Thailand: what to do when a taxi driver uses the meter but at the end of the trip he erases it and pretends that we had agreed a higher price for the trip?

I took a taxi in Bangkok, the driver used the meter, but at the end of the trip the driver cleared the meter (it was THB 55) and pretended that we had agreed a higher price (it was THB 100) for the trip. In addition to videotaping the driver who cleans the meter or the entire trip, what can I do in that situation to pay for the meter and not at what price the taxi driver comes up with?

This question is not a duplicate How to distinguish fraudulent taxis from legitimate taxis in Bangkok? Does it make sense to pre-book? I took a legitimate taxi, only the driver at some point wanted to earn extra money. I want to know what the optimal course of action should be in my scenario.

I have crossed the question into:

firewall: how do I configure a SOCKS proxy that pretends to be an HTTPS website?

I have a machine accessible to the Internet in general in virtually any port. This is machine A and runs a GNU / Linux based system.

I also have a machine connected to an internal network somewhere. Outgoing connections are only possible through an HTTP (S) proxy. (In fact, you can't even find the IP addresses of other hosts on this machine …) It is machine B and runs Windows 10 or some GNU / Linux based system.

Now, I want to be able to connect from B to anywhere on the Internet, in any port.

It seems that a "standard" way of doing this is to configure a SOCKS proxy on machine A; however, my traffic is restricted only to HTTP / S ports, and there may even be some type of traffic analysis / deep packet inspection to thwart non-HTTPS traffic on that port.

So, can I configure a SOCKS proxy that is presented as an HTTPS website? At least to the point of encrypting the incoming connection? And how do I configure things on the client side to use it? (Either a Windows or Linux response for the client side).

Note: It would be even more beneficial if there were a "legitimate" URL redirection to a real web server, with SOCKS proxy traffic identified and handled differently. But it is not really necessary.

Is it called "white privilege" when someone like Elizabeth Warren pretends to be a native so she can get benefits only available to minorities?

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