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What it the best platform to develop Virtual 2D/3D online event design?

While we’re all practicing social distancing and in-person events all over the world have been cancelled, many businesses are turning to virtual events to still spread the word and inform their customers.

Running a virtual event can be a great way to reach a large audience while still following social distancing best practices and government regulations.

My main question, what is the best software or languages are out there to possible this event to design and publish to the audience.

I have few examples that attached below:

enter image description here

The numbers are pointed in image, that things might be dynamic customization, same as we can set screens of playing videos and etc..

There are links to move around the event left, right and goto lobby and another place.

Here are some reference links,

But i am not getting which platform is suitable to develop this kind of animation and customize from admin panel, is it good with html, css and 2dcanvas?

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Platform Sharepoint 2010 Designer workflows needs to convert the platform Sharepoint 2013

We have like 50+ SharePoint designer workflows and migrated to sharepoint online. When i open the workflows in designer 2013 it shows the platform type as sharepoint platform 2010.

Now as newly announced the from Nov 1st onward there is no workflow run of platform 2010.

So can anyone suggest me the good way how to change the workflows from Sharepoint platform 2010 to Sharepoint platform 2013. I know the architecture is different. but still tried the below scenarios

I tried exporting the visio and importing still it shows 2010
I tried copy the actions from 2010 to 2013 still didn’t worked.

Please suggest me the best, easy and quick conversion of these workflows.

Appreciated for your help…!!!


Cross platform in line country flags on website? [closed]

Is there any existing solution to have access to in line country flags across web browsers and operating systems ? For example emoji flags don’t work everywhere and instead will just display a 2 letter country code.

transactions – Can a trading platform not provide TxID?

I am very new to crypto sphere and I would very much appreciate some expertise knowledge
I’ll try to only include what is relevant information and get straight to the point.

Recently, I have transferred some USDT from a platfrom called Lemoncoin, (
I have binded the address of currency withdrawal with my Huobi account and have double, triple checked the address to be identical with deposit address for USDT of my Huobi account. The chain type was ERC20.

Upon withdrawal from Lemoncoin, it sent me a short message on the bottom of the screen that it will arrive after 12 confirmation, which disappeared on its own within about 1 second. Other than that, there has been absolutely no signs of proof for my withdrawal from this platform and there seems to be no way for me to access a TxID for this transfer.

Is it possible that I have been scammed? Or am I missing something?

gui – What is the platform to use creating simulink like software?

I’m working on electronic manufacturer company. Initially we were writing logic in RISC hex and recently i have converted them to CISC assembly using a new language and its compiler.

This new language and compiler i made using the influence of C, C++, VB and python. so i don’t have much research to show that public can understand.

my next step is to simplify this CISC in a form of visual programming mode.

for an example
EOD want to do this in a circuit maker or simulink (matlab) like software interface,
drag and drop modules to a project space, link them using lines and write CISC script on modules.
once the interface manageable collecting the script written in modules then compiling simple since it ready.

I know this is a tall order but i need a starting point preferably in .net

as a starting point i can narrow down the first step,
what is the name name for this field of development ?


IBM x3400 M3: hangs on “UEFI Platform Initialization”

I am trying to set up an IBM x3400 M3 machine.

However, every time I boot and reboot, the machine displays: “UEFI Platform Initialization” for a while and nothing happens. Even the error LED gets on.

I’ve tried all the followings from the official source:

Workaround 1

For this one, I don’t seem to find the “LPD Panel” neither the reset button, maybe I missed something

Workaround 2

I tried to add a jumper on the 2-3 pin on the jumper 29, but it only refused to boot. The power button did no longer work, therefore I removed it.
Further on, there was no jumper, to begin with, I fetched one from another computer, however no result.

Workaround 3

I remove the CMOS waited and put it back just as it is written, no luck.

I’ve also tried to play the memory in it. I tried the following combinations:
1 & 3, 1 & 4, all the slots an only in slot 1.

The server used to work around 6 months ago. Until then I haven’t boot it. However, I added another CPU, which after some hours of booting/stopping the server and removing it, I realized that the server was not accepting it. However, now it hangs at the message above.

Any other suggestions or any way to debug it?