Using Google Analytics to track popularity a series of checkboxes on a webpage

I have a WebPage page that has lots of checkboxes on. Each one does something different. I would like to know which of these checkboxes is most popular with users.

I am aware that I can assign Analytics Events by class to these checkboxes but that would either require me to:

  • Give every checkbox the same class and assign a blanket event
  • Create a new event for every checkbox, using a different class each time

If i were to go with the former and give every checkbox the same class, is there a way in the Analytics dashboard to disaggregate those events by the checkbox ID, or some other variable that differentiates them from each-other?

Equally, is there a better, alternative, way of approaching this?

php – Order custom field values by popularity

I have two custom fields: “usp-custom-ticker” and “ticker”.

I want to combine them into one list (which I already successfully did with the following code):

       'posts_per_page' => 35,
       'caller_get_posts'=> 35

     $my_query = new WP_Query($args);
     if( $my_query->have_posts() ) {

       while ($my_query->have_posts()) : $my_query->the_post(); ?>

   <?php echo usp_get_meta(false, 'usp-custom-ticker'); ?> <?php echo usp_get_meta(false, 'ticker'); ?>



With the above code I have all values from two custom fields. Which includes duplicates.

Basically I want to order that list by popularity (without duplicates).

So, let’s say I have 10 posts.

5 of them have ‘January’.
3 of them have ‘December’
2 of them have ‘June’.

I want to order a list like this: January December June.

I need help. I know it can be done using array_unique (to remove duplicates) and array_count_values (to count values) but haven’t figured out yet how to do that.

Is there any API to retrieve data from Popularity Trends in Sharepoint Server 2016

Hellow Experts!
I’m using Sharepoint Server 2016 and as we know there is a feature called “Popularity Trends” which gives a report on number of hits and unique users with the graphs for the library. So, instead of downloading the report everytime, I have to show that numbers and graphs directly in a custom website. So here, is there any API or any solution to do the same. Many thanks in advance!

popularity inside the market location to mailing list your employer

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A mailing listing is a continuously evolving component mailing list because the middle facts upon which it’s miles based totally adjustments over the years as people pass or grow to be married and so forth. The mailing listing needs to be capable of being ‘cleansed’ and updated to reflect the ones modifications so that it represents the exceptional viable accuracy mailing list at the time you operate it.

The mailing list broking may be used to offer accurate mailing list segmented as required and with all records having been verified prior to apply. These can consist of matters consisting of insurance policy renewal dates and so forth.

Alternatively they could typically take mailing list your present ‘in-residence’ mailing lists and challenge them to validation prior to their use for your campaigns. This can include checks on all key indicative fields inclusive of occupiers, names, ages, DOBs, postcodes and de-duplication.

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woocommerce – Shop Page Only – change sorting order to popularity while the product categories will be price: low to high

I would like to request for an assistance on the Shop Page Only – change sorting order to popularity while the product categories page will be price: low to high.

As you may know you may only sort the archive page once. Thank you so much.

Why isn’t using review counts on Google Maps a good approximation for the popularity of a location?

I read (mirror) this comment that attracted some upvotes stating that:

I don’t believe using (Google Maps) review counts as a proxy for popularity is a good idea for travelers for a multitude of reasons.

Why is using review counts on Google Maps a good approximation for the popularity of a location?

I would have guessed that, approximately, the more people frequent a place (e.g., a restaurant or a market), the more reviews it gets.

The motivations as a traveler to find out which places are most often frequented are well stated in (mirror):

When you travel to a new city, it takes time till you find your new
favorite place or visit what’s best here. You will want to visit the
best places there are, but it is so difficult to find them!

The most reviewed and top rated places are ones that you can trust.
But take everything with a grain of salt.

There are also many hidden gems that are extremely good, but are not
that popular. Also, always keep an eye on worst reviewed places and
tourist traps that you should avoid. quotes Kevin Reece, Director of Product Management at Google:

The vast majority of contributions made to Maps are authentic, with policy-violating content seen less than one percent of the time. And we’ll continue to develop new tools and techniques to fight against bad actors. Contributed content is an indispensable part of how we’re making Maps richer and more helpful for everyone.

so it seems policy-violating content wouldn’t have much of an impact.

How to sort tweet REPLIES (not tweets themselves) by popularity not time [Android app]

Hi all, new member here. I've spent longer than I'd like to admit trying to solve this problem, the solution to which is probably quite simple. A few weeks ago, tweet replies began sorting themselves by time on the Android app, with the most recent replies being displayed first, rather than being sorted by popularity, as they had been for as long as I can remember.

Yes, I know how to toggle tweet sorting between popularity and time, but there seems to be no way to change how the replies…

How to sort tweet REPLIES (not tweets themselves) by popularity not time (Android app)

❓ASK – What’s makes coins to gain popularity? |

I think things like the coins technology, use-case, ecosystem, and price growth and marketing all factor into a coins popularity.

Revolutionary ideas with tech and development to back it are a lot easier to buy into that tokens issued with a dream. As we have seen, a coin can have all of this (tech, use-case, a functioning ecosystem, and more) but if it does not successfully implement marketing, it may still suffer the same fate of many coins before it (see Nanocurrency).

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