Applications: Unable to play the video downloaded by vidmate

I have a problem, I downloaded a YouTube video with vidmate. Then I tried to play it on the mobile device but it doesn't play, I tried on the PC to use vlc player but even vlc can't play the video. I tried to convert it but no video converter is capable of converting it. Then I did some research on vidmate and then found out that it says "use playit player to play video". Then I download the app and it plays successfully.
I need to know why this happens? The video is 1080p and is in mp4 tgen format, why is vlc not playing it? Playit is also not available for PC … So how do you play that video on PC? Here are the player screenshot and media info. The same message appears on the vlc screen

enter the image description here

enter the image description here

dnd 3.5e – Is it feasible to play a specialist Enchanter with a bunch of possessed enemies?

I am aware that the typical advice to play a focused specialized Enchanter is "play a Beguiler instead." Anyway, I've still been reading it. It seems that the theory for such a compilation is:

  • If the enemy is not immune to mind-affecting things and doesn't have a high save, hit it with any enchantment spells and add it to your slave.
  • If the enemy is not immune to mind-affecting things and has huge savings, it will delay him with control of the battlefield or with his slave and send a good enchantment spell until he is on his slave or uses normal spells of magician until & # 39; I have killed him.
  • If the enemy is immune to things that affect the mind, fight him like a normal wizard would and throw your slave until he dies.

Assuming I've done it right, and assuming it would be played as described (for example, instead of just playing a normal wizard build that lacks some spell slots), is this really workable? I have the following concerns:

  • At low levels, either you will not have slavery or it will be useless.
  • As levels increase, permanent immunity to Mental Effects changes from uncommon to common to mandatory.
  • There are many ways to eliminate possession. A single expert cleric could finish you off by simply sending Protection From X spam, a first-rate spell!

Basically, I am concerned that these versions often cannot make a significant contribution. Is my concern well founded?

Note: For balancing purposes, assume a part of level 1/2 classes without any significant optimization.

Chrome for Android: how to prevent a website from referring to your app / play store?

I am trying to use Prime Video as a desktop website in Chrome (Galaxy S9 +). The PrimeVideo app didn't let me see better than 720p, which is ridiculous. But the website always refers me to the Play Store app or download page.

Is there a way to avoid it, or some other way to watch at least 1080p on my S9 +?

Google Play Console doesn't publish my Android app even after waiting two days, why is it taking so long?

I developed a simple book app in the Android studio and launched it using Google Play Console.

I have waited two days for my Android app to be published, but the status is still "Pending Publication".

What I want to know is, please tell me how long it usually takes for an Android app to be published.

What have I done :

Contacted at Google Play Developer Support

What they answered:

Hi faran

Thank you for contacting Google Play Developer Support.

I understand that you are concerned about the time it takes for your application to process for publication on Google Play. Due to tight working hours at the moment, we are currently experiencing longer review times than usual. While the situation is currently evolving, app review times may fluctuate and may take 7 days or more.

We recommend that you adjust your planning to take this into account and avoid resending it. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you have any other questions regarding the use of the Play Console, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you.

Regards, Dave Google Play Developer Support

Did you know that we offer chat support in English? You can chat with us Monday through Friday from 12 a.m. at 12 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

Google Play services: install TWRP and Magisk Manager on Moto G5 Plus without rooting

I would like to install Google Play Services for AR (ARCore) on my Moto G5 Plus, with Oreo 8.1: this device is not on the official Google support list. I think this is possible with TWRP and Magisk Manager. I have the Android SDK and all necessary USB drivers installed. I can load .apk & # 39; s using adb.
However, I would like to install TWRP without unlocking the bootloader or rooting the phone.
First question: is this possible? or do I need to root the phone?

I tried to follow the instructions to install TWRP without rooting, but when I try to update the latest version of Potter image, twrp-3.3.1-0-potter.img, I get the error & # 39; Pre-flash validation error & # 39 ;:

androidSdkplatform-tools> .fastboot.exe flash recovery twrp.img
(bootloader) is-logical:recovery: not found
Sending 'recovery' (16342 KB)                      OKAY (  0.710s)
Writing 'recovery'                                 (bootloader) Image recovery failed validation
(bootloader) Preflash validation failed
FAILED (remote: '')
fastboot: error: Command failed

Based on this answer, Moto devices do not support downgrading the bootloader. However, I assumed that the recovery image (3.3.1-0) was the most current and appropriate for Oreo 8.1. Is there a way to check the bootloader versions of the image and that on my phone?

Thanks in advance for any information!

role play: how do I play a confident character when I'm not one?

I'm not a super confident IRL person, but I wanted to make a soldier character who is not beginning to be confident, a little childish and as he progresses through the ranks, he matures. I was wondering how to interpret the completely safe part of it. For example, other characters may rush to each other and demand information from them, so that people can talk and not worry about the consequences or be able to reprimand people.

unity – Audio management in an RTS – when do I play sounds?

Building an RTS I have several hundred units on screen at the same time.

Every time a Unit attacks / collects something, I want to play a sound (if the camera is close enough).

My question is, how do most real-time strategy games do this? Do I play 1 sound per attack per unit, that is, if 200 units are fighting, do I play 200 individual sounds (one sound each time a unit attacks)?

The same goes for harvesting, if 20 workers collect wood, do I play a sound every time they hit a tree?

Does this not consume many resources? Is there a better way?

How can I know when I can change my country in the Play Store again?

I know I can only change it once a year, but I don't remember when I last changed it. I think it was almost a year ago, but I would like to see what date the year will expire so that I can set a reminder and then go change my country.

P.S. Why does this restriction apply once a year? Is it something legal or commercial? It doesn't make sense to me.

dnd 5e: How do I play animals that can communicate thanks to the Speak with Animals spell?

You can use the spell to advance the plot and act as an exposure

According to the description of Talk to animals:

The knowledge and awareness of many Beasts is limited by their Intelligence, but at a minimum, Beasts can provide you with information on nearby locations and Monsters, including what they may perceive or have perceived on the last day. You can convince a beast to do you a small favor, at the discretion of the DM.

It is reasonable to expect that the animal can tell you things that it has seen in the last day or places that are within the immediate locality.

This includes knowing where the villages or landmarks are, if anything strange has happened in the last 24 hours, or other things that might have interested the animal.

You, as a DM, would have to adapt this to the animal, eg. the birds would have covered a much larger area and would have noticed more things than a spider or toad.

This spell could be used to track targets if animals had spotted them, to find nearby groups of people or prey, waterways, caves, really much.

Giving animals personality and trying to express their motivations would probably be too much, since most animals are concerned with finding food and not being eaten by something bigger. But both require that the animal be aware of the area around it.

ios – How to avoid the "iPhone is disabled" error when children play with iPhone?

I have a baby who loves to play on my iPhone XS. Naturally, I often tinker with the access code input buttons, and I get the message "iPhone is disabled, please try again in X minutes," which I Googled and Googled and there seems to be no way to disable it. Not only is it annoying, but I'm concerned that at some point you enter the wrong code so many times, that the phone is completely disabled.
I seem to remember that on older iPhones you couldn't get them to require an access code to wake up, but this seems impossible now unless you also want to disable Apple Pay, Face ID to sign in etc. I'm fine with those who require an access code
How can I avoid this dreaded "iPhone is disabled" error? I really don't care about the security it offers, with this lock I am at home all day anyway. 🤷🏽‍♀️