Lightweight portable CPT brand

company profile
Taizhou Dixin Investigation Instrument Co., Ltd (formerly Wenling Dixin Investigation Instrument) is a professional factory specializing in the research and development of CPT equipment. Since its creation, our company has been appointing professional after-sales technicians to carry out follow-up services for different fields of research in different regions, and to collect comments on the use on the site.
The products are constantly updated and innovative, economical and reliable CPT equipment is developed that is suitable for variety research fields in different regions.
Currently, Dixin has obtained several utility model and invention patent certificates from the State Intellectual Property Office. In 2014, our company was qualified as a scientific and technological company in Zhejiang Province. We have economic and high quality products with various characteristics, and high quality on-site monitoring services, which are favored by geotechnical research institutions throughout the country. At present, we are proud to become not only the largest manufacturer of CPT equipment, but also the best-selling CPT equipment in China.
The company establishes its advantages in "independent R&D, lean manufacturing and integrity management" and forms its own central competitiveness, which helps the company to develop rapidly. The company has always followed the development principle of "reputation first, quality first, customer first, staff oriented", and will continue to innovate and improve quality to better meet user demands.
Website: http: //
Website2: http: //

Off-camera flash: mini portable studio and power management

Wanting to improve my portraits, I invested a few months ago in 2 off-camera flashes, 2 radio receivers and 1 radio transmitter. For all that, I need 2 * 4 + 2 * 2 + 2 = 14 batteries (eneloop) for the configuration to work and 10 more to replace the defective batteries during the shooting session (approximately 2-3 hours long). So, after the shooting, I need to recharge 24 batteries, which is starting to be boring, but still manageable.

Now, I would like to add a third flash (and its radio receiver) to have more options regarding the lighting settings. It will add 10 more batteries to the equation.

I also have the project of adding small led panels near the flashes, to provide a constant source of light. That will help me better visualize the effect that each flash will produce. With 2 to 4 batteries per led panel, you will add between 12 and 24 more batteries to my collection (taking into account the backup batteries).

As you can imagine, managing about 50 batteries will take a long time and is probably quite maddening.

I wonder if I could use a regular power bank to replace the batteries of the flashes and the batteries of the LED panel (so I will have the 8 batteries required by my 1 radio transmitter and 3 radio receivers).

Can I use a normal (and cheap) USB power bank to optimize power management? Are there any other (cheap) alternatives? How do you handle it?

I have looked at the "serious" power bank (Godox propaganda, for example), but they are a bit expensive and heavy.

As for the possible DIY solution and my experience with electronics, it's been a few years since I soldered something on a pcb, but I could probably still handle it.

An important limitation is having a "transportable" mini-studio. I wish I could carry it in two (large) bags.

Thanks in advance.

Compilers – Does assembly language translate to binary code? If so, is assembly language portable on all machines?

I tried to find the answer through Google, but I found conflicting uses of terminology, so I just wanted to be absolutely clear.

Here I have my understanding: the high level code written in a high level language (C I think it is one of the lowest high level languages) is translated into the assembly code by the compiler of that language.

That assembly code is then translated into machine code (also known as binary code, also known as hexadecimal code) for something (I'm not sure what this translation does).

Does that mean that the assembly code, but not the machine code, is portable on all computers? Or is the assembly not portable either, and the only thing that is portable is the code written in a high-level language?

Windows application – µTorrent RePack stable and portable by KpoJIuK | NulledTeam UnderGround

Language: multilanguage / Russian / English | File size: 3.95 MB

µTorrent: a fast, easy, free and compact torrent. Client µTorrent, today, is one of the most popular solutions for the BitTorrent network. The program combines optimal functionality with a small amount. It supports work regardless of hikers, allows you to download several files at once, has customizable bandwidth, fast restoration of interrupted downloads and more.

µTorrent: a completely free software for sharing files with P2P technology in the BitTorrent file-sharing network. From other customers, uTorrent has a small size distribution, although currently "terabytes and gigahertz", the size of uTorrent, called the only and only advantage, is probably incorrect, but on the other hand it is a confirmation of quality and quality. professionalism of uTorrent programmers who can write a "compact" code.

