem in this scenario is to respond to each statement of any npc with "I roll detect lies" On the one hand, it is what you should do as a player to maximize the use of your character skills. On the other hand, it can be annoying and slow down the game. I believe that almost any satisfactory solution to this problem has to come from the side of GM. This is what I have done:

  • When a roll to detect lies is likely to be successful, make the lie obvious when interpreting your NPC. Look the other way, stutter, use a lot of "mmm" or any other way you think best fits the NPC. Players tend to get quite fast, and then you don't need to roll for the skill to be useful.

  • Try not to have too many round-trip conversations where the player feels that anything can be a lie. Obviously in an interrogation this will not be possible, but for that:

  • Go to the beginning and then only for any specific important statement. That is the best balance I found between "rolling once and forgetting", which can be too oscillating for my taste, and "rolling in each sentence", which can be tedious and unnecessary.

  • Roll secretly in each sentence. This is a solution that I really don't like, but in convention games or when there are disagreements and your players insist that you should always throw, this is the least obstructive way to do it.

Finally two things. Even in a murder mystery, you are not likely to suspect every word by any NPC. This depends a bit on the campaign, but try to pass only when necessary, not just to "make sure" of irrelevant information. And, in case of doubt, communicate. As you have seen that most of the solutions to this tend to come from the GM side, then tell them your problem and we hope they take steps to accommodate you. And if you suspect that the use of the skill may bother your fellow players, ask them for their opinion in a neutral and non-accusatory way. If the final result is "we don't want to detect lies in our table", redistribute those points with the permission of your GM and take note of this for the next session 0 in which you participate.

Google Chrome – How to prevent applications from opening my browser

I have installed some applications that, after the automatic update, open my browser on the website of its creator. It is very annoying and I don't know how to stop it. Viber is probably the worst, updates without permission and I have no idea how to prevent you from opening your website.

Is it possible to prevent applications from opening Chrome / Safari or whatever my browser is?