Is it possible to disable auto play of video in the channel page?

In Youtube, some channel pages have a video at top left that auto plays. For example:

channel video in red circle

Is it possible to disable the auto play in the channel page?

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how to play again if there is wrong input/error

I’m working on my project called Tictactoe. It is working great. So to play the game there is a function call play which takes pair of ints and decide where to play, while there’s another function playO or playX which plays the game using those pair of ints returned by the play function. But if user input on the same move which is already filled, it play that move again. But I want something else, I want that if user move on already filled spot, it should throw error saying “Already filled, input again” and again it take inputs. I can’t post full code but basically there are 3 classes : Game, Player and AIPlayer.
Well if you want the driver code also, I can post that too

Game class :-

class Game{
  vector<vector<char>> board;
  char did_win();
  char get(int i , int j);
  void display();
  void playO(pair<int, int> move);
  void playX(pair<int, int> move);

the important function here is playO and playX

//playO function
void Game:: playO(pair<int,int>move){
  board(move.first)(move.second) = 'o';

//playX function
void Game:: playX(pair<int,int>move){
  board(move.first)(move.second) = 'x';

Similarly, there’s another 2 classes and there memberfunctions :-

class Player{
  char xo;

  Player(char choose);
  pair<int, int> play(Game &game);

Player::Player(char choose){
  xo = choose;
pair<int, int>Player:: play(Game &game){
  int pos1,  pos2;
  cout<<"Enter two numbers to let us know where to play: "<<endl;
  return make_pair(pos1, pos2);

class AIPlayer : public Player{
  AIPlayer(char choose);
  pair<int, int> play(Game &game);

AIPlayer:: AIPlayer(char choose): Player(choose){


pair<int, int> AIPlayer:: play(Game &game){
  for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++){
    for(int j = 0; j< 3; j++){
      if(game.get(i , j) == '-') {
       return make_pair(i,j);

  return make_pair(0,0);

GPU hang while long run 4k video play on VLC (ubuntu 18 or 20)

Please help to ptovide your suggestion for the following issue. Thanks in advance!

VLC hang or re-boot when play 4k video under ubuntu environment with over night.(sometime hang couple hours or close to 72 houes)

log file:
Jul 9 21:04:35 localhost kernel: ( 0.000000) Linux version 5.4.53-uhdgen (root@dvc) (gcc version 9.3.0 (Ubuntu 9.3.0-10ubuntu2)) #1 SMP Thu Jul 23 13:12:43 UTC 2020
Jul 9 21:04:35 localhost kernel: ( 0.000000) Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.4.53-uhdgen root=UUID=0711405a-fffb-45e3-97e5-cb90c4c91bff ro quiet net.ifnames=0 drm.edid_firmware=DP-1:edid/edid.bin intel_idle.max_cstate=1 processor.max_cstate=0 pcie_aspm=off apm=off vt.handoff=7 console=tty12 loglevel=0 vt.global_cursor_default=0
Jul 9 21:04:35 localhost kernel: ( 0.000000) KERNEL supported cpus:

Jul 11 00:44:45 localhost kernel: (99619.712978) perf: interrupt took too long (9870 > 9858), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 20250
Jul 11 23:20:53 localhost kernel: (180990.290033) perf: interrupt took too long (13884 > 12337), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 14250
Jul 12 11:15:35 localhost kernel: (223871.766586) (drm:fw_domains_get_with_fallback (i915)) ERROR blitter: timed out waiting for forcewake ack request.
Jul 12 11:15:35 localhost kernel: (223872.367294) (drm:fw_domains_get_with_fallback (i915)) ERROR media: timed out waiting for forcewake ack request.
Jul 12 11:15:41 localhost kernel: (223878.609504) i915 0000:00:02.0: GPU HANG: ecode 9:4:0x00000000, hang on vcs0
Jul 12 11:15:41 localhost kernel: (223878.610534) i915 0000:00:02.0: Resetting vcs0 for hang on vcs0
Jul 12 11:15:41 localhost kernel: (223878.611357) (drm:gen8_reset_engines (i915)) ERROR vcs0 reset request timed out: {request: 00000001, RESET_CTL: 00000000}
Jul 12 11:15:41 localhost kernel: (223878.611577) i915 0000:00:02.0: Resetting chip for hang on vcs0
Jul 12 11:15:41 localhost kernel: (223878.614425) (drm:gen8_reset_engines (i915)) ERROR vcs0 reset request timed out: {request: 00000001, RESET_CTL: 00000000}

dnd 5e – Understanding how to play a wizard

I apologize in advance, as I fully admit that this post is asking for the community to help me overcome some of my reading comprehension problems. However, with the success I have had with this community, I am very hopeful for the results in my 1 year study of the wizard class.