One of the best uTorrent has become a convenient, well thought out, very pleasant interface and a quick response to user actions. It supports all the functions necessary for operation in the BitTorrent P2P network.

There are some features:
uTorrent supports parallel loading;
Rational use of bandwidth and allows you to customize it;
Built-in programmer uTorrent manages tasks;
uTorrent has the ability to set traffic priority and adjust speed;
It has fast stop and resume download functions;
uTorrent supports UPnP and NAT-PMP, as well as popular protocol extensions;
It has low memory consumption and small program size;
Supports reading RSS feeds and downloading torrent ads;
Interact with other customers without the need for the main tracker (DHT);
uTorrent supports protocol encryption;
Interface uTorrent has supported the change order and the possibility of translation into other languages;
In uTorrent remote control integrated through the HTTP protocol, using the web interface (WebUI);
uTorrent works on all versions of the Windows operating system;
It is also possible to use uTorrent on Linux using Wine.

µTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients, with many features such as bandwidth prioritization, automatic RSS downloading, programming and DHT Mainline (which is compatible with BitComet, another known BitTorrent client), joint protocol encryption specification (also used by Azureus and higher, BitComet 1.30 +) and peer exchange.

µTorrent was written with efficiency in mind. Unlike many torrent clients, it does not consume valuable system resources, usually using less than 6 MB of memory, which allows you to use the computer as if it were not there. In addition, the program itself is contained in a single executable of less than 750 KB in size.

ΜTorrent features:
– Multiple simultaneous downloads
– Configurable bandwidth programmer
– Global and torrent speed limitation
– Interrupted transfers of rapid resumption
– RSS downloader
– Support without tracking (Mainline DHT)

• Stream instantly (beta)
• Automatic protection against viruses and malware.
• Play more formats
• µTorrent Pro includes an HD media player or converts to play on any mobile device.
• µTorrent Pro always adds new features. Enjoy them at no additional cost.
• Convert downloads to play on any device
• Premium customer service

Langpacks: Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Friesian, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Valencian, Vietnamese.

What's new

Repacking Features:

Ads disabled (method A1eksandr1)
· DHT patch applied (download of torrents marked as private, without the participation of a tracker)
· Program settings adjusted for optimal performance
· The basis for mapping IP addresses and country flags on the Peers tab has been established
· Translation adjusted to Russian
Configuration pick-up: all files in the uTorrentPrefs folder (if next to the installer) will be copied to the program folder. For example, you can use these files:
· Settings.dat – program settings
· Maindoc.ico – torrent file icon
· Tray.ico: program icon in the notification area
· Main.ico: program icon in its main window
· Current.btskin – skin for the program
Rss.dat: RSS feed configuration
·and so…
Command Line Options:
· Silent installation: / S / I
· Portable unpacking: / S / P
· Do not create desktop shortcuts: / ND
· Do not create shortcuts in the Start menu: / NS
· Select the installation location: / D = WAY
The / D = PATH option should be the most recent.
For example: uTorrent.v3.5.4.44498.exe / S / I / D = C: MyProgram


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Windows Application – All PDF Converter Pro Multilingual + Portable | NulledTeam UnderGround

All PDF Converter Pro REPACK multilingual + portable | 36.4 / 34.4 Mb

The fast and reliable PDF converter allows you to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PPTX, Epub, Txt, Html, Images, XML without complications. An essential tool for those in a hurry, All PDF Converter will quickly become your PDF conversion tool once you become familiar with its unique features, such as the option to convert your PDF files to more than 10 different high quality formats with Feature OCR

