How to Cast or Stream all Playback Audio from Android device to a desktop Pc

I have my Nokia 6 always next to my desk, and I’m using a desktop PC Windows 10 i7 64x
32gb ram and also running Voicemeeter, I use my desktop for everything, I can control all my devices from my desktop and I want to be able to listen any playback audio from my mobile device into my desktop audio system…

I don’t need to cast the mic audio to my PC, just the playback audio
I’m not talking about streaming music either.

Anyone can help? Please thank you

Playback controls are missing from the Google Assistant "Play the News"

Hi, I recently upgraded to an s20 + from my old s7 (after 3.5 years well served). I usually wake up and ask the Google Assistant to "play the news", which is already set up with my list of selected news sources.

My old s7 used to (and still does) read the news at 1.7x speed because I clearly remember that I did it faster using the "play the news" user interface. (It was similar to a tuning radio needle that moved along the bottom of the frequency band to increase / decrease speed.)

I can't seem to find the settings on the s20 + anymore. Also, I went back to s7 to look for the settings and it is no longer there too. Either I'm looking in the wrong place for the settings on both devices, or Google has updated the app and the option to increase the speed of news playback has disappeared.

It doesn't explain why my s7 still plays the news in the old 1.7x configuration. I tried to tell the wizard "play faster", "play at a speed of 1.7x", etc., but respond "to change the speed for that, use the Google app"


How to make a vector timeline in Unity in playback mode?

I'm developing a 3D animator in Unity and I'm stuck on making a timeline for inserting frames and playing them back using a script.

I am not talking about the timeline in the editor. Rather, I am trying to achieve something similar to Prisma3D:

Screenshot of the Prisma3D editor view

This is what I want to achieve:

  • A UI timeline like Blender and Unity use for animation keys.

  • How to insert data about positions and rotations into it

  • How to reproduce those positions and rotations

In Google Chrome version 81.0.4044.122 Desktop, how do I block automatic video playback on a random website?

It's annoying and time-consuming to manually pause or close all autoplay videos on a random website I visit using Google Chrome Desktop version 81.0.4044.122 of Windows 10.

How do I disable the autoplay feature in Google Chrome Desktop?

I am not looking for extensions, but an inherent feature of the browser.
Look up Settingsprivacy and securitySite Settings but it was not successful for the cause.

Windows 10: Bluetooth speaker is not listed as a playback device

I have a receiver (Denon AVR-SB540BT) and my computer (with Windows 10) refuses to play audio on it. It is connected via bluetooth, but it does not appear on my playback devices. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, disconnected and reconnected a couple of times, and turned everything off and on again. In Control Panel> Devices and Sound> Hardware and Printers it appears as a multimedia device and not an audio device. When you right-click on it and select the sound settings, the device appears as Disabled. When left-clicking and going to services, there is a strange box labeled "Unknown service" indicating an error (Bluetooth service error: parameter is wrong) when clicked.

Settings image

Google Chrome: how to block the loading / playback of any type of online video (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, etc.) in all browsers

I am currently trying to beat my addiction to spending countless hours online watching YouTube videos etc. The problem I'm currently facing is that I need YouTube for my daily work (reading and responding to comments, searching for channels, etc.), but also distracted by all the videos on the sites. Is there a way to disable any kind of video upload for all browsers?

Is there something similar to editing the host file in Windows?

The perfect solution would be something that does not involve extensions from Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc., as they are extremely easy to remove (Yes, I am quite addicted to these sites …)

Bluetooth speaker and buttons – delay playback, cut short sounds

Recent Android phone.

Initially I observed this problem only with the Boom and Megaboom bluetooth speakers, but now I have the Jabra headphones and I see the same problem:

The first 100-500 milliseconds of audio are not played.

This is a problem if it's a language app (that says a word) or a training app (that says "start" and then 30 seconds later it says "stop") because all or most of the sound Do not play absolutely.

What is the resolution?

I've been forced to use wired egg yolks to learn languages ​​(which is NOT fun!)

When I used apple airpods I did NOT have this problem. (I no longer use airpods because they cannot be repaired or replaced by battery)

audio: playback of high-frequency sounds on Android smartphones

I am currently coding different applications with Flutter. Don't ask me why, but I am trying to send high frequency sounds with the app. I really don't know much about sound frequencies.

1 question:
Can "normal" smartphone speakers send high-frequency sounds up to 20 kHz?

Thanks for any reply or comment. :]

Bluetooth: Use the selfie stick remote control to start playback

I would like to see if someone has a way to use a selfie stick remote control (bluetooth, single button, send a volume adjustment to shoot the camera) to assign it to "play" on google music or youtube, etc. You can use it to start a song remotely. Is there any way to reallocate entries for certain applications, or even globally (if I can toggle it)?

sap: the combo / drop-down box could not be selected during playback in Loadrunner

Loadrunner failed

I found a problem where there is a combo / drop-down box in my script. When I play it, the script is failing. Error log:

Action.c(85): Warning: Failed to find SapGui component by ID "usr/ssubSUB_MAIN_CARRIER:SAPLMIGO:0003/subSUB_FIRSTLINE:SAPLMIGO:0011/cmbGODYNPRO-ACTION" Action.c(85): Error: Failed to set focus on "usr/ssubSUB_MAIN_CARRIER:SAPLMIGO:0003/subSUB_FIRSTLINE:SAPLMIGO:0011/cmbGODYNPRO-ACTION"

What I have tried:

In Runtime Settings, under General, check & # 39; Play using the SAP login application & # 39; But it does not work

I inserted a function, I set the focus function but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance for the help.