microsoft powerpoint – How to remove this annoying text from power point?

I find a powerpoint on a telegram channel and I want to edit and work on that powerpoint. but there is a text on the above left of the powerpoint I try to delete this but I can’t:

enter image description here

I also tried this way:

enter image description here

And clicked on the Section Header. but the glowing line below the arrows disappeared. So how can I fix it?

Boot a phone with a broken power button

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sharepoint online – Power Automate Approval blocks DoUntil timeout

In Power Automate, I’ve created a workflow with a do-until loop. When I set the timeout to 5mins it times-out and execution continues. I’ve added an approval task within the do-until loop and now the flow is waiting for the user to approve/reject. If I do not approve/reject I would expect the do-until loop to timeout in 5mins, but it doesn’t repect the timeout set in the do until loop and continues waiting.

When will it timeout ?
If I want the approval task to be time limited what can be done?


Typescript/Office Scripts Defining Object Types for Power Automate Integration

I have a script that I am using to filter and excel online spreadsheet, and I basically need to return the filtered array to power automate.

For some reason, I am able to log the array to console, but not return it as an object. I’m pretty sure the issue stems from defining the object type ‘result’. I am new to Typescript and any help would be appreciated.

interface result {
  //I suppose something would go here - but I'm not sure what

function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook): result() {
    // Your code here
  var todayDate = new Date();
  const startDate = new Date(1899,11,30); // MM format is from 0-11


    var differenceInTime = todayDate.getTime() - startDate.getTime();
    var differenceInDays = differenceInTime/(1000*3600*24) // today's date

    let range = workbook.getWorksheet('Daily Tracking').getUsedRange();
    let values = range.getValues();
    var result = values
        .filter(function (value) {                   //filters past week incl 
        return value(0) == differenceInDays         // today's date
          || value(0) == differenceInDays - 1
          || value(0) == differenceInDays - 2
          || value(0) == differenceInDays - 3
          || value(0) == differenceInDays - 4;
  return result;

adnd 2e – Is there any official rule that mitigates power checks for NPCs?

The PCs escaped from Aggarath and found themselves in Falkovnia. Originally hailing from Toril, the party walked south in hopes of reaching Calimshan but, instead, approached Aerie and fought an elite Talon patrol. The session ended with the PC defeating the patrol.

So I began thinking what should happen next. I started creating Rudolph, a 64-year old Talon of Taladas using Death Unchained and some other Ravenloft texts for AD&D, 2nd Edition but paused when I realized Rudy had to be a monster.

A Falkovnian soldier is supposed to consume darklord Vlad Drakov’s brew upon joining the military, and consuming the brew makes it so the consumer now experiences pleasure by watching folks be tortured to death. Torture is an automatic power check as per Domains of Dread (16). This should make many soldiers—at least partially—into actual physical monsters unless the soldier eschews such pleasure. (A difficult thing to justify in a Ravenloft campaign!)

Drinking Drakov’s brew doesn’t give the drinker a free pass to torture. Consequences really do seem to be in order. Thus, even in a military with a very high casualty rate, a longtime soldier should probably be a straight-up monster unless he eschews the vast—and sick and twisted—pleasure that’s a result of having consumed Drakov’s brew. (So you know, the brew “is rumored to contain the gritty powder of a ground-up talisman of ultimate evil and swamp water from the lair of a will o’ wisp.”)

Is there an official rule somewhere that mitigates power checks for NPCs in the Ravenloft setting? Or is Falkovnia just a breeding ground for future darklords?

sharepoint online – Power Apps without internet connection

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flash – Speed light power supply pinouts

I have a Nikon camera with a pair of Godox TT685N speed lights. I got the opportunity to get a couple of Nikon speed light battery packs for next to nothing. Godox uses Canon power ports for all their flashes. I hate throwing away perfectly good battery packs, but somehow I have to convert that male Nikon plug into a male Canon plug. But I don’t have the pinout information and my Googling lead me to battery pack vendors. :]

So, I did find the Canon info: GND and +300V pins have an obstruction between them. I just need the Nikon info now, and then source a Canon plug.

Dell T420: can I replace single non-redundant power supply with two redundant ones?

A Dell T420 bought in 2015 was originally configured with the single 550W non-redundant power supply. Replacement parts are cheap these days, and I’d like to replace the single P/S with dual redundant power supplies. Can I simply pull out the existing P/S and replace it with two others, or is there a motherboard (or other) configuration issue that prevents a T420 originally built with the non-redundant P/S to accept redundant ones?

android 10 – How can I answer phone calls with a real (like power) button?

I can close phone calls with that button by default, but for me it would be even more useful to be able to answer a phone call the same way.

Is there a setting or an application that would enable that?

The main idea is to be able to answer a call without interacting with the touch-screen, but only with the real buttons.

power management – TLP does not drain battery when using thresholds

I’m using Thinkpad T460 with Debian Buster.

I installed tlp and set the battery thresholds to start charging at 75% and stop at 85%.

# Battery charge thresholds (ThinkPad only, tp-smapi or acpi-call kernel module
# required). Charging starts when the remaining capacity falls below the
# START_CHARGE_THRESH value and stops when exceeding the STOP_CHARGE_THRESH value.
# Main / Internal battery (values in %)
# Ultrabay / Slice / Replaceable battery (values in %)

It works fine except that it doesn’t start discharging when reaches the threshold limit. The charging stops but it stuck at 85% and never gets below. It seems it uses AC only when reached the limit.

Am I misunderstanding the thresholds’ behaviour, or this is just a bug?