Conversion of PDF files in any situation.
All PDF converter Pro is a cost-effective and multipurpose software that addresses all your various PDF file conversion needs.
More than 10 output formats.
All PDF Converter Pro can easily convert PDF files (scanned or uncanned) into 7 editable documents, including Word (doc / docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), PPTX, Epbu, Txt, Html, images (jpg / png / bmp / Tiff / EMFF), XML.
7 languages
All PDF Converter not only supports English, but also German, Russia, Chinese, French, Italy and Spain. With this function, this program will serve you regardless of whether you speak English or not.
OCR technology
With our advanced OCR technology, All PDF Converter allows you to extract text from scanned or image-only PDF files and convert them into editable, selectable and searchable documents. High quality and precision.
Fast and reliable
No Internet is needed, All PDF Converter could be your best offline PDF conversion software. You can load multiple PDF files and get converted output files with their fastest speed. Reliable and trouble free process.
Manage your PDF conversion process professionally.
Advanced settings help you convert PDF files as easily as you can.
Batch process
Increase your productivity in batch mode. Import all your PDF files and convert them at the same time. So convenient!
Remove password
It allows you to import encrypted PDF files and remove your restrictions before converting. The process is safe.
Preview before converting
With the built-in PDF viewer, you can preview the files beforehand. Make a final confirmation and save time!
Page selection function
You can define the page range with the page selection function. It is not necessary to use the page extraction tool and get what you want!
Essential PDF converter software.
As a comprehensive PDF conversion solution, All PDF Converter will improve the efficiency of your work with its powerful conversion capabilities. Get one and you can convert PDF files to more than 10 commonly used file formats.
Advanced OCR technology.
The most powerful OCR technology in All PDF Converter allows you to extract text from scanned PDF files and convert them into editable documents. Get content without wasting your time.
With All PDF Converter OCR, you can convert scanned PDF files into editable, selectable and searchable documents with its PDF OCR function. You can drag and drop PDF files and start your PDF OCR process.
OCR images
With the OCR Images feature of our program, you can upload images that include png, jpg, jpeg, bmp and gif and let All PDF Converter automate recognizing the text within these images. Support the batch process.
Requirements: Windows 7/8/10.

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Windows application – Portable Softvoile Flashnote 4.8 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Portable Softvoile Flashnote 4.8 | Packaged in VMware ThinApp | Windows (x86 / x64) | rar | 27.9 mb

Dear users! We do not forget our rights holders!
All portable assembly, designed exclusively for software promotion and can be used for informational purposes only!
After testing the program and deciding its usefulness and need, this software is mandatory. Remove the assembly and turn to the developer to purchase a license for a full version. Good luck!


DxO PhotoLab 3.0.0 Build 4210 Elite + Conservator Portable Plugins | NulledTeam UnderGround

DxO PhotoLab 3.0.0 Build 4210 Elite + Conservator Portable Plugins | File size: 294 MB / 438 MB

DxO PhotoLab 3: designed by and for photographers with demanding standards and love for beautiful images. The new HSL tool (Hue, Saturation and Luminance) DxO PhotoLab 3s is an exciting and superbly visual way of managing color that can help you produce more creative and natural looking images. The new DxO ColorWheel is a fantastic new color adjustment tool that you can use to select color ranges from eight separate channels, including orange and purple.

A totally new approach to manage and adjust the color (NEW!)
The ColorWheel DxO can adjust color values, select replacement colors and can even adjust transitions and nuances for truly distinctive effects. The new uniformity slider helps you standardize color variations within a specific range, while the saturation and luminance slides now work independently, making them perfect tools to convert color to black and white. without the use of complex masks. The new tools are ideal to partially desaturate the images.

DxO ClearView Plus local contrast optimization (Exclusive!)
DxO ClearView illuminates the horizon in your images by eliminating the fog of your landscapes or the smog of your urban photos. This exclusive feature increases local contrast after thoroughly analyzing the colorimetric components of your image. This technology makes your image more radiant without creating a halo effect around drastic transitions.

DxO PRIME, the latest noise elimination technology (Exclusive!)
Take your equipment to the limit thanks to the industry-leading noise elimination technology of DxO, DxO PRIME. Eliminate noise from your high ISO images without losing any detail or color.

