magento2.3 – product image not showing in product page with rapiddive fiximage plugin

Thanks in advance for helping.

I’m using github rapiddive/fiximage extension to display images avoiding cache wich is perfect for my whole site but the product page. I’ve got hundreds of thousands of porducts and millions of images so caching is not reliable for me.
Still novice in theme creation so i’m trying to find a hint to investigate and solve this issue.

where it has to be image product and path there’s some code starting with <div><div>

Since, for example, catalogsearch image is showing with no problem at all is it possible to change the way productpage make the call to image? Every product has only one image and i really don’t care to have a gallery for that.

Here’s the error:

<div class="gallery-placeholder _block-content-loading" data-gallery-role="gallery-placeholder"><img alt="main product photo" class="gallery-placeholder__image" src="</div></div><script type=" text="" x-magento-init"="">{"(data-gallery-role=gallery-placeholder)":{"mage/gallery/gallery":{"mixins":("magnifier/magnify"),"magnifierOpts":{"fullscreenzoom":20,"top":"0","left":"-300","width":"300","height":"300","eventType":"hover","enabled":false},"data":({"thumb":"","img":"","full":"","caption":"Il signore degli anelli - Tolkien John R. R.","position":"1","isMain":true,"type":"image","videoUrl":null},{"thumb":"","img":"","full":"","caption":"Il signore degli anelli - Tolkien John R. R.","position":"1","isMain":false,"type":"image","videoUrl":null}),"options":{"nav":"thumbs","showCaption":0,"width":600,"height":600,"thumbwidth":80,"thumbheight":80,"transition":"slide","navtype":"slides","navdir":"horizontal","thumbmargin":5,"loop":true,"keyboard":true,"arrows":true,"allowfullscreen":true,"transitionduration":500,"navarrows":true},"fullscreen":{"nav":"thumbs","navdir":"horizontal","navtype":"slides","transition":"slide","loop":true,"arrows":true,"transitionduration":500},"breakpoints":{"mobile":{"conditions":{"max-width":"767px"},"options":{"options":{"nav":"dots"}}}}}}}<script>
require(('jquery'), function($, themewidgets) {
    $('(data-gallery-role=gallery-placeholder):not(.loaded)').each(function() {
        var $gallery = $(this).addClass('loaded'), img = new Image(), conf = {"mixins":("magnifier/magnify"),"magnifierOpts":{"fullscreenzoom":20,"top":"0","left":"-300","width":"300","height":"300","eventType":"hover","enabled":false},"data":({"thumb":"","img":"","full":"","caption":"Il signore degli anelli - Tolkien John R. R.","position":"1","isMain":true,"type":"image","videoUrl":null},{"thumb":"","img":"","full":"","caption":"Il signore degli anelli - Tolkien John R. R.","position":"1","isMain":false,"type":"image","videoUrl":null}),"options":{"nav":"thumbs","showCaption":0,"width":600,"height":600,"thumbwidth":80,"thumbheight":80,"transition":"slide","navtype":"slides","navdir":"horizontal","thumbmargin":5,"loop":true,"keyboard":true,"arrows":true,"allowfullscreen":true,"transitionduration":500,"navarrows":true},"fullscreen":{"nav":"thumbs","navdir":"horizontal","navtype":"slides","transition":"slide","loop":true,"arrows":true,"transitionduration":500},"breakpoints":{"mobile":{"conditions":{"max-width":"767px"},"options":{"options":{"nav":"dots"}}}}};
        function adjustOptions(conf, ratio) {
            var contwidth = $gallery.width(), opt = conf.options, width, height;
            if ((window.innerWidth > 767) && (opt.navdir == 'vertical')) {
                width = contwidth;
                height = (contwidth - opt.thumbwidth - opt.thumbmargin) * ratio + opt.thumbmargin*2;
            } else {
                width = contwidth;
                height = contwidth * ratio;
            conf.options.width = width;
            conf.options.height = height;
            return conf;
        $(img).on('load', function() {
            var $img = $(this), ratio = img.height/img.width;
            var updateGallery = function() {
                var dataGallery = $'gallery');
                if (dataGallery) {
                    dataGallery.updateOptions(adjustOptions(dataGallery.fotorama, ratio).options);
            $gallery.on('gallery:loaded', updateGallery);
            $(window).on('cdz_window_width_changed', updateGallery);
        img.src = '
});</script><div class="action-skip-wrapper"><a class="action skip gallery-prev-area" href="#gallery-prev-area"><span> Vai all'inizio della galleria di immagini</span></a></div><a id="gallery-next-area" tabindex="-1"></a></div>

