How does the religious right claim to be "family values" when it is religion that separates families more than anything else?

What was the divorce rate before the liberals put the divorce into practice?

For that matter, what was the rate of single maternity before feminism?

Edit: I love thumbs down. Hahaha

It is a fact that the faultless divorce caused the divorce rates to explode.

It is also a fact that feminist ideology is a leading cause of the increase in single motherhood.

Cry all you like liberals, but the fact is that your social policies are a disaster for the family.


[ Politics ] Open question: conservatives and Republicans now say that Congress should not investigate a president. What changed?

[Politics] Open question: conservatives and Republicans now say that Congress should not investigate a president. What changed? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Why is the left ready to crucify a Republican politician for wearing a black face, but when it is Trudeau, they only give excuses?

What about this double standard? .

Do you think Lewandowski in his idiot testimony did more to implicate Trump in the obstruction of justice he did to defend him?

The pathetic and moody flatterer acted as a witness for the mafia!

What a silly little man this is, acting as he did, made it clear that Trump is guilty!

Oh, of course, he runs for the Senate race in New Hampshire and hopes Trump will take him there, the idiot is just another dumb fool who will sing like a canary in years!


Should we get rid of the polling station so that each vote counts and the conservatives and liberals campaign in all states?

Benjamin Franklin … who I checked for the last time, did not own slaves … once said that "democracy is four wolves and a lamb voting on what to dine" …

He expressed it in such a way that even a school-age child could understand the reason for Republican concepts such as the Electoral College … and why the notion of "one person, one vote" went against our founding principles … that , again, he felt that all schoolchildren should know him …

Apparently, he was too generous in his assumptions …..


Can you name even ONE president in history who was better than Donald J Trump? I bet you can't. Those who disagree can be blocked, thanks?

I will do better: do you enjoy our national parks? So thanks TR
Do you appreciate that Japan and Germany are allies? So, thanks to FDR, Wilson and Truman.
Do you appreciate not being a British colony? Thanks to Washington and many others
Do you appreciate the country not divided into N and S? Thanks to Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.
Do you appreciate the suffrage and reforms of blacks? Thanks JFK, LBJ.
Do you like to have the vote as a woman? Thanks Wilson, Harding.
What has Trump done that you appreciate?
Make your own conclusions.


[ Politics ] Open question: So the result of the so-called "bad" audience of Lewandowski was that Swalwell established that Corey lied to Mueller and the FBI?

Being under oath before Congress and being under oath before the FBI, you cannot tell different stories without lying criminally in one of those circumstances. .

Why don't we attack those who disagree with the US? UU.?

Because that would put an end to humanity.

We would not survive this.
I guess rats, ants and cockroaches would probably do it, but homo sapiens would be ready.

A few dozen could enter these shelters for a few months. And that?
If someone remakes humanity, it is the Inuit. And the models don't look good even for them.
Or maybe those scientists at the South Pole. The problem is that there are not enough … inbreeding would be a very fast problem.


[ Politics ] Open question: Trump commented on the recently deceased Cokie Roberts: he never treated me well. WTF?

Are Republicans crying because Corey Lewandowski was caught under oath today?

Republicans seemed extremely stressed and Lewandowski has aged dramatically in the last year. He claims executive privilege when he never worked a day at the White House in his life.

Those Good Ol & # 39; Boys worked hard to create a distraction, but the fact is that most Americans, including members of Congress, have read the Mueller Report. Congress already knows how Lewandowski answered the same questions when he testified before Mueller. He's rambling incoherently and sounds like an idiot, which he is.

Republicans also seemed extremely nervous. A poor old Southern man spoke so fast that he looked like an auctioneer. Clearly, Red Square Republicans did not want Lewandowski to answer those questions on national television.