dnd 5e – Extending the preparation and adding recipes

A note to start, I am a new DM with little experience.

My group is far from being a bigger city and is running out of healing potions. One of my players has competition with the herbalist's kit and asked me if I could collect the ingredients and prepare a healing potion.

I like the idea behind this. I have similar experiences of computer games. For example, I played an MMORPG online for quite some time, where you can choose a profession and in your adventures collect ingredients for your profession. If I had the recipes for them, I could create objects from them. The recipes also had to be found or bought somewhere.

So I looked for the rules, but they are pretty naked about this. The Xanathar Guide states that, given a herbalism kit, a common healing potion takes a day of work to prepare and 25 gp. (also mentioned in this answer SO) I am not sure what your player should do with gold. I doubt it is an ingredient. Also, the tree next to him doesn't seem too interested to turn it into herbs.

So I searched online and found some homemade guides like here and here. They include rules to collect herbs and recipes to combine them.

However, as far as I know, it could be an unproven theory. Apparently it is not commonly used in campaigns. Why is that so? I am looking for experience with this type of crafts. Have you done something similar in your campaign and how did it go?

What other good sources on this topic exist? Maybe there are some previous editions of DnD that I didn't find?

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google – How do I change my region to asia-east1 for cloud data preparation since it can only run on us-central1

I created a Dataprep in GCP that would use data in Cloud Storage and clean it before importing it into BigQuery. But I face a situation in which my Dataprep would only execute work in us-central1. Also, my cloud storage and BigQuery must be located in us-central1. I would like to know if I could still use the Asia-Southeast1 or Asia-East1 region to run my data preparation anyway.

It would be extremely useful if this can be resolved. Thank you!

Cooking and dinner preparation tour

Relax watching this

Can we add formula (tool) in the preparation list?

According to the preparation document (https://docs.brew.sh/Manpage) we can install tools that Apple did not include with macOS.
Can we add our custom tool (from third parties) in the preparation list (https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/) and, if so, what is the procedure for it?

Risk management: preparation of the EF

I have just started a risk management course at the university and it is confusing me a lot.

So, we have a question that states the following:

"An online market has monitored its risk and discovered that
Three years there were 400 attempts of DDoS attacks on its website. From
those 400 attempts, five of them disconnected the website. The value
The entire website for the company per year is £ 1 million. For each
successful DDoS attack, the website would fall on average by one

What is the EF for the website to stop working one day in a year, such as
decimal to six decimal places?

I am very confused by this. I have been assuming that it has something to do with calculating the 5 days in the three years that could happen, but every answer I have given seems to be wrong.

mariadb – MySQL replication got stuck in the & # 39; preparation & # 39;

My MariaDB replication got stuck in & # 39; preparation & # 39 ;.
This happened after an update and server restart yesterday. Since then, replication does not work.

Configuration: 2 MariaDB servers with master-master replication. Version: 10.4 (Updated a few weeks ago from 10.1 – replication has worked after the update)

As the output of both servers for SHOW SLAVE STATUS is similar, I publish only from my first server:

MariaDB ((none))> show slave statusG;
*************************** 1. row ***************************
                Slave_IO_State: NULL
                   Master_Host: data2
                   Master_User: replusr
                   Master_Port: 3306
                 Connect_Retry: 60
               Master_Log_File: mariadb-bin.018865
           Read_Master_Log_Pos: 14137515
                Relay_Log_File: relay-bin.017274
                 Relay_Log_Pos: 4
         Relay_Master_Log_File: mariadb-bin.018865
              Slave_IO_Running: Preparing
             Slave_SQL_Running: Yes
                    Last_Errno: 0
                  Skip_Counter: 0
           Exec_Master_Log_Pos: 14137515
               Relay_Log_Space: 768
               Until_Condition: None
                 Until_Log_Pos: 0
            Master_SSL_Allowed: No
         Seconds_Behind_Master: NULL
 Master_SSL_Verify_Server_Cert: No
                 Last_IO_Errno: 0
                Last_SQL_Errno: 0
              Master_Server_Id: 2
                    Using_Gtid: No
                 Parallel_Mode: conservative
                     SQL_Delay: 0
           SQL_Remaining_Delay: NULL
       Slave_SQL_Running_State: Slave has read all relay log; waiting for the slave I/O thread to update it
              Slave_DDL_Groups: 0
Slave_Non_Transactional_Groups: 0
    Slave_Transactional_Groups: 0
1 row in set (0.000 sec)

ERROR: No query specified

The logs do not show anything and the binaries are exploding since they cannot be rotated because replication will not continue.

