What is search engine placement marketing?

Hello friends,

What is search engine placement marketing?

website design – Placement of Previous and Next button in Setup

I would like to know because so far I couldn’t find or think of any website to refer to. What is the best placement of a previous and next button for a setup kind of scene?

We have a stepper but we decided to have both stepper and the prev next button as well.

Is it better to place is relative to the data? (so if user adds data, the prev and next button gets more to the bottom)


to place it in a fixed space (so no matter how many data user add, it stays there, kind of like a sticky)

Thank you!

theming – problem with my content placement

I’ve been making a theme for my Drupal site and I’ve stumbled into a problem. I’m trying to make it so i have 2 md-6 columns where i can put content and one big content region beneath. The only problem is that i may have set up my page.html.twig incorrect. The result is that my img that I set in a column get pushed outside of the screen. Anyone know how to fix it? here is my page.html.twig

<div class="layout-container">
 <header role="banner">
    {{ page.header }}
    {{ page.primary_menu }}
  <main class="content">
    <div id="main-wrapper">
      <div class="container">
        <div class="row">
         <div class="col-md-6">
            {{ page.content_left }}
           <div class="col-md-6">
             {{ page.content_right }}
            {{ page.content }}

  {% if page.footer_first or page.footer_second %}
    <footer class="site-footer">
      <div class="container">
        <div class="row">
         <div class="col">
            {{ page.footer_first}}
       <div class="col">
          {{ page.footer_second }}
  {% endif %}

  {{ page.disabled}}
</div>{# /.layout-container #}

Any placement in Dallas, TX?

Hello friends, I would like to get a colocation server in the USA. USA I need to consult with you.
What can you say about Corespace.com placement in Dallas, TX?
Any information on its reliability, uptime, speed?

Placement, HK / Macao

Hello everyone,

Looking for affordable placement accommodation recommendations in HK and Macao.
Any hint would be more than welcome :]

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Integration – Understand objective function for mobile sensor placement problem for maximum coverage

I have come across the document that deals with the spatial positioning of mobile sensors to optimally detect the sound source, or positioning mobile phone towers to maximize coverage.

The region $ Q $ is divided into mutually exclusive $ n $ voronoi polytopes $ W = {W_1, .., W_n } $. A function $ phi: Q to mathbb {R} _ + $ assigns probability density that a certain event (here sound source) has happened $ Q $. exist $ n $ sensors to be distributed $ P = (p_1, .. p_n) $ on each voronoi partition that satisfies the following equation:

$$ H (P, W) = textrm {maximize} sum_ {i = 1} ^ n int_ {W_i} f ( | q-p_i |) d phi (q) $$

The quality of observation at the point. $ q $ sensor $ p_i $ is the distance from the point $ q $ sensor $ f ( | q-p_i |) $ Which makes sense.

Can anyone explain why we are taking the integral of the observation quality on the probability density function and then multiplying with $ q $?

Google Shopping Placement

Hello everyone,

How do I get products in my e-commerce store that are listed in Google's shopping results at the top of the page? I have seen some of my products in the search engine list but not in the purchase results.
I know it takes time to sort and stuff, but I'm wondering if it's an automatic process with Google or something I need to configure. Thank you

Singapore's best placement?

I am trying to find a good colocation provider in singapore for a 1u server, who do you recommend? … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1806650&goto=newpost

OWN DATACENTER 42U FULL RACK PLACEMENT – Netherlands – 1 Gbps included – DDoS Mitigation

HostSlim can offer you very affordable placement offers in our NL data center. All rack units are instant setup!

UPDATE: Until March 31st we have an amazing offer on our 1U placement offers! Instead of 55 EUR, we lowered the price to 29EUR / m! YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE THE FIRST MONTH FREE!

We also offer DDOS filtering that you can choose with your placement plan.

DDoS protection

Up to 10Gbps / 6,000,000 PPS DDoS protection is possible for this placement sale. Packages that you can update or request through the customer's control panel. Unlike many competitors, our data center is using its own online debugging solution. Your data traffic will not affect any other external network or debug cloud. Accelerates your protection and gives you low latency protection when under attack and your data traffic doesn't leave our trusted internal network of data centers. We transparently add the DDoS filter between your IP and the Internet. All incoming IP data traffic goes through the filter, also when it doesn't have an attack. With this, the filter knows exactly what your normal traffic is and knows the difference between an incoming attack. It will act directly when a DDoS starts and the possibility of false filtering is minimal. Therefore, it is the best filtering solution for low latency voip cloud, telecommunications, gaming and gaming business infrastructures. More information: https://www.hostslim.eu/ddos-protection

Contact our sales department to place orders and obtain information.

