Pegasus (spyware) – What is the point of unroot android device?

There are a few things that I think make the unroot android phone meaningless:

  1. Every year a new version of Android comes to market that unroot android phones can not have.

  2. It has recently been revealed that a spyware called pegasus has infiltrated unroot android phone.

What is the point of unroot android device!?

SQL Server 2019: Two Aliases point to same instance

We have a SQL Server 2008 server that I successfully migrated to a new computer with SQL Server 2019.

The SQL Server 2008 server name is It has two instances named: and

The SQL Server 2019 server name is CMP123456. The instances are named: CMP123456 and CMP123456ABC.

I would like to use aliases on the 2019 server because unfortunately some programmers hardcoded the instance names into their code.

I created two aliases:

( TCP 1433 localhost)

( TCP 1433 localhostABC)

When I use SSMS to login, however both aliases connect me to CMP123456. I am unable to create an alias that will connect me to CMP123456ABC.

These are the aliases I have tried. They all fail as “server not found” errors:

( TCP 1434 localhostABC)

( TCP 1433 CMP123456ABC)

( TCP 1433 ABC)

((No Alias) In this case I was hoping the one localhost alias would work for both instances.)

Any ideas? Is not allowing two aliases a bug/feature of SQL Server 2019?

where on earth – From what point could you view the most countries?

I’ll take a stab at answering this.

The near-quadripoint works, you can see four countries. I’ve been there myself:

But, there are a few more candidates.

The Wakhan corridor (in Afghanistan, is so narrow (8 miles at its narrowest), that I presume there will be peaks from where you can see Afghanistan, China, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

The eastern edge of Kazakhstan and the western edge of Mongolia nearly meet, separated by a 30km gap where Russia and China border. The border here is fairly mountainous, so it’s likely there will be multiple points along this corridor where you will be able to see four countries.

Technically, if you stand on the south pole, you can see land claimed by 6 or 7 countries:

There’s a road that connects Igdir (in Turkey) to Nakchivan (in an Azeri exclave). The road goes through a Turkish corridor that, at times, is only some 2k wide. There, Iran is one side, Armenia on the other.
Beyond a doubt, you’d be able to see four countries here, from multiple locations.

So, the question is, besides on the south pole, where can you see five countries from the ground?

How to plot a point in the intersection of two functions?

Here we plot the intersection of three functions g(8,pc), g(10,pc), g(20,pc) respect tof(pc).

For example,if we want to find the intersetion of g(8,pc) and y=f(x) when we plot g(8,pc), we can set the MeshFunction of g(8,pc) to y-f(x),that is MeshFunctions -> {#2 - f(#1) &}, Mesh -> {{0}}

np = 2;
f(pc_) := 1;
q(d_, pc_) := (pc/(100*0.48))*
   Sum(((Pi/4)*(d - (2*n*0.48))^2), {n, 1, np});
p(d_) := Sum(Pi*(d - (2*n - 1)*0.48), {n, 1, np});
g(d_, pc_) := q(d, pc)/p(d);
plot = Plot(Evaluate(Table(g(d, pc), {d, {8, 10, 20}})), {pc, 0, 50}, 
  MeshFunctions -> {#2 - f(#1) &}, Mesh -> {{0}}, 
  MeshStyle -> {PointSize(Large), Automatic}, PlotRange -> All, 
  AxesLabel -> {"%", "li/lp"}, 
  FrameLabel -> {Style("pc", 12, Bold), Style("li/lp", 12, Bold)}, 
  PlotLabels -> {"d=8", "d=10", "d=20"}, PlotTheme -> "Scientific", 
  GridLines -> Automatic, PlotLabel -> "Raz√£o comprimentos")

Show(plot, Plot(f(pc), {pc, 0, 50}))

enter image description here

On the other hand, we can also set three pure functions when we plot f(pc) to get the three intersection.

np = 2;
f(pc_) := 1;
q(d_, pc_) := (pc/(100*0.48))*
   Sum(((Pi/4)*(d - (2*n*0.48))^2), {n, 1, np});
p(d_) := Sum(Pi*(d - (2*n - 1)*0.48), {n, 1, np});
g(d_, pc_) := q(d, pc)/p(d);

Plot(f(pc), {pc, 0, 50}, 
 MeshFunctions -> 
  Table(Function(pc, g(d, pc) - f(pc) // Evaluate), {d, {8, 10, 20}}),
  Mesh -> {{0}}, MeshStyle -> Directive(PointSize(Large), Red))

enter image description here

factoids – Where is the longest visible line of sight on Earth from point A to point B?

