[ Politics ] Open question: OK. You want Trump to leave the office and I want him to stay. What does it say we have a vote and let people decide?

How does it sound next November? .

When were women allowed to vote for the first time in the United States?

Lydia Taft's vote in 1756 is generally recognized as the first woman confirmed to vote, but I have read that there were certainly cases of women who voted before that.

Obviously, that was colonial America. Both women and men who owned land could vote in New Jersey in 1776.


Do we have the right to resist our government with force?

The Second Amendment was never intended to allow insurrection against the elected government. The "well-ordered militia" described aims to be an aid to the military in times of need. As the Civil War decided conclusively, there is no right to public violence against the actions of the legally elected government.

In some ways, the idea of ​​not imposing taxes without representation has not become any tax. As we have chosen representation, we fight at the polls and in the courts. The right to protest does not include the right to revolt.


Why do people want to raise the minimum wage?

1. Job training costs money. You need money to get a well-paid job. Not everyone has parents who can afford their training / education, so some people need to work to pay for it. Increasing the minimum wage would facilitate this.

2. What happens if you can't get a job with your training / education? You should be able to work in a job that pays a living wage while searching.

3. Even if you get a job with your job training / education, that job could:

A. Pay a salary not much higher than min. salary
B. Pay a good salary, but not enough for you to take care of all your needs, which requires you to get a second job.


[ Politics ] Open question: Is not an affirmative action a violation of the civil rights law?

Since it discriminates on the basis of race. .

[ Politics ] Open question: Are we in the hell of hypocrisy?

You hate to see an American hero with a Purple Heart like Lt. Col. Vindman shattered by people like Laura Ingraham, John Yoo and Brian Kilmeade.

These are the SAME who complain that kneeling during the anthem does not respect our troops. .

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are conservatives so critical?

[Politics] Open question: Why are conservatives so critical? .

Why is Michelle Obama playing the race card AGAIN?

In a recent interview, he accused whites of not wanting to fix black neighborhoods.

"As families like ours, honest families like ours who were doing everything we were supposed to do and better. When we moved, the whites moved because they were afraid of what our families represented," the former first lady said. Tuesday at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago.

"I want to remind the whites that you were running away from us … This family, with all the values ​​they read about, were running away from us. And they are still running away because we are not different from immigrant families moving out," continuous. "Families that come from other places to try to do better. But, because we can easily wash over who we really are, by the color of our skin, by the texture of our hair, that is what divides countries, artificial things. "



Will the House vote this week on the investigation and will eventually cause Trump (and the Republican Party) to stop whining and crying like a little bee?

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