I have never seen anything like that. Any ideas?

gurps – Modular skills (preparation required) with insubstantiality probably should not get savings for "always on" or "usually on"

As for the insubstantiality, it seems that it can be changed by default, because the central rules say:

Its "natural" form (physical or insubstantial) is considered a special effect.
You should take advantage of this advantage if you can switch between a physical and insubstantial form.

I want to have characters with modular skills with required preparation (1 hour). I want your standard list to include some version of Insubstantiality. The idea is that the party will take approximately one hour in the morning, at their base camp, to choose their powers for the day, and then they will have a sixteen-hour adventure day, during which they will probably not reconfigure their powers. If a player character becomes insubstantial in the morning, I think the character can activate and deactivate insubstantiality. However, if at any time the character wants to put a different power in the slot, that character will be out of the fight for a full hour while reconfiguring.

The basic cost would be 88 points for "you can carry objects without obstacles" because I don't want the player characters to run naked. This would be a cost of (5+ (3 * 88)) *. 5 = 135 for the basic switchable ability.

The insubstantiality can obtain a cost savings of 50% for "always on". If this can be turned off and on again instantly, it seems inadmissible. Modular skills can always be disabled. However, if there is a delay of one hour, the savings may be justified. The cost seems to be (5+ (3 * 44)) *. 5 = 69 character points.

In other words, I think you can get a saving of 66 points if you are willing to take an hour before you can turn it on again.

Question: Did I correctly describe the 69-point version or am I not understanding how it would work?

gurps: is it "double immersion" to give a total of minus 50% for the required preparation and 2 cost points for 1 point in the slot?

B114 mentions "Preparation required" as a limitation. One option that seems to fit the design of my campaign is:

1 hour (preparation gives) -50% (cost savings)

GURPS Powers mentions that Modular Skills can have several costs, if the reorganization of powers is costly, slow and subject to interruptions. What exactly do these three elements mean? For "expensive" we must say that it costs some kind of resource, such as fatigue points, money, special equipment. By "slow" we mix with the delay of "required preparation".

Page 63 says:

GM can invent other forms. Set the cost per slot to reflect the scope of
available features: 4 points for a short list, 5 points for an extensive catalog, 6
Points for almost anything, and 7 points for anything. Cost per point in
a slot must be 2 points if the reorganization of the points is expensive, slow and
subject to external interference; 3 points if only two of those; 4 points
if only one of those; and 5 points if none of those.


Many fictional users of modular skills require supreme concentration
and effort to reorganize their skills. Represent this using costs
Fatigue, requires a roll (attribute) (p. 112) and requires additional time.

In my planned campaign, Takes Extra Time may not be appropriate, because many of the skills in question are things like invisibility, which can be prepared long before the start of combat, and Takes Extra Time can only be used in some special cases:

Take extra time

You can only apply this limitation to skills that require time to
Activate Y that works fast enough to be useful in an emergency
(for example, combat).

My first thought was to give limitations to Modular Skills, including Unreliable, Required Preparation and Fatigue Costs. I think this would apply to the reconfiguration process. I imagine this would justify that the skills cost 2 points for 1 power point in the slot. However, the "Required Preparation" offers significant cost savings for the total cost of energy, and therefore, the allocation of a cost of 2 character points for 1 point in the slot could be a double dive.

Question: Does this count as "double immersion"?

gm preparation – What do I do with this "brochure" from NPC?

I am setting up to start running some Shadowrun mission scenarios for my game group. We started with season 2 (available for free here), converted from SR4 to SR4A.

However, I am very confused by the "player" document. Some of this makes sense (maps, tracking sheets). But I can not understand what I should do with the NPC pages. As an example:

NPC page example

This does not seem to be information that PCs would have access to, but as GM, I certainly do not need Three Copies of it for each important NPC. It is not even useful to print one and fold in one _ / Form because the text would be upside down.

What is the intention here? What am I supposed to do with this "brochure"?