Unmatched optical corrections and custom lens profiles (Exclusive!)
During the 15 years that DxO has been active, more than 42,000 lens / camera combinations have been accurately analyzed in our laboratories. Their characteristics have been thoroughly studied to understand how these chains affect the image and to develop corrective profiles specifically for your team. Optical faults such as lack of sharpness, vignetting, chromatic aberrations and distortion are corrected automatically and effectively.

U Point technology like no other for perfect local settings (Exclusive!)
U Point selection assist technology is fully integrated with DxO PhotoLab through its multi-configuration equalizer interface, allowing you to make intuitive and effective local adjustments to complement automatic software corrections.

Mask manager for local settings (NEW!)
Applying local adjustment masks to photos is now easier than ever with the new DxO PhotoLab 3. A new special palette lists the local settings that have already been applied to your image. With one click you can see all the settings for the local editions applied. You can choose to show the settings or hide them instantly as a Photoshop mask, all with one click.

Reverse the adjustment masks (NEW!)
The function of local adjustment masks is extremely flexible and non-destructive, allowing you to flex your creative muscles without fear. With the new Opacity slider, you can adjust exactly how much your local editions show, all without returning to the settings. There is also a new bright feature that reverses the adjustment masks with just one click, which makes it an even more versatile and creative tool.

Graduated filter
Apply graduated filters to balance exposure in your image, add depth to the sky or attract attention to your subject by obscuring or blurring surrounding areas. Like the control points used with U Point technology, you can also use the multiple configuration equalizer.

The Brush tool allows you to create a touch-up mask and correct a specific area with a high degree of accuracy by adjusting its opacity. Auto Mask can even automatically detect colors that are similar to those you initially selected.

Auto repair
Are the characteristics like a speck of dust, a pebble or a bird in the sky moving away the attention of your subject and breaking his image? The intelligent automatic repair tool replaces these elements with a corresponding area in the image, such as a part of the sky or sand.

Redesigned repair tool with a new cloning mode (NEW!)
There will always be something in a photo that you want to erase, such as a bird, a person or a piece of trash. DxO PhotoLab 3 can make them disappear with the redesigned repair tool, with great improvements in the “ Repair & # 39; & # 39; and a new mode “ Clone & # 39; & # 39 ;.

Repair mode works like a touch-up brush that samples pixels of a part of an image for use in an area that you want to rebuild or repair. It is the perfect way to cover unwanted objects and adjust the pixels to match the color and brightness levels of the area you are repairing. The areas can be selected manually and you can even use another image as a source. The new Clone mode is the ideal way to replace areas of an image with an exact copy of another part of a photo. The opacity and pen settings can be adjusted in both modes, making repairs look completely natural without rough edges or visible transitions.

DxO smart lighting
Use the full range of your sensor by revealing new details in underexposed or overexposed areas in your RAW files, even with a significant backlight. Adjust the effect to suit your taste and vision to achieve balance between light and dark. In addition, the Selective Tone tool allows you to independently adjust different brightness ranges from darkest to brightest levels, giving you more freedom and precision when lightening shadows or recovering details in bright areas.

Cash weighted corrections
With spot weighted corrections, you can adjust your corrections according to the areas of interest in your photos, such as faces. DxO Smart Lighting analyzes and accounts for these areas before applying corrections to the entire image. As a result, your backlit portraits will look brighter while they look natural.

PhotoLibrary, everything you need for perfect asset management (NEW!)
If you have a large library of images, you will know how difficult it can be to find the image you are looking for. Fortunately, DxO PhotoLab 3 makes searching for photos much easier thanks to the new features of DxO PhotoLibrary. Keywords now appear as tooltips every time you hover your mouse over images on the File Explorer tab. The keywords are also displayed directly in the Metadata palette, you can also add, delete, rename the keywords directly or assign them to a batch of images (only the macOS version, soon available in the Windows version).

