gap – Simplification of a group presentation

Im new to MAGMA and hope somebody will help me with my question.

If a group has a presentation with 4 generators, is there a magma code/function that can give me the same group with only three generators? If so, can you please provide me with that code?

Your help with this is appropriated.

Systematic presentation Logic

I am searching an a book which systematically develops Logic, this means that it must develop logic since its fundamentals to its most important conclusions but in a way where the relations between the concepts of logic is explicit

If we add some presentation using modern web parts, can we prevent external users from copy, print or download the presentation

We added some presentations using modern web parts mainly File Viewer modern web part, can we prevent external users from copy, print or download the presentation directly from the web part? or if they directly access the files?

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presentation – How to best present alternative ways to write a piece of code (in a slideshow)?

I’m working on a ‘slideshow’-type presentation (e.g. using LO Impress) which involves me showing people different alternatives for writing some pieces of software code.

We’re not talking about large pieces: Some of the changes I suggest are alternative formulations of individual lines; others involve transforming blocks or loops of several lines; and the largest ones are still under 20 lines or so.

I’m wondering about essentially all aspects of doing this:

  • Whether to put “option 1” vs “option 2” on the same slide, or on separate slides

  • Whether changes should be made by:

    • me deleting words and writing in new ones, or
    • switching to the next slide
    • automated animation effects (like fades or wipes or a pen striking out text)
  • How much change to allow between consecutive slides: Many transitions with tiny self-explanatory changes, or fewer transitions where you tell the audience roughly what happened

  • Whether I should even use the presentation software for the actual code, or perhaps switch to an editor, IDE or diff tool between pre-created files

  • Choices of color scheme, font size (too small = difficult to read, too big = few lines on the slide, need to memorize), inter-line spacing, margins etc – for maximizing readability.

So, my bottom-like question is: What have you found works well, or works poorly when presenting alternative pieces of code, or necessary transitions on existing code?

Note: The audience can assumed to be coders of various degrees of proficiency.

Google Slides for non Gmail accounts … can they copy the presentation and edit?

So essentially, I have spent most of the summer creating a digital notebook for my students. I am using Google Slides for this presentation and want to send the presentation to my students, have them create their own copy and then be able to edit their copy and do their work in the slides. Then, at the end of the week, send me a link to their work and I can look at it, edit it and grade it. Is this possible if the student does not have a Gmail account?

How to keep a slide presentation theme that you can continually update and version over time

Good question. Adding custom templates is supported in Google Slides, but this may be limited to Google Workspace users (e.g. this admin guide is for Google Workspace, but there’s no equivalent for personal users).

Assuming you’re using a personal Google account, as a workaround I suggest maintaining your template document as its own presentation, which you can either copy to use it as a template, or use Slides – Change Theme – Import Theme to reuse the custom theme in another presentation.

Google – mobile usability – Text too small to read – while it doesn’t show the real presentation of my menu items on mobile

Sometimes I receive the error Google Search Console Error “mobile usability – Text too small to read” when I click on “test live page” I notice that google shows my menu items as if it is on desktop and not on mobile phone. I use Enfold theme and my fonts are all in Persian Language and seems very nice on mobile phone screens
Each time this happen I click on “validate fix” and google validate it successfully.
But this time google says that the problem still exist, therefore can start validation process.
But why Google report it every so often? Should I do any action?

Screenshot of presentation by google and screen of real presentation on a mobile device attached here:

Real Presentation for Mobile Devices on my Google Chrome Browser
Real Presentation for Mobile Devices on my Google Chrome Browser

Google Claimed Presentation of my page
Google Claimed Presentation of my page

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