We’ve had some interesting questions on being able to see country A from B, and on visibility for miles in every direction.

For a 6 ft tall person, the horizon in a ‘flat’ area is meant to be about 5km. Obviously the higher you are, the further you can see, if nothing is obscuring your view.

So somewhere on Earth (point A) presumably, you can see all the way, unobscured to Point B, which is further away than any other two visible points on earth.

Where would this line be – that is, between which two points A and B?

Microsoft ergonomic wired keyboard 4000 – the 5 pin USB point is damaged

The keyboard is otherwise perfect, so its a shame if i have to throw it away just because the USB pin head is damaged. Is there anything i can do ?

I have been able to disassemble the keyboard.

Keyboard disassembled

Find the DFS solution for the following graph if the starting point is vertex 3 and traces all vertice

Find the DFS solutionif the starting point is vertex 3 and traces all vertices
Find the DFS solution for the following graph if the starting point is vertex 3 and traces all vertice

Sqlmap won’t pick up injection point. Tweak?

I manually found an injection point, on CTF VM, located on POST form. I found it with the following manual payload :

1' OR SLEEP(1)-- t

I would like to use sqlmap. I ended with following call :

sqlmap -u "http://shop.home/shop/administrator/" --data "username=1&password=2" --level=5 --risk=3 --dbms mysql --technique T -vvv  -p "username,password"
  • Specify data to ensure POST is used, with try to inject on username and password params.
  • Rise up level and risk to extend perimeter
  • Focus on MySQL dbms as I’m pretty sure it is (I tried without)
  • Focus on time-based techniques as I found one

Among all tries, I saw this one :

(PAYLOAD) 2' OR SLEEP(5)-- daCv

It’s exactly the one showing injection, and if I try using Burp I get the timed response evidence.

Nonetheless, sqlmap does not pick it up and it ends showing nothing found.
I’m aware of similar questions (such as this one) but in my case, I know for sure it is time based injection. I also tried with tamper charencode.

I think I got the heuristic sqlmap approach overview : I will try with given value in order to get “valid” request, then build according to this metrics the vulnerable response profile.

How can I tweak sqlmap to find and exploit this particular injection point?

Grouping Around a Point and Moving Together With Steering Behaviors

I have a group of enemies that move together. I have them grouped around a point by setting their target to be a point. I have combined the “Seek” (“Arrive” has the same issue in this case) and “Separate” steering behaviors to achieve this. My issue stems from the fact that they all want to move to that point, effectively fighting for the center (The separate steering behavior just has them doing this at a distance). Is there any way I could group them together like this without having them fight for the center? I don’t want to have set positions as that would be quite unnatural looking and ill-fitting for my game. I also think a flow field would have the same issues (I’m, not sure about that).

language – At which point should a partial translation of the UI of a desktop software become available as an option?

I’m creating an open source software for which the user interface is translated to various languages by contributors (about 30 languages at the moment). The translation platform is online and the nature of benevolent contributions is such that not all languages have a complete translation. Several languages are fully translated but others are at 50% and some at less than 20%.

Personally I find it a bit disappointing/unprofessional to select a language just to find out that only a few parts of the UI are translated and the rest is in English. However I understand that some users might prefer this to nothing.

I’ve considered only including languages that have a certain threshold of translation, like more than 66% of strings or some other arbitrary number for the main/stable version of the application, and include them all in the more bleeding-edge version of the application.

Is there a best practice or an accepted sweet spot to include a language as an option even though its translation is not complete? Is there a better way to go about this?