disable fontawesome style in wordpress float menu plugin

i want disable load fontawesome file by WordPress plugin( Float menu ). but my code not working!!!

add_action( 'wp_print_styles', 'masoud_nkh_wp_styles', 100);
function masoud_nkh_wp_styles() {
    global $post;
    if ( is_front_page() &&  is_a( $post, 'WP_Post' )  ) {

Theme or plugin? profile listing

I'm looking for a (directory) wordpress theme (or plugin), where people can create a free 'personal profile listing'. The free listing includes just a few fields. Or they create a paid profile, which offers more fields to fill out. Any (theme/ plugin) recommendations ?

java – Looking for help on minecraft adventure server plugin

Okay, so I found this Bukkit plugin which gives administrators the ability to load community-made adventure maps and play them with a group of players on one single server instance.

This plugin is exactly what I was looking for and I can’t seem to find something else that suits my needs.
(FYI: we have a pretty big bungeecord server running with a group of students and we wanted to create a new section on the server where people can play community made adventure and puzzle maps)

So I thought I’d give it a try to update it myself.
I loaded the latest paperMC jar (1.16.5) and started to mess with it in a new Intellij project, copying pieces of code one by one. I added comments in most files and I tried to understand most of the code.

Where am I now? The plugin gets loaded in a clean server without errors, the commands get registered successfully, and it looks like everything almost works as it should.

Unfortunately I am now stuck. When you load a new adventure map, it looks like the world gets transferred correctly, but you end up in a newly generated world. I have inspected all relevant code but I think my experience with Java and Bukkit is too limited for this, I don’t really understand what is going on.

I forked the project and uploaded my new files to the following repo:

Any help would be really really really appreciated, and if there are people interested in collaborating on this project you can always contact me!

Thanks in advance!

WPtouch Plugin errors.. forever?

Hello friends, after I installed this plugin (WPtouch Plugin), and then deleted it, this happened a few years ago.

Then, I found all of my pagination links like this:
Code (markup):

These bad links show "duplicate content" in search results, and errors in the console.

I want normal and default links; Such as: google search console
Code (markup):

help me please!

architecture – Plugin system with AssemblyLoadContext and unloading

I’m building a game engine from scratch and trying to implement a basic plugin system within my engine.

Using AssemblyLoadContext to load the target dll dynamicly and unloading it with AssemblyLoadContext.Unload()

However it seems even if there is a one class instance created from this assembly hanging somewhere in the whole app domain AssemblyLoadContext.Unload() does not unload it until the all the instances are dereferenced.

This is where my problem begins.

There are infinite number of scenarios whether a class which belongs to the plugin can be instantiated and used across the whole appdomain right?.

So how do i keep track of the plugin instances across the whole AppDomain.

(How unity unloads the user scripts and cleans every last one of the instances i wonder)

My engine system is nearly identical to both unreal and unity.

I have entities and the components just like unity.

My current unload workflow is like this.

  1. Loop through every component via reflection and check if one the assembly classes instantiated then set that field/property null
  2. Loop through every assembly and check for static fields/properties which might contain some instance
  3. Now unload it.

However the approach above seems well idiotic and sluggish not to mention it should be slow as hell.

It seems i have a desing problem within my plugin system and i fear if i overcomplicated things.

