google cloud platform – How to delete a project shared with me?

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google cloud platform – Unable to push docker image into GCP container registry [permission error]

I am trying to push a docker image into my container registry on google cloud platform. I am able to build my image successfully on my local machine. I tried the following command:


I get a permission denied error:

unauthorized: You don’t have the needed permissions to perform this operation, and you may have invalid credentials. To authenticate your request, follow the steps in:

I tried following the steps in the provided link, specifically the gcloud credential helper instructions. I also tried gcloud auth configure-docker and gcloud auth login, all to no avail. Regarding IAM permissions my personal email is listed as Owner and Storage Admin role. I also have manually set up a service account with Owner and Storage admin roles. My $GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable points to a json file extracted from this manually created service account. gcloud auth configure-docker provides the following output:

WARNING: Your config file at [/home/awa5114/.docker/config.json] contains these credential helper entries:

  "credHelpers": {
    "": "gcloud",
    "": "gcloud",
    "": "gcloud",
    "": "gcloud",
    "": "gcloud",
    "": "gcloud"
Adding credentials for all GCR repositories.
WARNING: A long list of credential helpers may cause delays running 'docker build'. We recommend passing the registry name to configure only the registry you are using.
gcloud credential helpers already registered correctly.

At this point, I really don’t understand why I am getting denied permission to push this image into the container registry. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks very much.

google cloud platform – Error when migrating projects in GCP, could someone help me?

I’m trying to Migrate 2 projects originating “no Organization” to a newly created organization in GCP.

When trying to perform the migration, it displays the error:
Permission denied You do not have the following required permission to perform this action: “resourcemanager.projects.update”

I’ve tried to perform the procedure via command too but it didn’t work either:
ERROR: (gcloud.beta.projects.move) User (“my user”) does not have permission to access projects instance (“my project”) (or it may not exist): The caller does not have permission.

Group permission that the user participates at the organizational level:
Support Account Administrator
Organization Role Administrator
Organization Policy Administrator
Folder admin
Organization Administrator
Project Creator
Project Mover
Security Center Admin

User permission at the Organization level:
Organization Administrator
Project Mover

User permission at project level:
Project Mover
Organization Administrator

Does anyone have any more suggestions?

unity – Why can’t the player walk properly on the moving platform?

I’m making a platformer with Unity. In one of the scenes, I have a moving platform that moves back and forth. The problem is that the player can’t walk (or sometimes jump) properly on the platform and it seems like a force or collider makes it cling to the ground. This effect is visible in the gif. I think this is because of the fact that the player becomes a child of the object (otherwise it will fall behind while the platform is moving). Is there a way to fix this?

Moving Platform code:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class MovingPlatform : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject platform;
    public float moveSpeed;
    public Transform currentPoint;
    public Transform() points;
    public int pointSelection;

    private void Start()
        currentPoint = points(pointSelection);

    private void Update()
        platform.transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(platform.transform.position, currentPoint.position, Time.deltaTime * moveSpeed);

        if(platform.transform.position == currentPoint.position)

            if(pointSelection == points.Length)
                pointSelection = 0;

            currentPoint = points(pointSelection);

enter image description here

Note: Moving platform script is on an empty game object (on default layer) and that object has three children: the platform that has sprite renderer and box collider and start point and end point which have only a transform component.

unity – How can we use iPhone camera as a webcam in a Windows Platform?

I am developing a game on WINDOWS and I want to use my iPhone 11p as a webcam.
I saw some tutorial videos on youtube yet they only work for development on IOS platform.

So how can we use iPhone camera as a webcam in a Windows Platform?

Anyone can provide a demo for this?

Thank you very much!

google cloud platform – Kubernetes managing many distinct UDP servers on GKE

I’m trying to set up a system that can automatically spin up and down video game servers as docker images. In this case, factoriotools/factorio-docker. Each game is a different, distinct single-pod deployment of that container, and therefore (in the simplified case) needs its own IP address that can listen on a specific UDP port. Load balancers are redundant and irrelevant, and Cloud NAT doesn’t appear to allow ingress traffic easily.

There’s a couple ways I know of to get this to work, both with pretty major compromises:

  • I can use a NodePort service, and lose control over which port the client needs to connect to. That’s an issue because the server registers itself with a server listing.
  • I can use host networking. If my information is correct, that requires privileged containers, which is Definitely Not Good.
  • I could maybe use a UDP load balancer, but even if that exists and works, it’s expensive.

There are probably ways to work around the limitations of either approach (for the second, keep the hosts short-lived and keep the firewall strict, and it should be mostly OK?), but I can’t help but think there’s a better option that I can’t find described in the official kubernetes docs. Does traefik have some trick I don’t know about? Is there some way to get a variant of MetalLB that can dynamically allocate public IP addresses as I need them?

How do I get each server-container to listen on a different public IP address with a specific UDP port, without making security impossible in the process?

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