What gets me the most confused is how interwoven the terms spells known, prepared spells, and spell slots are used, which jumbles as I read it, so here’s how I understand it:

Spellbook: a fancy notebook (tattoos or whatever that can contain notes written in expensive ink) that holds all the theoretical formulae regarding your studied spells.

Spells Known. The number of spells you have studied and have the formulae written down in your spellbook. This is equal to 6 at level one and increases by 2 for every level, BUT can also increase if you can borrow the notes from a spell scroll or another person’s spellbook.

Prepared Spells: If the spells known would be the notes taken on each spell, I am guessing the prepared spells would be a quick guide for practical use. Kinda like having a mnemonic fresh in your head. The number of prepared spells, or mnemonics you can remember, are calculated by your Intelligence modifier + your wizard level, aka how smart you are plus your experience.

However, some spells do not require being prepared for practical use and can be done the long way, which is called ritual casting. So as long as you don’t mind spending an hour to cast it, you could cheat and say your prepared spells are your Int Mod + Wiz Lvl + Known Rituals, so to speak.

Finally, Spell slots: The best way for me to understand how this works is by looking at this like a vending machine with a broken return slot. Your body produces a certain number of “spell slots” or coins per day, and you can use them to produce any spell you have prepared (ignoring the rituals you cast). While sometimes you can pay a bigger coin to get a bigger bottle of the spell, there is no way to make change, so you’ll have to use whatever you got if you want to cast a spell.

If that is all correct, that would mean that you are reliant on the balance of all three to be a wizard, with little to no physical skills aside. So you stand in the back of people who can stab others and cash in your coins to help them out. Meanwhile how effective you can be is reliant on what spells you know how to cast and which one you remember well enough to cast immediately.

Have I finally understood how to play a wizard?

dnd 5e – Problematic player constantly looking to power play

This is called ‘arguing for advantage’, and it’s not really a problem unique to DnD.

‘I should get X because of Y reason’ isn’t usually about the Y reason – the person just wants X. The Y can be anything, and frankly doesn’t matter. When your human perception and judgement (aka basic social interaction skills) tell you that someone is arguing for an advantage rather than for some other reason (because they think Y is more logical, because they think Y is a better story, because they don’t like Z for personal reasons, etc) you should simply say ‘no’.

You may need to say no quite a few times. The arguing for advantage may morph into other means of social pressuring, like vague blame, repetitive asking, calling-in allies, convincing the crowd, so on. It’s entirely possible for this to suck the fun out of the game and make continuing with that player entirely unworkable. However you have a considerable advantage in this situation due to explicitly being the authority, limiting the social pressure it is acceptable to bring against you and giving them an ‘uphill battle’ in attempting to gain the advantage they are seeking.

If need be, explain that in this game the DM is the final arbiter of all rules interactions and world setting. They should be impartial, like a referee, and consult the table’s preferences to make a good game but when it comes down to it the DM is the one who decides what rules are used, makes up new rules if necessary, arbitrates any disputes, and gets to say what hair colour exactly that npc’s beard is. That’s the basic rule of the game and it is what people agree to implicitly when they sit down to game with people.

You can also do the following things.

Provide examples of what advantages can be successfully argued for.

Or ‘asked’ for. The paladin asks if there is a church in the village? You answer ‘yes’. The fighter wants to know if after seeing an awesome polearm fighter he can go learn from him? Yes. You change the fighter’s Fighting Style to Great Weapon Mastery as well, as he’s now using a halberd rather than the two shortswords he was previously, to reflect the results of his character training with the Yuan-ti Spearmaster for those 3 weeks. The mage wants to use a readied frost spell to turn the falling poison rain into ice, so it bounces off the party’s raised shields rather than dowsing and poisoning them? Yes. By agreeing to more reasonable requests, you show the arguing player that things can be gained by toning down his demands – this often leads to the demands being toned down.

