bulk import – Imported posts and terms but terms not appearing on the frontend

I created a giant import that grabbed both taxonomy terms and posts from a different application. To import the terms I used wp_set_post_terms( $post_id, $term_ids, 'my_taxonomy' ); which works because I see them on the edit screen for each post.

However, when I go on the frontend and look at my post the terms are empty. If I go back on the edit screen and just click on “Save” then they finally appear on the front end.

I have close to 2,000 records and doing this manually would be quite unwieldy and I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened! How do I force this update across the board programmatically?

I’ve tried using both clean_term_cache(); and clean_object_term_cache(); and it didn’t seem to make a difference. Maybe I’m calling these wrong but it’s not doing a thing as far as I can tell.

I’ve tried:

  • clean_term_cache
  • clean_object_term_cache
  • delete_option($tax.’-slug_children’);
  • delete_option($tax.’_children’);
  • clean_taxonomy_cache($tax);
  • wp_cache_flush();

Where is the best place to get clients for placing guest posts?

I have a large database for posting on different sites, for different topics. Plus I can write articles for posting. But, it all comes down to the fact that you need to constantly look for customers, maybe there are some special platforms or can you advise something?

web development – MVC pitfalls for POSTs when rev proxy down, caching failed POSTs, none user Auth


My question is I personally spent last 2 years working on a Django project for a factory, it uses the standard MVC pattern. The app uses the factory IP for authentication for terminals in the factory. It was my first web project and I have learnt a lot from it, and hence re-written many aspects of it.

3 Problems with Django MVC

However I have now reached a point where I am wondering if it needs a re-write since I see no great solutions to the following problems with the MVC pattern:

  1. I wish to be able to POST data, and control what happens if it fails on the client side. With a normal POST, once one has submitted the form, one let’s go of control. This means if the server is restarting, or receiving an update, and the reverse proxy is not up yet, Nginx shows an error and it parks on the error. I would like to be able to perform updates (take the reverse proxy down for 5 seconds) and have the website handle it seemlessly. Currrently if a GET is performed while the proxy is down, I serve up a maintenance page that tries to refresh every 5 seconds, so GETs work fine, but POSTs are a problem. SPA uses AJAX so one is still in control after the submission of data.

  2. If the internet connection is down, I would like to cache the POST, like a PWA?, then when online, send all the POSTS through. PWA solve this issue with their offline caching ability.

  3. When the internet goes down, the factory has a back up 3G internet connection, but then their IP address changes, hence IP based authentication then fails. There are public input station in the factory, hence they don’t use user based authentication, so I need to figure out a new auth method. SPA use a token method which I think solves this problem.


The above issues seems to be inheritantly solved when one moves to a SPA/PWA (according to my research, but I have never made a SPA/PWA). Would you recommendend changing to SPA/PWA or hammering the MVC to solve the above issues?

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How to offer a non-paginated alternative version on paginated (single) posts or pages?

@ll; I’m hoping this is not a too stupid question; I tried googling for solutions and found none.

Paginating longer posts sometimes makes sense to break them down into contextually coherent sections; however, some people still like to read even long/er posts in one scroll. On some websites out there, paginated articles offer an added link to alternatively “read on one page” to readers disinclined to having to click thru one or more “read on”s. I’m wondering how this can be done with WordPress.

Is there an easy way to add this friendly choice to my implementation, wherever some published content is paginated? (Please bear in mind I’m not a developer but at best just a grizzly hack born of necessity.)

Thank you very much for any help you might be able to provide. Cheers – eLeX

migration – Move just the posts from Joomla to an existing WordPress

I am re-building a website that is currently hosted in Joomla. I don’t want to copy the entire joomla site over because the current layound / information architecture is poor and I have to redo it, so I want to start from scratch.

That being said, there are ~200 news posts that I don’t want to have to migrate manually. I now have a half-built wordpress site, and would like to copy just the posts and images from the Joomla site. I imagine I could copy the joomla site in its entirety to a new WP site and then migrate the posts from there, but I would prefer to do it in one step.

Is a plugin necessary for this? Or am I missing a shortcut to get the posts only?

How to order posts by meta_value created inside loop?

Inside the WP_Query, I’m trying to order posts by price.

The problem is that the price value is not manually defined inside an ACF or so, but it comes from an api call made while looping trough posts, like this:

<?php while ( have_posts() ): the_post();

$asin = get_field("asin");?>

<h3><?php the_title(); ?></h3>
<p><?php echo aawp_get_field_value($asin, 'price'); ?></p>

<?php endwhile; ?>

That means that the numeric value (the price) isn’t available before actually running $the_query, so I cannot use something like:

'meta_key' => 'price',
'orderby' => 'meta_value_num',
'order' => 'ASC'

because “price” does not exists at that time.

I searched a lot but I didn’t find a solution to this. Maybe I need to order posts after the loop?
How would you do that?

Thanks in advance!