If you are importing images into DxO PhotoLab 3 that already have keywords attached, including data written by other XMP format software, these will be automatically imported. With its new and improved PhotoLibrary function, DxO PhotoLab 3 is perfectly compatible with other photo editing packages on the market and allows a faster and more efficient workflow.

Release Notes:
DxO PhotoLab 3 – Release Notes

Plug-in connection:

The Plugins folder with NikCollection.exe must be next (in the same folder) with DxO.PhotoLab.exe before starting the compilation

System Requirements:
– Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher (Intel Core i5 or higher recommended)
– 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
– 4 GB or more of available hard disk space
– Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64 bits) or Microsoft Windows 10 version 1607 or higher (64 bits, and still compatible with Microsoft)
– DirectX 9.0c compatible system
– OpenCl 1.2 compatible graphics card with 1 GB of video memory to handle OpenCL acceleration
Platform / OS: Windows 8.1 / 10 (64 bits)
Language: Multilanguage / English



Windows application – Advanced SystemCare Pro RePack (and portable) of D! Akov | NulledTeam UnderGround

File Size: 44 MB

Advanced SystemCare PRO offers a comprehensive automatic PC service with malware removal, correction of registry errors, personal data protection, system cleaning and productivity improvement. Thanks to the latest technologies, browser protection and Internet acceleration, the program provides excellent protection and accelerated access when using the Internet.

Pro version features:
Perform a full range of work to achieve the best performance. A simple registry cleaning cannot provide a really serious increase in speed. Advanced SystemCare Pro combines registry cleaning, defragmentation, fine-tuning the system, restoring damaged shortcuts, deleting personal information from temporary files, deleting unnecessary files, restoring and optimizing the disk, and much more. , all that is required for your computer to function as new.

Detect and correct more security and performance issues. The innovative Deep Scan technology developed by us provides Advanced SystemCare PRO with the highest percentage of problem detection among analogs, allowing you to find the root of problems with your computer.

More simple and easy to use. It is not necessary to be professional and know a lot about computers. All that is needed is to install the program, click several times with the mouse and your computer will work again as new.

Recommended by many users. Advanced SystemCare Pro combines legacy ease of use with even more powerful features. One click starts scanning and eliminating dozens of different problems on the computer, and also activates the protection of the machine against many hidden security threats.

Key features
Supports the best computer performance. It fully optimizes Windows, providing exceptional system performance and high-speed Internet by releasing the power of your own system, depending on the nature of your work with a PC and network configuration. The program turns your computer into a business machine, a productive workstation, an entertainment center, a game machine and a scientific computing center.

Reliably protect the computer. Scan and analyze information security features in Windows. Detect and remove spyware and adware using the latest databases to prevent malicious users from installing malicious applications on your computer. Delete and update the usage history of your computer.

One click eliminates the 10 most common problems on a computer. Advanced SystemCare Pro combines the ease of use inherited from previous versions with even more powerful features. With a single click of the mouse, it starts scanning and eliminating ten main problems with the PC and protects it from hidden security threats.

Optimization in real time. ActiveBoost function ActiveBoost technology runs continuously in the background and detects unused resources. Redistributing properly the resources of the system, the technology provides the maximum efficiency of the use of the processor and the memory.

More than 20 unique PC maintenance tools. Advanced SystemCare Pro includes the latest version of the IObit Toolbox, with more than 20 unique tools for daily computer maintenance and advanced needs. Toolbox contains tools to clean, optimize and repair the system, tools to improve system security and tools for complete computer control.

Cloud technology provides timely updates to the database. The new technology "in the cloud" provides timely updates to the database, allowing you to obtain the latest configurations for system configuration and malware signatures.

Optimize performance for work or games. Now you can choose between two options of the Turbo Boost option: operating mode and game mode. In addition, the configuration of each mode is now possible on the main screen.

Deep cleaning and registry optimization. Completely safe cleaning of the debris log, compression and defragmentation of the log guarantee the highest possible performance. The program finds and eliminates even those registry errors that pass other programs that do not have deep scanning technology.