Are there better way to cleanup assembly instances or am i missing something? (Please tell me im missing something obvious)

Ultimate Membership Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin

Admin submitted a new resource:

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin – Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

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Membership Pro main Features:

  • Multi-Levels
  • Unlimited Paid/Free Membership Levels
  • Content Lockers protect
  • Payments Gateway: PayPal

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Selling – WordPress TMDB Movies, TV Shows & Anime Bulk Importer Plugin (Premium) |


What It Is

This plugin allows you to BULK IMPORT Movies, TV series & Anime from TMDb in all possible ways.

The plugin is unlicensed, unprotected, without credit system and is not connected to any server, but it uses the official TMDB APIs.

Built with Laravel and Bootstrap this plugin works with ALL wordpress themes*, none excluded, installation is simple, just upload the plugin, activate it and insert a little code in single.php and that’s it!

*it works on all themes in a generic way if your theme has different custom posts you have to configure manually by modifying a few lines of code.


Now you can quickly MASS BULK import MOVIES, TV SHOWS & ANIME like this:



Search – Search & import movies by title, query or initial letter.
Popular – Import a list of the current popular movies updates daily.
Top Rated – Import the top rated movies.
Upcoming – Import a list of upcoming movies in theatres.
Now Playing – Import a list of movies in theatres.

Discover & import movies by:

popularity (desc/asc) + genre + year
revenue (desc/asc) + genre + year
release date (desc/asc) + genre + year
vote average (desc/asc) + genre + year
vote count (desc/asc) + genre + year

TV Series


Search – Search & import tv shows by title, query or initial letter.
Popular – Import a list of the current popular tv shows updates daily.
Top Rated – Import the top rated tv shows.
On the air – Import a list of tv shows that are currently on the air.

Discover – Discover & import tv series by:

popularity (desc/asc) + genre + year
vote average (desc/asc) + genre + year
release date (desc/asc) + genre + year


How To Use

On wordpress dashboard go to plugins, add new, upload plugin, activate plugin, open the single.php file of your theme and and right after

paste this code


if (function_exists('display')) { echo display(); }

Now you can start importing Mmovies and TV series in bulk or in single mode, you choose!




Use the coupon code MOVIEWP to get 10% discount on the purchase.

metabox – Remove action of an external plugin after checking if custom post meta is set

I am writing an add-on for an external plugin, such if a custom post meta exist for the page/post, disable/remove certain action added by the external plugin, as well as action added by my own plugin.

the action that I want to remove from the external plugin is called in a class construction.

class External_Plugin {
  function __construct() {
    add_action( 'wp_footer', array( $this, 'inject-code' ) );
new External_Plugin();

I hooked my check post meta code to wp_head as shown below

class My_Plugin {
  function __construct() {
    //check if dependency satisfied
    if (!class_exists('External_Plugin')){
      add_action( 'admin_notices', array( $this,'display_dependency_error_notice' ));
      add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', array($this,'my_plugin_enqueue_scripts'));
      add_action( 'wp_head', array( $this, 'check_post_meta' ));

  function check_post_meta(){
    if (!is_admin()&&get_post_meta(get_queried_object_id(), 'fbcp_disable_chat',true)){
      remove_action( 'wp_footer', array('External_Plugin','inject-code',11 ));
      remove_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', array($this,'my_plugin_enqueue_scripts'));
new My_Plugin()

I can see from the log that my if block in check_post_meta() was indeed fired, but neither the wp_footer action by external plugin nor my wp_enqueue_scripts hooked action got removed.
In my understanding, wp_head hook is already way after the class being constructed, hence my remove_action() are definitely called after the add_action() that I want to remove, but before the hooks these actions are fired. Can someone enlighten me what is wrong with my code, and how to use the remove_action()?

P.S. I am also confused when I can get the post ID in order to retrieve the post meta… why post id is only available by wp_head? as I tried the init hook and I could not get post ID at that stage.

plugin development – Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at ../misc.php:1281) in ..wordpresswp-includespluggable.php on line 1329

Hello i’m developing a plugin and the wp_redirect was working well but now it’s stop and send me an error that the header have already been sent.
Little Schemas

Home page form Post file to add_content.php -> content php treat information and redirect to home page

But now i generate an error into the add_content.php and does not redirect to home anymore.