Mining pools: if the transactions are changed in the memory, how do the miners know?

If Alicia asks for something to move it, Alicia sends her her public key and Bob encrypts the message using Alicia's password.

Bob uses his private key and hash function to make a signature.
After finishing this procedure, Bob sends an encrypted message with signature.

Finally, Alice decrypts the message and puts it into a hash function and compares the output with the decryption signature.

This is what I understood about the transaction.

But when the transaction is waiting in memory, if someone changes the content of the signature using Bob's public key, how is it possible that Miner knows that the signature is incorrect?

To compare the message with the signature, the miner needs Alice's private key. But the miner does not have.

Is there another way to compare the signature with the encrypted message?

mining pools – How to control an ethos platform miner remotely?

Apparently one of distinctive character The features are indicated on the device for remote restart and other configurations remotely.

How to control an ethos platform miner remotely?

Apparently, I need to edit local.conf case file. If so, how can I do this after restarting the miner?

I also want to see the situation of the miner through a control panel remotely. It's possible? And how?

Thank you

Mining pools – Hashrate Slushpool Miner always lower than local Hashrate

A short story

There is an Antminer server farm for which I provide support more than 100 BC Servers, mainly S9 and T9 models. There are three specific S9 miners that are side by side, side by side, in the frame, which continuously show a lower than normal hash rate in Slushpool.

When I check these servers in Slushpool, the three often fluctuate between 11-13 TH / s, but the web interface and the command line RT and AVH hash are always normal without fluctuations. However, every time I check Slushpool, it's almost always lower than normal and I've checked up to almost a hundred times in a single day just to make sure I was being conscientious.


Is there something common or something that someone else has determined that could cause a hash mining rate to always show lower in Slushpool than in the local server?


  • I have checked the command line and the web interface in all this and I see the same thing; Normal real time and normal average always
    Every time I check, but with Slushpool, it almost always shows that it's
    Lower hashing by 1 or 2 TH / s.

  • Normally, when other miners on this farm have a lower Slushpool hash rate than normal, the local servers have a value that correlates much more with that hash rate, so I'm
    trying to understand if there is something I do not understand here
    what can explain this.