[ Politics ] Open question: Trump is going crazy on Twitter with an accusatory talk. Are you just asking the Democrats to accuse him now?

They must accuse him at this time for the way he is acting.

[ Politics ] Open question: leftists, how do you feel about aborting unborn children?

[ Politics ] Open question: leftists, how do you feel about aborting unborn children? .

Global warming has not been proven or refuted, so why would we destroy our world economy with a theory?

Global warming is proven. And nobody is talking about destroying the global economy. In fact, the goal of combating global warming is not to destroy our economy and lifestyle. The solution to global warming is mainly to find new ways of doing things to minimize the impact on our lifestyle. For example, changing internal combustion engines with electric vehicles has very little impact on our lifestyles.

There are also benefits for global warming. Solutions that go beyond fighting global warming. For example, think of all the lives and money that the United States spent trying to intervene in the Middle East. The only reason we care about the Middle East, unlike other global hotspots, is because of oil. If we could get rid of our addiction to foreign oil, then we would have much more flexibility in international relations.


Why does Donald Trump continue to attack the Mueller Report on Twitter and declare him totally exempt from the crimes?

Maybe because it is more of a piece against Trump than the results of a supposedly detailed investigation.

The bias is obvious. For example, if a person is badly done in some way and has an association with Trump and Clinton, then only the link to Trump is mentioned.

The same goes for people who have ties to Russia and who also work for the FBI. If they can be used to defame Trump, only his link to Russia is mentioned.

Mueller uses media articles to back up his claims, not to mention that the article happened because they leaked the details to the media.

There is a lot to criticize.


Morning Joe and Mika of MSNBC ask for the television prohibition of Sarah Sanders, Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway. What is your opinion?

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