Visas h1b – San Francisco To Hydrabad through Hong Kong with 15 hours of layover, should I submit a pre-arrival registration for a hotel stay in the HKG transit area?

I am an H1b visa holder and work in the USA. UU. Traveling to India through Hong Kong, where there is a 15h stopover. I have seen that there is a pre-arrival record that Indians must pass if they are leaving the HKG transit area. However, I plan to stay at a hotel called "Regal Airport Hotel" that is located within the HKG transit area.

Will I still have to go through the pre-arrival registration? What are my other options? However, I do not plan to leave the transit area.

Thanks for the help!

Hong Kong visa after rejected Pre-arrival registration – Indian citizen

I am an Indian citizen and I have plans to travel to Hong Kong to work in a couple of months. I requested the registration 14 days before the arrival (PAR), but the request was unsuccessful (in the online forums I found out that the system fails all those who had their passport issued from my city). Now I must apply for a visa.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Are my chances of obtaining the visa at risk due to the failure of the PAR? Someone who was denied a PAR and then obtained a visa?

  2. From the requirements of online documents, it seems that I only need to send a photocopy of my passport and not the original. As the visa takes approximately 4 weeks to be issued, I would like to keep my original passport in order to travel while processing the visa. Could someone confirm that this is correct?