It runs automatically in the background. This powerful utility works continuously at the bottom of your computer, without requiring attention, completely automatically. You can set the job on a schedule or just let it optimize when the computer is not busy.

The new user interface consumes less resources and is faster. With the new interface, Advanced SystemCare Pro starts much faster and uses fewer system resources.

New architecture and code rewritten from scratch for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The improvements allow your computer to function even more efficiently and more stable than before, stabilizing the work of even older systems.

Improved maintenance module with more powerful cleaning and optimization functions. Improvements in the Service module include features such as Startup Optimization, which scans your PC more effectively for possible problems.

Powerful hard disk defragmentation. The fast, powerful and incredibly effective disk defragmentation function eliminates disk fragmentation up to 10 times faster than its counterparts.

Version Changes:
+ The new email protection protects your web emails against spam, phishing scams and other threats transmitted by email.
+ Improved junk file cleaning and privacy scanning to clean more and more deeply, and also clean data for all user accounts.
+ Rebuilt the Startup Optimization and Startup Manager database to greatly accelerate the startup time of the PC.
+ The spyware and protector removal database was expanded in real time by up to 200% to eliminate more threats, including the latest Worm.Mydoom, Ransom.FileCrypter and Trojan.Symmi.
+ The Software Updater database was expanded to update 60% more programs.
+ Significantly reinforced privacy shield to add protection to the confidential data specified by the user.
+ The new Context Menu Manager helps you manage the context menu easily and quickly.
+ Rebuilt File Shredder to support cleaning of free disk space again.
+ Improved Registry Clean to eliminate more redundant registry entries for greater system performance.
+ Turbo Boost redesigned to be easier to use and add optimization for Windows Universal Platform applications.
+ The Surfing Protection & Ads Removal database has been expanded for a safer online browsing experience without ads.
+ Revised user interface for a more intuitive and fluid experience.
+ Location: 34 languages.
+ And you can discover more.

RePack Features
Type: Installation | unpacking the portable version of the portableApps format).
Languages: ML.
Trimming: nothing.
Activation: done (XorRax).

Command Line Keys:
Silent installation of the Russian version: / S / I
Silent unpacking of the portable version: / S / P
You can also select the installation directory: after all the keys, add / D =% path% Example: setup_file.exe / S / I / D = C: Program


Windows application – Loaris Trojan Remover RePack & Portable by elchupakabra | NulledTeam UnderGround

Language: multilingual + Russian | File size: 75.88 MB

Loaris Trojan Remover helps eliminate malware (Trojans, worms, adware, spyware) when standard antivirus software cannot detect them or does not remove them effectively. Standard antivirus programs are good for detecting this Malware, but they are not always good for effectively removing it. Most anti-malware scanners detect malicious software: Trojans, Internet worms, adware and spyware. But they are not always efficient to eliminate them once they have been activated.

Key features

– Elimination of complex threats that require operation at the system level (backdoor, rootkit, etc.)
– Ignore List
– Removable scan type
– Additional tools
– Use connection through proxy

Time Proven Company
We have established trusting relationships with our clients and have met with a team specialized in software security.

Modern technologies
The use of advanced technologies is vital in our work to provide our users with the highest quality of computer protection.

Motivated driving
The Loaris Trojan Remover team is united for safety! We have strict objectives to help users protect their information.

Cybersecurity is one of the main concerns of companies, since the most valuable asset for many of them is data. Your company data is always safe with the LOARIS corporate license.

– May include unspecified updates, improvements or bug fixes.

RePack Features:
1. Installation of the combined program in a distribution or unpacking kit of the portable version (PortableApps format)
2. No registration required (patch pawel97 + key)
3. Multilingual interface (including Russian)
4. Optional program integration in the Explorer context menu
5. Select an external configuration file settings.reg (if located next to the installer)

System Requirements:
– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
– 90 MB of hard disk space
– Minimum screen resolution of 800 * 600


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Unsafe portable WIFI attack

If a laptop has WIFI but is disabled in Device Manager, can the attacker continue to use it to hack wirelessly?