Old lenses: what adapters would you need to mount a Kodak Vest Pocket lens on an EF-M camera?

Mathieu Stern, the "strange lens guru," recently published this video in which he removed the lens from a Vest Pocket Kodak camera and mounted it on a Sony A7iii. In the description of the video, Stern says only that the lens "was mounted using an m42 adapter (helical) + M42 to C mounting adapter + rubber bands of (one) old bicycle tire."

I am interested in buying one of these old lenses and using it with my Canon EF-M mount camera. Can anyone tell me more specifically what kind of helical adapter would I need? (It is easy to find adapters ranging from M42 lenses to EF-M cameras, so adapting the lens to the M42 mount would effectively answer my question).

Internet – What is the most reliable Pocket WiFi in Turkey?

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vintage – No1 Pocket Kodak opening 1 to 4, f equivalent stop?

I have a cute little pocket Kodak from the twenties or thirties. It is the bottom of the range model with the "single lens". The opening is not marked in numbers f, but is labeled as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Is there any way to know the equivalent opening of the number f to measure the exposures with the modern and fast film (Ilford Delta 400)?

I would like to use a 35mm camera as a meter, and decipher a conversion for the vintage camera. The most expensive cameras in the same range have lenses f7.9 and f6.3, so I guess it's higher than that. But I could imagine that a cheap one-element lens was quite bright, but sacrificing sharpness.

No.1 pocket Kodak lens and opening controls

I've done a lot of searching on Google, but I have not found anything. It seems that the other models in the range may have been more common than the "single lens".

I have the original manual, which includes 3 exposure tables for the 3 different lens options (individual, "Kodar f.7.9" and "Kodak Anastigmat f.6.3"), the page for the single lens is reproduced here. However, I realize that the films of the time were quite slow, so this is likely to over-expose the modern movie.

No.1 pocket Kodak single lens exposure guide

Other details of the camera. It takes 120 movies, and it seems to work. I executed an Ilford FP4 roll out of date, and I got 4 or 5 really good images, but I was guessing and exposing exhibitions in full sunlight. I think it says more about the latitude of the movie than my ability with the camera.

The plate that surrounds the lens with the shutter and opening marks has the number "27449".

If you are wondering why the bellows look strange in the photo, it is because they have some light leaks, so I put them in a black paper "vest" that seems to block them enough.

I have a new Ilford Delta 400, and I hope to take portraits with natural light indoors (a very well lit room), the same conditions with a 35mm camera, with a cheap f3.9 lens with Ilford FP4, 125 ASA has not had problems.

Interestingly, the opening is in front of the shutter, which are both in front of the lens element. When holding a ruler and squinting, I assume that the opening in setting 1 is about 8 mm in diameter, and in the setting of 4 about 2 mm.

Firefox – Keeping links with Pocket in Android browsers?

Should I have a bookmarklet of some kind that does that? There does not seem to be a button to do that in Firefox mobile or for Google for Android, which is strange since there is a pocket application for Android, and that application does not seem to save the bookmarks, so you're stuck. with the links that you saved on your computer using pocket.

Also, I do not see any browser extension for this.

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Would throwing pocket sand in the eyes of an opponent count as a free object interaction or action?

In "Another activity on your turn" (PHB 190) the rule says … "You can also interact with an object […] Free, either during your movement or your action. "

While I am in combat, if I throw "pocket sand" at my opponent before attacking him or fleeing him, is it considered a free object interaction or a normal action?

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