  • 42U COLO – FREE CONFIGURATION – 42 units
  • Power: 8Amp included
  • Port rate: 1 Gbps to 10 Gbit / s switch

  • 24/7 remote hands:
  • *Optional*

  • HR business hours:
  • FREE

  • Bandwidth: 1000 Mbps included.

  • 24/7 access card:
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  • KVM access:
  • * OPTIONAL by request of remote hands *

  • IPv4:
  • 2 IPv4 addresses included

  • IPv6:
  • 16 IPv6 addresses included

  • Reverse DNS:
  • FREE

  • Our team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • 10 free remote hands per month!

  • Free advertisement of your own IP or IP or your ASN
  • Benefits:

  • Use of additional energy: 0.17 EUR / Kwh (with ups, green, N + 1 power).
  • Port rate: 2x1Gbps port (to redundant Cisco core switch).
  • Free Bandwidth: 25TB of Premium Bandwidth!
  • Free installation service. You shipped your server with UPS / Fedex / DHL and we put it online for free.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Clients with their own IP space can have their address space mounted FREE
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    Prices do not include 21% VAT (companies outside the European Union or companies within the European Union that provide the company name + VAT number are VAT / VAT free).

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our sales department sales@hostslim.eu or add us on Skype: hostslimeu

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    Bulk orders

    Put 2 or more racks and you will get a 25% discount!

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    For questions or to place an order:
    Email us at: sales@hostslim.eu or open a ticket through our website.

    To order 1U colo, click here.

    Optional features:

    1×100 Mbps unmeasured port: € 50 per month
    2nd or more access cards: € 25 + € 5 monthly deposit
    OWN IPv4 and IPv6 blocks: for pricing, please contact our sales department.

    10 payment options:

    – PayPal
    – Wire transfer
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    Why choose us?

    – 24/7 support.
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    SLA (Service Level Agreement)

    All servers are not managed. We have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email, and social media. We offer free remote hands, free OS reinstallations, and free KVM access.

    Network and data center

    Data Center: HostSlim (NL)
    Ping and Traceroute IP:
    OWN NETWORK: AS207083
    LookingGlass: http://lg.hostslim.nl/LookingGlass/

    █ DediPath – PREMIUM PLACEMENT – New York and Los Angeles Subways – FREE DDoS and IP Protection @ $ 75 █

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    Do you have a better deal? Without sweating. Let me see if we can figure something out. Send me an email directly Dominic.Dillard (at) DediPath.com.


    • 1U space
    • 1AMP – 120V
    • 100 Mbps at 1 Gbps
    • / 29 IPv4
    • Free setup, free starter rack

    Price: $ 75 / month

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    ————————————————– –


    • 2U
    • 2 amps 120V
    • 100 Mbps at 1 Gbps
    • / 29 IPv4
    • Free setup, free starter rack

    Price: $ 95 / month

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    ————————————————– –

    1/4 shelf

    • 10U
    • 10 amps 120V
    • 100 Mbps at 1 Gbps
    • / 27 IPv4
    • Free setup, free starter rack

    Price: $ 335 / month

    New York: Order now
    The Angels: Order now

    ————————————————– –

    1/2 shelf

    • 20U
    • 20 amps 120V
    • 100 Mbps at 1 Gbps
    • / 26 IPv4
    • Free setup, free starter rack

    Price: $ 655 / month

    New York: Order now
    The Angels: Order now

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    DediPath is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider. With over 50 collective years of IT, managed services, and placement experience, the founders of DediPath are focused on creating a strong brand that is focused on providing the best service and support at a highly competitive price.

    Why you should choose DediPath:

    • 24/7 world class support
    • 100% owned team
    • Business grade equipment
    • Free DDoS protection included
    • rDNS available upon request
    • Many operating systems to choose
    • Additional IPv4 available to purchase
    • Free / 64 IPv6 on request
    • High bandwidth options
    • Ability to scale to any need.

    With our powerful control panel you can:

    • Reinstall your operating system
    • Restart your server
    • Check your bandwidth usage

    Our optimized Los Angeles Asia network includes:

    • China Telecom CN2
    • China Unicom
    • PCCW
    • Telia
    • Electric Hurricane
    • GTT
    • Comcast
    • INAP Performance Mix
    • ChinaNet
    • Convincing
    • NTT
    • Zayo
    • Verizon
    • AT&T

    Our New York subway network includes:

    • Internal Performance Mix
    • CenturyLink
    • AT&T
    • Telia
    • Zayo
    • NTT
    • Verizon
    • Convincing

    * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – *

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