Talk to them out of game.

Explain that DnD is a cooperative game and you don’t want one character to be more mechanically powerful than the others as it makes your job harder. Likewise, that giving one player exceptions to the rules and not others both makes your job harder (have to remember two sets of rules) but is also unfair. Explain that GMing is quite difficult for both mechanical and storytelling reasons, and you’d appreciate their help in keeping it simpler. Accusations and further arguing are rarely helpful – informing them of your point of view in a non-accusatory way and thus creating empathy is likely to be more helpful.

Move the game along.

If a player is arguing with you about getting whatever, you can simply move the game along – turn to another player, and tell them that they ‘find the innkeeper’ or whatever they were doing before the arguing player redirected the conversation onto why they should have X. If the player is ‘interrupting’ to make his arguments, it’s rude – this will lead to less arguing overall, as you can also make the ‘sorry but said he wanted to do X, so i’m talking to him now after talking to you about how you want a Flametongue’ which is reasonable/sounds reasonable.

Ultimately this is a social problem. It is about someone not sticking to the implicit rules of an activity. It needs to be solved through that lens, and the RPG-specific tactics available are limited.

There’s also something else that you’ve hinted at.

You’ve talked about whose ‘fault’ the TPK was, used the term ‘power play’ without qualifier or explanation, and talked about how someone making a choice in-game is a ‘problem player’ behaviour (hiring or firing an NPC guide).

These are all red flags. A GM blaming a TPK on a player or players instead of acknowledging that as the designer of the world they have significant control over whether the party lives or dies, someone who does not qualify what ‘power play’ entails to them but assumes it is universal, and a GM who assumes that in-game actions are universally for out-of-game reasons, are all common red flags for negative GM behaviours and attitudes in TTRPGs. I have and will again avoid a game with a GM who talks about such things, expecting that at the table their game will just not be.. good.

While from your question I lack any detail at all to determine whether these hinted-at problems actually exist, i’d suggest in general that whenever you are trying to determine how to interact with someone in a positive way that you also look at your own behaviour in an objective and logical fashion to find out if your own preconceptions, expectations, or negative beliefs are exacerbating any problems with the situation.

Use Siri Remote to control video clips (including play next video) streamed via AirPlay to AppleTV

Normally I do not use Qucktime player. But because it can stream video clips to AppleTV and you can control the video clips with Siri Remote, I use it for this use case.

Unfortunately you can’t create playlists in Quicktime player.

I want to stream video clips on AppleTV (latest generation), control them with Siri Remote and have some kind of playlist (select next clip with Siri Remote, not Mac).

What options do I have?

google play store – My proifie pic shows up on tbe left side then quitly moves to tbe right side?

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spellcasting – Is there a way to play Ars Magica but without the troupe/companion/grog mechanics?

A simple way to allow players to play a single character is to abstract the seasonal improvement system. Instead of requiring uninterrupted lab time, just allow characters to perform laboratory or other seasonal activities without any penalty from adventuring or otherwise performing other actions during those seasons.

If you want a more immediate, adventuring-focused game then simply remove all sources of xp other than Adventure xp, and vastly shorten how long it takes to perform activities such as transferring vis or designing a new spell – have it take a week, say, rather than a season (and something that would take multiple seasons instead takes multiple weeks, etc).

Keep in mind though that a lot of the charm of Ars Magica comes from the idea that wizards are cranky tower-dwelling misanthropes who largely want long uninterrupted periods to tinker with things in their laboratories. The mechanics naturally leading to wizards who either have some specific focus that drags them out of the lab, or who only leave the lab reluctantly in response to disaster or need for further materials, and thus model mythological/fantasy wizards, is a big part of the draw.

Typically the storyteller will make use of timeskips to create scenarios where magi have time to perform their various lab activities but then are present for the next ‘adventure’. There’s nothing to say that you could not use that mechanism to avoid companions or grogs being PCs entirely, yet still have the covenant/timeline progress. I’ve played in games where no-one really used companions – although, the magi being played were of different ages and levels of power (and sometimes apprentices) so there was still a bit of a ‘these are the magi, and this is Tim, the 22 year old apprentice mage who knows one spell’ vibe going on.

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